Monday, June 21, 2010

Kyl Says Obama Is Holding Our Border Hostage For A Refom Bill

Kyl said that Obama and the Democrats are holding our border hostage for immigration reform. Kyl is an upstanding man and I trust his word over the Obama admins any day of the week. If they are playing politics with securing our borders this should give everyone reason to not vote for a Democrat. This isn't a political game. People are dieing and drugs and terrorist are coming over our borders. And the Obama admin is way out of line doing this. When will enough be enough? When will the Democratic Party do what is right for the country and it's CITIZENS?


  1. Senator Kyl Claims Regime Told Him No Secure Borders Until Immigration Reform Takes Place And Regime Denies It.

    This Seems Fairly Easy To Resolve. Listen To Tapes Of Their Conversation And See What Was Said. Whos Telling The Truth And Whom Aint.

    From Day One Of This Regime Ideaology Has Always Trumped Citizens And It Will Continue Till The One Term Is Over.

  2. I agree AL. I'd like to see them do something for we the people instead of doing it to us. If the Obama admin gets cought up in this cunundrum the Democratic party will have a lot to answer to. It sound like something they would do and I can't see why Kyl would lie now since he has such a awesome record of truthfullness.


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