Saturday, June 26, 2010

Killing Babies Is What Defines A Feminist

Gloria Steinem Attacks Palin's Claim to Feminism

According to feminist you have to pro-abortion to be a feminist. WTF? These liberals are whacked out of their flipping minds. This is what Obama and Gloria think is what defines a feminist. If that is what defines a feminist then feminist are sick and should be jailed for what they want to do to babies. And the lefts hero Obama wanted to kill babies that were born alive. And we wonder why flies and rats hang around him?


  1. This is a klatch of shriveled up old man-hating bags trying like hell to hold on to their outdated agenda. Kinda like the democratic party.

    America has moved on! Yes, we have more accomplished women on the conservative side, and they didn't ride a man's coattails to get there (like Hillary).

    Our women are smarter, more successful, more articulate, and yes, better looking. Get over it libs!

  2. That's what I like about you Silverfiddle, you say what you think. I wish all conservatives would do that. Masybe it can be the new politically correct.


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