Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Liberal Causing Violence On A Man And Women

This man is a left wing racist. It is just another video of the left wing bullying us Tea Partiers. This man first put his hand on a women and then sucker punched the man for telling him to leave his wife alone. These liberals keep coming unhinged and I'm sure it will only get worse. Obama did say to get in the Tea Partiers faces. I just wish just once one of these POS liberals would try that bullying crap with me. So far the white liberals have beaten up the black conservatives and the black liberals have beaten up our white women and white men. I'm sure the liberals on this blog will see the racism in what the left are doing. And since there has yet to be one incident of a tea partier being violent I'm expecting an apology from the bloggers on the left. And the next time the left try and make a big deal about some guns being brought to a rally they will understand why. It's because you liberals are fricken violent towards us. The next time you are at a Tea Party rally be ready for some violence from the left. And if by change a liberal lashes out in violence at a Tea Party surround them and make sure they will never do it again. The man that pushed this women and punched this man is less then a man and he needs to be taught a lesson in jail.


  1. Chris, your writing betrays you bigotry...

    chris said,
    "and the black liberals have beaten up our white women and white men."

    our white women. that speaks volumes.

    freudian slip there huh???? you fucking RACIST!!

  2. Joe did you see the video? That black liberal racist pushed that women tea partier. So Joe it looks like you have shown us your bigotry. That never crossed my mind until you brought it up. "freudian slip there huh???? you fucking RACIST!!" Why Joe do you automatically think racist thoughts ? By your own admition you are the racist? Joe I went to a school back in the 80's that was mostly black. Most of my friends were black and i dated all colors. Color means nothing to me but it means everything to racists like you. Here Joe I thought you were only racist towards Jews. Shame on you Joe. I have lost all respect for you Joe. Here I thought you were different then the other racist,anti-Christian,anti-semetic segragationist liberals. Thanks for taking off your racist mask Joe and showing us what a racist anarchist you are.

  3. Joe You Kind Of Forgot The Violence That Occurred. Progressives Do Not Want To Debate, They Want Violence But What Do We Get In Most Media Out Lets The Violent Tea Party. Do Not Recall Police Presence At Tea Party Rallys Unless Libs Show Up And Do What They Do Best Disrupt With No Respect For Anybody That Is Not Of Their Ideaology. Black, White, Red And Yellow Did Not See Race As Factor Until You Dealt That Card Again.

  4. Chris, stop projecting your racism on me.

    your the one who used "our white women" not me. your the bigot. just because you hide it in your subconscious doesn't mean your not a bigot.

    The video shows one angry man doing the wrong thing, but you added your hidden bigotry with your choice of words. you chose to add the color to it, not me. You indetified him as black and that he pushed a "WHITE WOMEN". The incident didn't have any racial conotations but you added them.

    As for noticing the words, those of us on the left have seen the "racist code words" from the right for years.

  5. Al, your right a man pushed a women and hit another man. That's assault and should be treated as such. I have no problem with the police handling the matter.

    But what i noticed was that Chris, brought color into the matter. He went out of his way to identify the situation and then used the words, "our white women."

    how can you, the supposed common sense person let that go?

  6. i guess i let it go cause if not in this blog in others i hear questions from left where are the blacks in the Tea Party movement not sure but think you asked that question yourself. i prefer citizen over color and culture and at times, ideaologies use terms for their advantage and that is a fact.

  7. Joe Joe Joe nice try little buddy but you are doing all the projecting here. Joe it is you and your ilk that have said we are the racist even though it is the white liberals beating up OUR black conservatives and this black man hit a white women and man. Whith your own deductions they are the racist. While you are looking for "racist code words" we are watching you racist on the lefts actions. You didn't have a big problem with Helen Thomas's racist remarks and they weren't in "code" you dumbass. How much shit did you smoke to see codes words but you can't see pure racism from your own? I think you hold the "racist code" in your own mind and your trying to project it on me. Shame on you Joe. It was obvious that you were a racist the way you acted towards Helen Thomas and the SEIU beating of the black conservative while calling him a "F"ing"N"word. You are a typical segragationist liberal.

  8. Joe turn about is fair play isn't it? You are such a little bitch Joe. You scream "racist" at us every change you get. When I do it back to ya you fold like a cheep suit. Thou dust protest too much Joe the Racist.

  9. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times. When confronted by these libocialist, be prepared to defend yourself.
    If they have their fist clenched, clench yours and keep at least 5 feet from them. If they lunge at you, be prepared to step aside. If their hand is in their pocket or behind their back, cock your 38. :)

  10. turn mean showing your true colors you punk ass bigot.

    ohh, the angry black man hit "OUR WHITE WOMEN" chris says and he considers me the bigot.

    its because you are in fact a racist. You wrote shit that tells the world what you think. A black man pushed "OUR White Women". You brought color into the argument not me.

    You posted the racial aspect of it, not me. I just followed up on your bigoted writings.

  11. Joe is reading Chris' subconscious now. That is funny Joe. I think you are reading too much into the word our. It looks more like you are projecting rather then noticing anything Joe you said,"As for noticing the words, those of us on the left have seen the "racist code words" from the right for years." That is clear cut projecting Joe. Chris made a point while you on the left are looking for "code words",whatever that means,you on the left are calling everyone that disagrees with Obama and you a racist. And it has been the left that have been violent to the other race at the tea parties. I think this is going to be a hot summer that we will all remember.

  12. Chris, here's what i said...

    JoeC said...


    did you read my post? I said she is clearly losing her faculties. She's a 90 year old anti-Semite. She gets forced to retire and goes off to live a year maybe two and then dies.

    that doesn't sound like anything you said about my post.

    And as for the Seiu, i seem to remember it was a black Conservative and a black Seiu that got into it first and then the white seiu member joined the scrap. Hardly sounds racist there.

    so those are the two examples you hang your hat on? perhaps you need to do some more "the first time" bullshit posts since your on such a weakass roll. might ass well continue the fictional shit.

  13. Joe,did Chris point out something that bothered you? The more you protest Joe the more Chris looks right. Joe said, "angry black man hit "OUR WHITE WOMEN"" Why did you say a stereo type code word like ANGERY BLACK MAN HITTING "our white women"? It sure does seem like you think black men are beating white women Joe. Why did you elaborate so much into one word Chris used "our"? That's what someone does when they are projecting you know?

  14. Wrong Joe. It was a white union man and a black man beating a black tea partier. He was calling him the N word the whole time. Look at one of Chris' old posts. You can see the white man in the purple shirt punching him and the crowd yelling at the white SEIU thug. Joe why did you sound so passive with the H.Thomas racism and so agressive with Chris' one mistaken word? I think you are a little off your rocker Joe.

  15. Anon, wow dumbassery in hiding go seek form. No balls to use your real name.

    lets look at what Chris said, "the black liberals have beaten up our white women and white men" that's plural for all three right.

    so lets take your criticism of me and put it where it goes on Chris. He seems to think that black men are beating white women. I think he's a racist for thinking that. You agree according to your post.

    About the fight....
    but lets look at the video....same video chris posted on his blog

    it shows a black man in tan clothing on a black man in purple and a white man in purple pulling him off. And a whole bunch of people screaming so nothing sounds intelligible.

    the police report does indicate the the Black Seiu person did use the n-word and did strike him first. So that's hardly racist. Racial self-loathing perhaps, but not racism.

    sorry you lose this one too. 0-2 one more and your out.

  16. What about the white SEIU member Joe? Joe you protest too much. You look like a cry baby racist Joe that is just trying to project it on me. Sorry little buddy but I'm not racist. You however see things that aren't there and call them "Froedian slip". Nice try Joe but you can't talk your way out of your projected racism. But you did say you hang out with the racist at your work. You just call them "conservatives" as code for you hang out with racist and listen to their racist sexist jokes. You are unbelievable. Now that your racist mask is off you are trying to put a racist mask on me to divert the attention away from your obvious rasist remarks. Anon had a great point. Why would you elaborate on the word "our"? Why did you add "angry black man hitting a white women" to what I said? Are you trying to push your brand of racism in a obscure way by adding to what i said? Or are you trying to strengthen you weak case that I'm a racist because I used the words "our white women"? So far you look like the lieing racist. And your stereo typeing of black men being violent is not welcome. It's only the liberalsd that are violent. That is the common denominator in all the violence that is going on around the world. And the racism is coming steght from the left.

  17. Joe watched the video again and you are wrong. Both white and black man beat that black conservative in the tan. Just look at the begining of the video of the white guy getting up from beating the black conservative. The crowd that was there were yelling at the white guy in the SEIU shirt for beating up the conservative. Joe why would you lie about the video? Did yopu think no one would look?

  18. Chris don't fall in to the Alinsky syndrome.
    Rule 3: "Whenever possible, go outside the experience of an opponent.(in other words Race bait) Here you want to cause confusion and fear."
    This is not about race, but Joe is making out to be race. The point here is the violence of the left. Don't, my friend, be dragged in to another subject, of the real subject.
    Remember, the left tactic is to take the focus of the real object to debate something that they want to talk about.

  19. Thanks Mark. You are right on with that call.


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