Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's All About Race With The Left Wing

O'Reilly: Race Injected Into Oil Spill

The reason the left always make everything about race is because they are trying to segregate the populations again. Since the civil rights movement the liberals have been taking race segregation from another direction. Before the civil rights movement with Dr.King black and white were segregate. But Dr.King changed that. Soon after the left wing took segregation from another angle. They pushed to have the blacks choose to segregate themselves from the whites. This is when we started seeing black only schools,BET and every other black only left wing segregationist ploy. Why would the left want segregation and how does it serve them and their purpose? We need to start seeing what the left wing as doing as segregation. They just found a form of segregation that is more palatable then the original form we had before the 60's. Look at who controls the race banter in the dialogue up until now. It's been the left. But I don't think the left wing is doing it because they are ma bunch of racist. They do it because it serves their left wing ideology. If people of color lived by the principles that Dr.King and the Bible taught the left would never have power in this country. The only way to fight the left wings attempts to divide and segregate us is to reach out like Dr.King did and integrate. When those brave black Americans went to the all white school in order to stop the segregation and did it with fear in their eyes. The civil rights movement was all about bringing all Americans together as one. Why now is it being pushed to have black only schools and universities? Why is the left trying so hard to undo what the civil rights movement did? And why is color always the main focus with the left? We need to speak out about the left wings use of race to divide us. The truth is coming out about who is using race for political gain. We need to stop the left wing from using race as a weapon to divide us.
The Little Rock Nine.


  1. Funny the conservatives on the supreme court end desegregation policies because white conservative sued to have them stopped and its a liberal who wants segregetion.

    Your theories keep getting crazier and crazier, soon you'll go so far to the right you'll fall of your flat earth beliefs. Just like Sharon Angle and the rest of the TEA Party.

  2. Joe If You Go Back Through Desegregation Dont Beleive Many Conservatives Were Spraying High Pressure Water On The Demonstrators. Democratics In South Did All They Could To Prevent It Legally And Thru KLAN Illegally. Hell They Named Turn Pike After One Senator Who Was In Klan And Stills There!

    Joe Thats Not Therory Thats Fact!

    Come November We Will See How Citizens(Tea Party) Participate In Electoral Process And Joe I Thin Another Therory Of Yours Goes POOF!

  3. Joe racism serves the Democratic party and that is why they keep pushing the belief that all Republicans and conservatives are racist. That is why they push for the Negro college funds,all black colleges etc...The left has been pushing for the blacks,latinos and whoever else they can to have their own.

  4. wow, am i in the twilight zone.

    please site for me somewhere in the majority left that we have been pushing for all-segregated schools. Please.

    Al, we know that southern democrats voted against the civil rights act. there's nothing to debate there. Northern liberals did not. All northern democrats voted for the bill. Your not seeing the debate for what it really is.

    Chris is suggesting that liberals want segregation despite their many attempts to do the opposite. The recent body of work by conservatives shows that they have segregetion on their mind and continue to attempt to divide us.

    but lets go back to that old school stuff you muddied the water with. Take the 63 march on Washington, how many republicans spoke? None, but two socialists did, both leaders in the labor movement. Can you name one of them?

  5. Joe Muddied The Water With The Truth! Now That Says More About You Than Anything You Blog! Socialist and Unions Im Shocked They Would Be On Same Page. You Joe Muddy The Waters When You Have No Arguement And Joe You Muddied This Blog. Now Get Make To Alinsky And Habe Great Monday!

  6. What a shame Joe you are blind to the fact that it is the left that is keeping racisim and segregation alive and well. Yes Joe you are in the twilight zone and that is why the left keep making everything about race. It's a fear tactic used by the left to keep the blacks and latinos voting Democrat. The left do racism with a smile and then say it's not racism. Just look at how the left have pinned the racist issue on the Tea Party. Joe do you remember that comercial abvout racism were the one kid says to his grandfather," Joey is my Jewish friend". Do you remember what the grandfather said to the boy? He told him Joey was racist because he thinks of Joey as his Jewish friend and not just a friend. That is what you libs do. Make everything about color and then say you're doing it for them.


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