Sunday, June 13, 2010

Charitable Giving Fell 3.6% Last Year. Things Keep Getting Worse

Associated Press logo smallCHICAGO - An annual survey says charitable giving fell 3.6 percent last year as Americans continued to struggle with the recession.

The Giving USA Foundation reports that Americans donated $303.75 billion during 2009, the second-worst year since 1956, when the foundation started conducting its surveys.

Religious organizations received just more than $100 billion, or one-third of the total. That was down less than one percent from 2008.

The survey found that giving to human services, health, international affairs and environment and animal-related groups all saw increases in 2009, while donations to education, arts, culture and humanities organizations fell overall.


  1. Well considering the economy this is not a surprise.

    But when looking at the source of the story (AP) and read the bottom line you see what THEY are harping about, drops in donations to the LIBERAL ARTS.

    Hardly a cause for concern.

  2. I Give To Groups That Help Citizens Cope. No Longer Can Donate As I Use To, After The Hope All I've Got Is Change LEFT!

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  4. Can't find an arguement Joe?

  5. Hey Chris,

    Like the new design, looks great.


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