Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Proof That Obama Is Using Our Border Security As A Political Tool

It looks like Obama was lieing about using our border to trade for amnisty for the illegals in our country. But I'm sure the left will make up something up on why Obama lied and tried to make Sen.Kyl look bad for telling the truth.

So, who do you think has been telling the truth?
Candidate Obama, back in 2004, and Sen. Kyl and Sen. McCain?
Or President Obama in the last few weeks?
I think it is safe to say now who’s been telling the truth and who is the liar. Now the question is can we ever believe anything the president says since he has been cought in so many lies? Ask yourself what kind of man would do this. And is this the kind of many we want running our country?


  1. Border Security Should Have Been Addressed Couple Decades Ago But For Political Reasons BOTH Parties Have Failed Citizens. NOW We Have A State Under Seige Basiclly With Illegals Who Have Become A Burden On Citizens Through Entitlements. All This Regime Can Do Is Sue The State Of Arizona To Halt Its Right To Control Immigration Through Legal Means. Progressives Can Argue State Law Is Unconstitutional But They Themselves KNOW Its Not. If Regime Would Now Pick Up The Ball To Protect Legal Citizens Where Others Have Not Regime Would Actually Show Leadership.

    This Regime Is Drive By Ideaology And Not What Is In Best Interest Of States Or The Citizens Who Reside There. Why Else Would This Regime Not Act To Close Borders. Listen To Sound Bite,Case Closed!

  2. The Democrats house of cards and lies are falling fastand hard. It is over for the Democratic Party. They became too socialist for the people. With the economy and the military out of control and nothing working the way the Democrats said it would, we are in big trouble.

  3. msnbc is saying that the "military is bordering on anarchy". Is it that bad?

  4. Hey Jill If msnbc Said It Relax Remember the Source!

  5. I've heard MSNBC say that about our military over the past day or so. The left hate the military for whatever reason. Many of those at MSNBC used to spit on the Vietnam vets as they came home in the 60's.

  6. Saw A Story About A Lady While At Confernce Here In Detroit Saying Border Patrol Is The Same As The KKK.

    Border Patrol Enforcing Immigration Laws Which By All Accounts Are STILL The Law And This Liberal Puts Them In The Same Catogory As The KLAN. If The Border Patrol Is The KLAN To Her What Are The CITIZENS Who Agree With The Law Of The Land. She Is Perfect Example Of The Tail Wagging The Dog!


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