Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Tea Party Flag Day Rally In Romeo, Michigan June 14 3pm-7pm

RATP Invites You to a

Flag Day Rally!
June 14, 2010 3 -7 PM
Come rally with us and celebrate Flag Day by showing your pride in “Old Glory”
Join us at the “Four Corners” of Romeo (Old Van Dyke and 32 Mile)
·    Bring your American Flag and a Patriotic Spirit.
·    Rally will be along Main Street ·    Wear your favorite Red,White & Blue gear·    Great family event
·      Parking is available in municipal lot at corner of N. Bailey and E. Main
All the liberals are welcome to bring their communist flags if they want and celebrate against the American flag. We conservatives will be honoring what the flag represent unlike the flag burnings the liberals plan on having. I'm sure the left wing will be there protesting our patriotism and our freedoms of speech.


  1. a lovely day sitting around or standing telling fictional stories of what Obama is the first president to do or not do and then talking about how blacks beat up "our White Women"

    Come join in with the birthers, truthers and the rest of the if its in an email it must be the truth crowd, while they demand a birth certificate and talk about the first press conference without a Flag.

    A good time will be had by all talking about how Glen Beck likes 1930's authors who hates Jews, communism and blacks and boasts of their books on his radio show.

    and please keep your weapons cocked because like Mark Adams says we're out there....ooowww thats scary...

  2. Joe So I Take It YOU Wont Be There! You Know Thought You Might Want To See If Any Blacks Attend Tea Partys. You Guys Are Always Asking That, Come See For Yourself. Another Thingy You Might See Is The Citizens Who Will Take Back Our Nation In November And Do OUR Best To Make Regime A One Term Thingy. Come On Dont You Want To See Whos Going To Do What, To This Administration. Who Knows You Might Like It, Bring Your Talking Points, No Never Mind I Went To Far.

  3. Hey, i am always up for a good round of monkey see monkey do rightwing rhetoric, especially since most of it is FALSE.

    But i have plans and acting like a rethugican is not on my agenda.

  4. Joe why are you against flag day? Are you that anti-American that you can't even stand the flag? Not only are you a racist Joe but you can't stand the American flag or what it stands for. Joe you are just plan evil.

  5. Joe Think You Could Have Used More Sensitive Term Than What You Used To Discribed American Citizens Of All Back Grounds Attempting To Take Back OUR Country From This REGIME! SHAME!

    Look In The Dictionary Under Word "False" Joe And Theres Photos Of Pelosi Reid And Nobama Sorta The Trifecta Of "FALSE"!

  6. Chris, i'm against spending flag day with a bunch of useless obama hating fools. If thats being against flag day to you then your not the sharpest tool in the ole Tea party shed.

    But i have plans and they include things other than hanging with the birthers.

    Al, that of all whatevers is a bunch of BS. You see the candidates the Tea Party is pushing? all so far to the right they fell of their flat earth philosophy.

    Sharon Angle....needs a strait jacket not a primary victory, cause she's a quack about to give ole No Charisma Reid another round in the Senate.

  7. Speaking of falling off their flat earth philosophies where's Christopher and john?

  8. Joe you are so far off it's not even worth a responce. Are you still a anarchist Joe?

  9. Joe If Yor Aginmum I got be fore um! november aint here yet but sound bites of dirty harry abound along with those unique real estate deals.

    aint november going to be fun.

    hey joe how is the regime doing in your opinion to create jobs?

    hows is socialized insurance going to be paid for and who is in charge of taxes collected over next four years. whats your opinion?

    how can you borrow 500 billion from system(medicare) 12/13 trillion in debt to help pay for nobama care? whats your opinion?

    how has socialized insurance going to lower health care cost? how joe just want your opinion?

    what new tax will all citizens get after election to start paying off unsubstainable spending? i think vat tax Whats your opinion?

    private sector empoys most citizens and how is regimes policies affecting private sector growth? i beleive private sector is concerned with new taxes and sociaslized insurance and aint hiring till more is know about 2000 plus pages in nobama bill? whats your opinion?

    what is this regimes foreign policy? other than appeasement and apologizing i see very little? how bout you?

    what do you think about regime sending attorneys to investigate possible criminal charges against BP before spill is Stopped? who other than BP has knowledge in your opinion to stop leak? my opinion is lawyers cant,criminal charges cant? whats your opinion?

    did government agencies do all they could before spill regarding inspections of well and were all regulations and codes up to date?

    last but not least nobama was given nobel peace prize after taking office. my opinion european community was just welcoming him aboard world community welcome wagon. whats your opinion?

  10. Thanks for letting me know about this Chris. I'll be there with my whole family. All 8 of us. See you there.

  11. Al, you asking questions or giving opinions?

    AL said... "what is this regimes foreign policy? other than appeasement and apologizing i see very little? how bout you?"

    Al, i see this administrations policy as different than the previous regime in that it works pragmatically depending on its feel for the situation. Nothing like everyone's a nail, i'm the hammer of the failed Bush policy.

    Its been tough when drone attacks in Pakistan, pushing on israel to stop settlements and used a softer approach when reaching out to those we haven't yet radicalized with our previous failed policies, the Cairo Speech, establishing that we are not at war with Islam.

    All in all i am pleased with a number of things and unhappy with a small few in that regard. Its been a better policy than the previous 8 years.

    No as to your opinion on appeasement i find fault with that. He's increased predator strikes, increased forces in afghanistan how can he be considered as an appeaser. You take his public demeanor to serious and give little credit to his behind the scenes actions.

    Its a delicate balance to overcome the prejuidices of our potential enemies and yet still maintain hardline on terrorists like he has. I mean the man has gone as far as suggest strikes on US citizens abroad who engage in potentially terrorist acts. That had the anti-war left gone crazy.

    You should set aside your dislike for him and figure out where he's more like you than you thought.

  12. Lot Of Words. Other Than Drones The Man Of Peace Foreign Policy Is What? Iran, North Korea Syria Other Than Irralivant UN Resolutions Whats The Regimes Foreign Policy.

    Pushing On Isreal To Stop Protecting Itself Does What? If We Were Being Attacked By Rockets From Any Where What Would Are Response Be? Usless UN Resolutions That Mean Nothing To OUR Enemies, Or Take Care Of The Problem Protect OUR Citizens. Thats All Isreal Is Doing Against Nations That Have Sworn To Wipe Them From The Earth.

    Apologizing To World For Our Actions In A Country Where So Many Of Are Dead Military Lay For That Countries Freedom Is Unforgiveable Now And Forever. If Thats His Style We Are In Trouble.

    You Kind Of Skipped Over The Financial Situation Our Nation Is In and How Very Close To Bankruptsy We Are Without Tax Increases For All. Granted The Regime Has Had Help From All Politicans Getting Us Where We Are. Tell Me How Spending More Tax Payers Money Than All Other Administrations Has Helped The Economy?

    We Were Told In January State Of The Union Speech He Would LAZER In On Jobs? When Will It Start?

    How Has This Regime Helped Our Economy And Private Sector That Is The Main Supplier Of Jobs? How Do Most Of Jobs Being Created,Government Jobs, Add Anything To Our Economy To Get It On Track?

    Socialized Insurance Citizens Pay Taxes For 4 Years Prior To Majority Of Bill Enactment. Wheres The Money And Whos Watching It?

    How Do You Take 500 Billion From Medicare When Its Trillions It Debt?

    Does The Socialized Insurance Help Small Business And Its Hiring Of Employees?

    How Does Nobama Care Reduce Medical Cost?

    With This Socialized Insurance Why Are Millions STILL Not Covered?

    Joe And Lastly This Regime Is Socialist In Nature With A Few Communist,Marxsist and At Least One Too Many Bombers For It To Ever Be Like Me!

  13. Al, i didn't skip anything i choose a question and gave it a thoughtful answer. Sorry i didn't answer all of them at once but i thought i made a fine point about policy.

    But in response to your criticsm of my points, other than apologise and some hair up your butt thing about Isreal and it protection what is wrong with what i said?

    Is not increasing Drone attacks and the numbers in Afghanistan something that the left opposed but he did anyways?

    And taken responsibility for actions that have cuased issues and made the situation more hostile something the right disliked, but he did it anyways?

    I told you, the foreign policy is pragmatism and he's demonstrated it.

    You know we could get into hours of debate about the failings of Bush's hammer and nail policy, but lets just touch the obvious. North Korea...8 years...nothing. Iran....8 years...nothing. We can leave that there and go back to Obama where i am sure the rights talking points of apologies and not backing isreal will be featured prominantly.

  14. Al, you want me to discuss the financial situation we are in? thats easy.

    Its improving slowly. the corrective action taken by both bush and Obama have stablizied our crisis and now the healing is beginning.

    I want to find some fault here with Obama for overstating the effects of the a stimulus plan that is clear to most everyone now as too small. He shouldn't have given such a rosy estimate on unemployment without a larger stimulus.

    But he should be given credit for making the GM deal go through and it emerging out of bancruptcy and into some small measure of viability so soon. That was alot of our neighbors and potential customers that would have further decimated our local and state economy.

    All in all, things on on the up and its still a long way to November and years till 2012. You'll find things not so rosy when those days come around. You'll be drinking a new drink instead of Tea, whine.

  15. On a completly different note i know that Ken and his 8 rugrats will be out flying the colors and playing in traffic, but couldn't you guys find a better outlet for your patriotism? instead of trying to use it for political gain, maybe you should do something less symbolic and more meaingful.

    I got just the thing. Form a non-political group to go to the VA hospitals on these patriotic days. Stop with the political symbolism and start with the people hurt defending those symbols. Bring a flag to every patient (around 200 plus the 50 at the domicilliary)and thank them for their service.

    All it would take is time and the cost of the flags. And you'd fgeel better than just standing on the corner. Its a beautiful place and the patients need you more than downtown Romeo does.

  16. Joe GM and Chrysler The Jury Is Still Out. Whom Owns Most Of Their Stock? How Bout Those Billions Given To Banks "To Big To Fail". It Did Help Them Pay Those Big Bonuses. If Those Banks Had Failed Joe What Would Have Happened. Other Entities Would Have Picked Them Up.Its Called Free Market And Private Sector Joe. Its That Thingy Thats Made Us What We Are. Government Does Nothing To Improve Our Lot Except Entitlements And They Do What Joe? Private Sector, Capitolism And Free Market Have Made Us Great And Independant From All. Now We Are Beholding To China, Japan And God Knows Who Else. These Are Debts We Can NEVER Repay Joe Never. Jobs Aint There Joe And Until Private Sector Knows What Regimes Next Steps Including Taxes Will Be They Aint Going To Hire!

    How About That Socialized Insurance Aint It Going To Be Great.

    Politicans As A Whole Are Going To Be Surprized After Novemeber Cause They May Not Recognize All The New Faces. Please Joe Lets Hope Together That Nobama Will Get Out On The Ole Campagin Trail As Much As Possible. He Fooled Alot Of Citizens The First Time But Im Afraid NOT As Many In Novemeber.

    Joe You Bring Your Whine Ill Bring The Cheese Cause Your Stomachs Going To Ache,Hey Its Just My Opinion>

  17. Al,
    Government Does Nothing To Improve Our Lot Except Entitlements And They Do What Joe?

    wow, Al you think if you lived in a world with less tringent rules that the world would be better???

    In the last 110 years the government has overcome the free markets unwillingess to police itself and did this....

    Ended Child Labor and secured education for all children

    Ended Segregetion in private business.

    Created inspectors to try to stop bad food from reaching our table.

    Forced the clean up of our waterways after years of rivers so polluted they burned.

    Created and enforced labor laws that lead to minimum wages and less hazardous conditions.

    Please tell me the history of Free Market success's on those fronts....

    Lmao like i'd let BP or Massey Energy run according to the Free Market. They'd be killing and polluting till it became unprofitable. How many dead or polutted waters would happen till that occurred.

  18. JoeC clearly meets the definition of what Lenin referred to as a "Useless Idiot".

  19. thats ok. You met mine of fucking asshole. Its all good then.

    Typical rightwinger brings nothing to the table but insults. But i don't mind resorting to their game, cuz its fun.

  20. Ask and you shall receive.

    "Ended Child Labor and secured education for all children"

    "Ended Segregetion in private business."

    Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

    "Created inspectors to try to stop bad food from reaching our table."

    "Forced the clean up of our waterways after years of rivers so polluted they burned. "

    "Created and enforced labor laws that lead to minimum wages and less hazardous conditions."

    Being a union man, I can see why you would support them.

    Interestingly, every point you made in your post to Al represent a fallacy that continues to be repeated ad nauseum. The problem isn't really that you don't know what you're talking about, it's that you don't know that you don't know what your talking about. That's a lethal combination, hence the Useful Idiot tag.

  21. Joe Governement Inspections Of Oil Spill Prior To Leak Stopped What? Yes We Need Regulations That Are Addressed By Competant People And With Government That Aint Always The Case.Once Again Why NOT Drill On Land. Seems Savest Way To Drill But Then We Have That Lobbiest Thingy To Deal With.

    We As A Nation For 234 Years Have Had To Adopt To Many Different Issues And Have Even Fought Civil War But Still Needed 100 Years To Make Things Right. I Beleive Joe There Are Still Nations Today With Many More Violations Including Children and Women. We Indeed Have Had Our Moments But We Are Much Stronger For It. OUR Nation Constantly Evolves And Moves On. Other Nations Several Hundred Or Even Thousands Of Years Old Are To This Day Still The Same.

    I Do NOT Believe Changing OUR Nation Into A European Style Nation Will Solve Anything Joe. Just Look At Them,Many With Socialist Ideaologies And There Are Many Going Bankrupt.

    We Are At This Time Beholding To China And Other Nations For OUR Well Being. OUR Debt Is Now Unsubstainable And Without More TAXES For All And Controlled Spending Hell We Are Greece!

    The Socialized Health Care Puts A Tremendous Burden On Private Sector Who Will Not Hire Without Knowing Their Cost. Hell Politicans Have Not Read The Bill They Voted On And I Will Betcha Theres Lawyer Talk In It That Will Bite Us In The Ass Down The Road When This Regime Is Long Gone.

    Next Will Be Either Tax And Trade Or EPA Being Given More Authority Than It Was Ever Meant To Have And Controlled By Politcians.

    Joe Being A Auto Guy You Gotta Know The Rouge Was Polluted By Who In A Free Market? Hows That Working Toward Your Retirement? Just The Other Side Of the Coin.

    The Bottom Line We Will Never Agree On Ideaology But The Ability To To It On Blog Is Not Allowed In Some Nations And It Could Happen Here And That Is My Concern.

  22. Paul said... interesting piece but doesn't address the reality of child labor at the time of passage. Sure the law has minor inconsistencies and small issues, but it brought to an end the heaviest and most dangerous of child labors. Nice try A seriously biased source. His arguments always seem to be lacking anything more than typical talkiing points. No points for this one. The mises always has good thoughtful articles so well just forget you used Larry "playboy mansion" Elder. As for the article it goes down a road i wasn't elaborating to so half a point. I was more discussing the usda and meat inspection, but i wasn't clear. Thats not part of the debate. I wasn't suggesting socialist governments are better. i was suggesting that the free market and corporations had a hundred years to start to regulate itself on its dumping but did not till and accident showed clearly that they wouldn't. Living here in Detroit we all know about Cuyahoga in Cleveland and some even remember the Monghela (sic). 0 points

    I like this article. i mean i really like it. he has a way with words, but the fact is that overall a minimum wage law has helped the country and its citizens. Should situations be examined before applying certain statutes? absolutely, but the minimum wage law has helped more than it hurt over the years. Also he's a conservative. He mentions his damning of Pelosi for political moves.

    so there....Can we debate them, not Ludwig Von Mises and Walter the conservative professor at Geo wash?

  23. Al, you didn't say that though. you said something else all together.

    I'm not going to tell you that Government inspections stop anywhere near it all, but the free market for BP would only come around after an accident. Its history shows that if fines and inspections can't slow it down, self-regulation and the free market would be much worse.

    Al, other nations are much worse because of one thing, that the founding fathers of this land all believed and instilled a belief not in free markets but that governments are the overseers of our freedoms, life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    the Constitution is a series of Governmental regulations aimed at the government, local, state and federal. They knew we'd need to have some major regulations or self-regulation would result in tyranny and injustice.

    i know that's a hard one, but they did establish some serious government regulation on the government and the people behind it.

  24. And JoeC engages in one of the saddest examples of the debate world. He simply dismisses the points made in each of the articles I posted with nary a word spent to refute their arguments.

    For example:

    "Sure the law has minor inconsistencies and small issues, but it brought to an end the heaviest and most dangerous of child labors. Nice try"
    And your proof sources Joe? I didn't think so.

    "His arguments always seem to be lacking anything more than typical talkiing points." Yes, unlike your well-reasoned rebuttal. This reply is probably his most embarrassing.

    "I was more discussing the usda and meat inspection, but i wasn't clear.
    Fine, then simply replace "food labels" with USDA and meat inspection and the argument is the same.

    "i was suggesting that the free market and corporations had a hundred years to start to regulate itself..." This response makes absolutely no sense. You only have two choices, either the market or the government. Therefore, free markets or Socialism. Take your pick.

    "but the fact is that overall a minimum wage law has helped the country and its citizens." Again, he uses empty words with nothing to prove his case. How about you explain how minimum wages laws "has helped the country and its citizens"?

    "Also he's a conservative. He mentions his damning of Pelosi for political moves." This is beyond sad. What exactly will Walter Williams, a professor by trade, gain politically by damning Pelosi?

    It appears that not much has changed in Joe's repartee. He is unable to offer even a smidgen of facts or logic to support his amazingly uninformed opinions. No matter, in his world he most likely fancies himself a great intellectual. Hard to imagine what constitutes a dunce in his daily life.

  25. The Founding Fathers didn't believe in free markets? I think Jefferson would beg to differ.

    Agriculture, manufactures, commerce and navigation, the four pillars of our prosperity, are the most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise.

    Our interest [is] to throw open the doors of commerce and to knock off all its shackles, giving perfect freedom to all persons for the vent of whatever they may choose to bring into our ports, and asking the same in theirs.

    Our people have a decided taste for navigation and commerce. They take this from their mother country, and their servants are in duty bound to calculate all their measures on this datum: we wish to do it by throwing open all the doors of commerce and knocking off its shackles.

    The exercise of a free trade with all parts of the world [is] possessed by [a people] as of natural right, and [only through a] law of their own [can it be] taken away or abridged.

    An exchange of surpluses and wants between neighbor nations is both a right and a duty under the moral law.

    Nature . . . has conveniently assorted our wants and our superfluities, to each other. Each nation has exactly to spare, the articles which the other wants. . . . The governments have nothing to do, but not to hinder their merchants from making the exchange.

    That the persons of our citizens shall be safe in freely traversing the ocean, that the transportation of our own produce in our own vessels to the markets of our choice and the return to us of the articles we want for our own use shall be unmolested I hold to be fundamental, and that the gauntlet must be forever hurled at him who questions it.

    I think all the world would gain by setting commerce at perfect liberty.

    It [is] for our interest, as for that also of all the world, that every port of France, and of every other country, should be free.

    Instead of embarrassing commerce under piles of regulating laws, duties and prohibitions, could it be relieved from all its shackles in all parts of the world, could every country be employed in producing that which nature has best fitted it to produce, and each be free to exchange with others mutual surpluses for mutual wants, the greatest mass possible would then be produced of those things which contribute to human life and human happiness; the numbers of mankind would be increased and their condition bettered. Would even a single nation begin with the United States this system of free commerce, it would be advisable to begin it with that nation; since it is one by one only that it can be extended to all.

    Yeah, he sounds like a proponent of government regulations. Also, I loved the use of the word "overseer" to describe the so-called role of government in regards to our freedoms.

    Overseer: 1. One who keeps watch over and directs the work of others, especially laborers.

    That sounds like the appropriate word to describe our current political system, but I can assure you it's not what the Founding Fathers had in mind. No they believed the role of government was to be the PROTECTOR of our freedoms.

    Hence, protection:

    1. the act of protecting or the condition of being protected
    2. something that protects

    Very clear and important distinction. Sorry Joe, but you need to develop some new material, the old stuff is getting stale.

  26. Joe Founding Fathers Also Knew That Controlling Government Was Of Up Most Importance, They Had Risked Their Lifes And Fortunes To Succeed. Constitution Starts Out "We The People" And Not "We The Government Of The People" For Good Reason.

    Politicans Have For Decades Gotten Stronger And Now Have NO Problem Going Against Will Of Citizens Who Elected Them To Office. Politicans NOW Beleive That They KNOW Whats Best For Us Dumb Ole Citizens Joe And Come November Us Dumbies Will Give OUR CONGRESSIONAL Seats To Politicans Not Quite So Out Of Touch With The Citizens That Elected Them. If Elected Officals Cant Handle Citizens Input WE Will Turn The Seat To Another Until WE Have The Right Politicans In Place Who Actually Care About Citizens And Nation Over Ideaology.

    Lincoln Said " A House Divided Cannot Stand" And Their Are Politicans Who Are In My Mind Trying To Prove Him Right!

    The Part About Me Saying Something And Not Saying Something Else Im Working On.

    Missed Your Take On Job Creation, Taxes,Socialized Health Care Though.

  27. Joe I Agree You Organize The Community And I Will Assist On The Flag Distribution. Any Freedom We Have Is Because Of OUR Service Men and Women.

    Any Freedom In Danger Is Because Of OUR Politicans In Washington Which At This Time Meeting In Romeo Makes Sense!

  28. Paul, i meant not only....instead i typed bad.

    My sources....Are we having one of these Will Hunting moments where all you do is present other people work???

    Al, hey i started somewhere didn't I? We do agree though. Not only is government there to regulate our interest and safety, but to regulate itself. That i will agree with you on all the time.

  29. Al, if you want to cover everyone we will need around 250 flags. 150 for permenent and 50 for dialysis and 50 for the Dom.

    Thats alot of Flags. I told Chris in another thread to pick monday or thursday in one of the next two months. We can go from there.

  30. "My sources....Are we having one of these Will Hunting moments where all you do is present other people work???"

    What difference does it make? Are you suggesting that you would grant those ideas more credence if I simply paraphrased them and put them in my own words? I happen to believe that individuals that are experts in their chosen fields are better equipped to discuss and desiminate information. The fact remains that you've offered no rebuttal, whether from your own words or from the sources you frequent to form your opinions. In others words, it's weak to imply that because the information I've posted aren't my own words, they lack credibility. Can you say Ad Hominem?

  31. Joe Time Place And Date And Ill Be There. Its Got To Be A No No To Get Into ANY Politics Though!

  32. Al, i was just about to tell you guys

    You don't have to tell me, i don't bring politics to veteran functions.


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