Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Global Far Left Revolution Is Here Thanks In Part To Obamunism

The far left aren't getting what they wanted or expected from the government and that is setting them off. The media has used it's air time to warn America of the 'dangerous right wing tea partiers'  while ignoring the real dangerous left wing. This is a blatant lie by the media and that is why fewer Americans trust the media now. Do they think we wouldn't notice which side is becoming violent? Did they think that playing the loops of the few times the far right has gotten violent would work forever? The Democratic Party has given a home and a place in their party for these kind of radical revolutionaries. As the Republican Party has it's rebirth into conservative founding principles,the Democratic Party is ripping itself apart from the inside. The Republican party has always distanced itself from Tim McVeigh type right wing radicals. But those same kind of Tim McVeigh radicals are in the Obama admin. Why would the Obama admin put radicals in such a place of power in his admin? Someone from the left must be able to explain all this to us right of center Americans. Why is the media and the Democratic party harboring these far left revolutionaries?


  1. Chris,

    What the video shows is not a revolution but rather anarchy. The real revolution is going on in the Tea Party movement and it is peaceful at least for the moment.

    The anarchists anger will grow as the revolution does.

    What has to be watched is how the liberal court system will deal with them and those who defend themselves against them.

    p.s. I love the song by Judas Priest played in the video, Google the lyrics and you will see why.

  2. Good point Christopher. I know some people in law inforsment and they feel that tentions are getting higher.All those people that were screaming,"I want my Obama money" are going off now that Big labor and Big business got that Obama money. People had high expectation of Obama and
    the Democrats in Congress and they haven't gotten what they expected or wanted. But it's never enough for the left. You give them an inch and they take a mile. The other revolution that is going on is in the Democratic Party. That revolution is going to end in a blood bath. It's the liberal way


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