Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Latest Ad From Alabama: Slavery


Is Rick Barber correct? Are the Democrats bringing back a new form of slavery? If you are against this ad then answer the questions Barber is asking.  Don't just say he is "stupid" or an "idiot" without answering the questions. All the left seem to be able to do is make fun of the methods or the person with the reasoning behind it.


  1. Attacking Messenger Is A Alinsky Thingy!

    What Is The Regimes Plan For Economy/Job Creation?

    Regime Acts Like It Has NO Desire To Fix Economy Or Creaste Jobs Wonder Why?

  2. Al, you are sooooooooooo wrong. There are jobs being created.

    It is completely back asswards to blame this administration for the economy. The situation we are in is a result of Republican policies going all the way back to Ronald Reagan.

    Democrats always end up trying to clean up Republican messes and then Democrats get the blame when things don't turn around fast enough for the American electorate, low information voters like yourself.

  3. Bruce

    Name The Created Jobs Bruce Not Counting Government Jobs (Census) That Contribute Nothing To The Economy. If Your Counting Unemployment Benifits As Job Creation Than Indeed This Regime Has Succeeded! Since 2006 Whom Has Control Congress Bruce And What Have They Done As The Magority To Help Economy. How Did Fanny Mae Freddy Max Work Out Under Liberal Oversite.

    Stimulus Promised Unemployment Would Not Go Over 8% Oops Was That Deception Or Incompetence. Either Way Bruce Your Old Play Book Is Expired Just Like This Regime. Voters In November Will Tell The Regime What They Think And You Will More Than Likely Blame Bush For The Ass Kicking. You Are Like Most Libs Talk, Bitch And NO Answers Other Than Spend. Ask Greece Or California Hows That Working Out?

    On Your Journey Back Through History You Kind Of Forgot Clinton And NAFTA How d That Work Out For Job Creation? Speaking Of Reagan Were YOU Better Off Then Or Now?

    Bruce Speaking Of Low Information Voters The Ones That Voted For This Regime. They Got Quite A Education And Will Indeed Rectify Their Votes! Once Again Thanks To Regime, Voters Are Awake And Ready.

  4. he's a hack and a moron.

    he offers a morons argument against taxes. you are not a slave if you pay taxes. You are not the property of another and you have full rights as a citizen of this country.

    Slaves did not.

  5. Bruce their are jobs being created in the government but there are many more being lost in the private sector for a net lose of jobs.

  6. AL you have to remember that Bruce and Joe skip the Democrats in their timelines. They will blame the Republicans once they get both houses of Congress in Nov. They only know how to blame the Republicans for everything.They never talk about policy and prove how it has had negative effects on our economy. Look at the stimulus bill. It's a failure by everyones terms even theirs. They were wrong about the serge in Iraq and they are failing in Afghanistan. Talk about uniformed. Where are those jobs again? Did Bush blame Clinton for the tech bubble,the recession and 9/11? Or did he just go to work and fix it? Why can't you see that? Are you sooo blinded by your hate of Republicans that you can't see reality? We told you Obama would be just like Carter and we have been spot on. Why can't you see it? Are you blind or dumb?

  7. When Confronted By Facts All I Hear Is History!

    Almost Two Years Into This Regime And I Have Yet To See Their Desire To Get Private Sector Moving. Socialized Insurance And Cap And Tax Will Move The Private Sector Forward How?

    Government Has Shown For Decades It Cannot Compete With Private Sector In Creating Jobs And Stimulating The Economy Not With Tax Payers Dollars But Through Profit And Free Market.

    Profit And Free Market Are The Enemy Of This Regime. Why Else Not Use Proven Methods To Stimulate The Economy! This Regimes Ideaology Hates Citizens Who Through Hard Work Build And Expand Business. They Are The Evil Rich. Got News For Progressives Show Me ONE Example Any Where On The Globe Of Governments Being Supported By Government That Have Succeeded. We Have For 234 Years Expanded Our Nations Production and Discoveries That Have Benifited The Whole Globe. Are We To Punish The Citizens That Provide The Fuel For The Engine Of Our Economy Because Some HATE Us For One Reason Only, ENVY! That Is Their Problem Not Ours.

    This Countries Problems Now Wont Be Solved By Politicans getting In The Way Of Free Market But To This Regimes Ideaology That Is What THEY Must DO!

  8. Thanks Chris.....keep it real and in their face.
    We can't expect "Liberal Fools" to understand the concept of "against their will." You would need a degree from Harvard Community College to comprehend the bending of truth and revisions of American history. To them there are no lies - just gray areas, because the weak of mind have no Moral Compass.

  9. Thanks AL and Michael you are both spot on. Ther is too much truth in your posts for the liberal fools.

  10. hey lets just go to a VAT and then everyone can pay equally. The more you buy the more you pay.

    But lets go back to being bought, sold and forced to labor for no pay, all things that encompass slavery, not paying unfair taxes which however unattractive is not "slavery" in any meaning of the word. Nice try "Mikey likes it". Perhaps the desert heat is helping your wits go to glory.

  11. Joe I Think Were Going To Value Added Tax,More Taxes For Socialized Insurance And Cap And Tax Which This Regime Will Attempt To Push Though BEFORE Election. Taxes For All. I Could Have Sworn Regime Said No Taxes Except For Those Nasty Rich Citizens Who Also "Gee" Employ Citizens.

    I Guess This Is The Regimes New Matra " Redistributing Taxes" To All.

    Between Federal, State And Local Taxes Wonder What Per Cent Average Tax Payer NOW Pays And How Much More All Will Pay. Seems That The More Citizens Suffer The Stronger This Regime Attempts To Get.

  12. There are many forms of slavery Joe. Here are some for you Joe. This may open you myopic mind a little.

    CHATTEL SLAVERY is closest to the slavery that prevailed in early American history. Chattel slaves are considered their masters’ property — exchanged for things like trucks or money and expected to perform labor and sexual favors. Once of age, their children are expected to do the same. Chattel slavery is typically racially-based; in the North African country of Mauritania, for example, black Africans serve the lighter-skinned Arab-Berber communities. Though slavery was legally abolished there in 1980, today 90,000 slaves continue to serve the Muslim Berber ruling class. Similarly, in the African country of Sudan, Arab northerners are known to raid the villages in the South — killing all the men and taking the women and children to be auctioned off and sold into slavery.

    DEBT BONDAGE, or bonded labor, is the most widely practiced form of slavery around the world. In Southeast Asia, where it is most prevalent, debt bondage claims an estimated 15 to 20 million victims. The staggering poverty there forces many parents to offer themselves or their own children as collateral against a loan. Though they are promised they will work only until their debt is paid off, the reality is much grimmer. Thanks to inflated interest rates and fresh debts incurred while being fed and housed, the debt becomes impossible to pay off. As a result, it is often inherited by the bonded laborer’s children, perpetuating a vicious cycle that can claim several generations.

    SEX SLAVERY finds women and children forced into prostitution. Many are lured by false offers of a good job and then beaten and forced to work in brothels. In Southeast Asia, however, it is not uncommon to find women coerced by their own husbands, fathers, and brothers to earn money for the men in the family to pay back local money lenders. In other cases, victims pay tens of thousands of dollars to get to another country and are then forced into prostitution in pay off their own debts. In still others, women or girls are plainly kidnapped from their home countries. The sex slavery trade thrives in Central and Eastern Europe and in North America. An estimated two million women and children are sold into sex slavery around the world every year.

    FORCED LABOR often results when individuals are lured by the promise of a good job but instead find themselves subjected to slaving conditions — working without payment and enduring physical abuse, often in harsh and hazardous conditions. Victims include domestic workers, construction workers, and even human mine detectors. Migrant workers are particularly vulnerable, as their constant changes of location make the organized crime rings that traffic them difficult to bust.

    Do ya get it now Joe? Is our deft inslaving our kids? Is paying illegals $1 hr slave labor? It looks like the Democratic party is still in the slave game as usual. Maybe this time they can inslave people for something other then color?

  13. Chris Good Post And Joe Aint Going To Get It!


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