Saturday, June 26, 2010

George Soros Funded Removed General Betray Us Ad

In a classic example of liberal hypocrisy, the far-left leaning, George Soros-funded group has removed its controversial website. Do you remember how the left ,Democrats, degraded our military? The way the Democrats treated our military was sickening. Nothing has changed with these wars but the party name.
I guess MoveOn couldn't possibly bash this General now that he's working for Obama.
To give readers an idea of the firestorm this created at the time, here are some NewsBusters articles published after this ad hit:
With Petraeus now part of the Obama administration, it's going to be fascinating watching all of the media members and outlets that supported MoveOn's ad now backtrack and gush over the General they once despised.

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  1. The Best Thing The General Could Do At His Confirmation Hearings Is Take His Seat Get Sworn In Look All Those Hyocrats In The Eye Tellen To Go To Hell And Leave.

    The General Wont Because Hes A Patriot And Loves His Nation. That Is More Than Can Be Said For The Hypocrats Sitting Across From Him , Many Of Whom If They Placed Their Hand On The Bible Would See It Burst Into FLAMES!


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