Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Open Debate On The Afghanistan War

It seems like the wars aren't being fought very well. Obama has lost control of both wars and it doesn't look like he is very engaged in the wars. Our military has been weakened over the past few months. This incident is just a symptom of a greater problem. Obama gave a time line and didn't give all the troops he was asked to. It took Obama forever to even acknowledge Gen McChrystals request to keep fighting the war in Afghanistan. Now the left will point their fingers at everyone but the Commander in Chief and say it is everyones fault but President Obama's. The economy is out of control,the Gulf oil spill is getting worse not better,the housing market crashed 33% last quarter,jobs are being lost and businesses are going under in near record numbers. But the die hard Democrats think the Democrats are doing a good job. And the thought that Joe "Buffoon" Biden is second in command doesn't make me feel any safer. I'd like to know what you think about the way the Democrats are running this war and country. What effect will the decision to fire McChrystal for General Patreaus? And do any of you remember the name the Democrats gave to Gen Patreaus when he worked for Bush? How do you think our enemy views this? Are we stronger or weaker under Obama and the Democrats in Congress?


  1. One i disagree that both wars are being fought any worse than under Bush. They are basically under the same Pentagon control than at the end of Bush's last term, Robert Gates and General Petreaus, who only moved up to oversee both wars.

    Two i think that Petreaus is a better choice than McCrystal in the long run. Despite what Move.on, which is not all democrats, has said about him.

    three, we will continue to disagree about strategy but Afghanistan was left to fester during the heydays of Iraq and that was a fundemental mistake of the Bush Admin not Obama's.

    and finally the aides were grossly insubordinate and deserve to be punished. Going public with grievances about command issues is one thing, calling admin names is another. The main reason for me is they were making fun of a man whose son is an officer in the same service. That is a breach of professional soldering that can not be forgiven.

  2. Obama is a utter failure from the word go. 'Excepting McChrystal resignation'(yeah, right) was fool hearty to do during a tipping point of several hot battles in Afghanistan. McCrystal did nothing to break any ranks, nor said anything about his commander-n-chief. NOT one McChrystal direct quote critical of Obama in the article.
    Obama is weak minded and un-sure of himself on how to lead a nation, let alone anything else.

  3. McChrystal was the fall guy for Obama's failures. I can't believe Joe found a way to blame Bush. And Joe do you expect us to believe you were on and to seem like you aren't a zombie you misspelled it Move.on? Sorry but I had to say something.

  4. Politicans Want To Stop Funding The Taliban And Alquiada In Afganistan BURN The Poppy Fields Wont Happen To Easy!

    Politicans Want War To Be Clean With Little Collateral Damage.Begininng To Look Like Nam Without The Jungle.

    Rules Of Engagement Seem To Favor Our Enemies And That Aint Going To Work. Lincoln Found Out How To End Civil War. He Let Sherman Loose. Shermean Was Not Clean Or Nice But He Knew To End Conflict Civilians Would Be Hurt And Killed.

    If We Are Not In This To Win I Say Lets Get Out and Put Troops On Southern Border Where Our Citizens Need Them. Just My Opinion.

  5. HAHHAHAHA."It's Bush's fault".hahahhahaha "MOVE.ON,is not all Democrats" hahahahha Joe you are great. Thanks for the laughs brother. Nice try trying to cover yourself with the Move.on bit. Tom called it with that one. We always knew you were a bah bah even though you kept saying you weren't. That is priceless.

  6. Mark, I'd like to explore your idea a little bit and see if you can see where i am coing from. you say its bad to replace McCrystal now during such a time, but exactly when is a good time?

    Gen Petreaus replaced Gen. Casey. in Iraq during a much more serious time. There had been a 115 coalition casualties the month prior to his takeover of command. Thats clearly higher than the amount of casulties than currently and at a much more precarious tyime right?

    So if you can repalce a General at that time during that type of unrest, i think that this isn't as bad as time as that so it should be okay.

  7. Wait a minute. You can't have it both ways Chris.

    Remember when you wrote, "Black liberals attacking OUR White women and white men."????

    People like Christopher came to your defense saying i was putting too much emphasis on one word.

    Now you want to suggest i am lying because i mispelled one word, something i do quite often here?

    Double standard. You know it. i wonder what TOM thinks of your "OUR white women" remark?

  8. We are focusing on the general when we should be looking at Obama and why all this is happening. Why does the military have such feelings about Obama and the way he is running the wars? Obama is loosing control of the wars and you are worried about the samantics.Take a look at how many troops he sent to Afghan and how he changed the way the war is to be fought. Reading terrorist their rights and giving medals for restraint is crazy talk in a war. But that is what Obama wants no matrter how many soldiers die because of the way he wants to fight the war. We can never change Afghanistan unless we take over the country like Britian took over Hing Kong and India. I don't want to occupy a country and that is what is happening in Afghanistan. I know they have a lot of what Obasma needs under their earth to go forward with his green movement but is it really worth it? Why are we in Afghanistan again? Since Obama took over Pakistan is becoming more of an enemy with a smile. This is the longest war in our history and it looks like Obama and the Democratic party want it to last a lot longer without winning within our sight. The pullout was in place and now what's up with Iraq? Where has Obama and the Democrats done a good job with the wars? Was it when Obama gave a pull out deadline for Afghanistan? Was it the changes in combat rules?

  9. Joe you did it on perpous and you know it. You can't have it both ways Joe. How do you like it when it's done to you,you hypocrit?

  10. Joe, first off, one main reason Iraq changed was Bush broomed Rumsfeld and went with a counter-insurgency plan. Along with the surge, it has proven to be successful.
    Second this whole thing with McChrystal is twofold.

    Biden wants a counter terrorist plan in place in Afghanistan. Which has proven not to work very well. History has proven this.

    McChrystal wants a counter-insurgency. Which has proven to be the best solution for the region, but takes longer to achieve.

    Obama wants the US out by July of next year.

    Petreaus says or until things have been secured.

    Biden, Obama AND the left want this over.

    The firing of McChrystal has set in motion to change then plan to counter-terrorism and pull out, win or lose by 2011.
    This whole thing has been a political left move by the Obama administration. Politics needs to stay out of a war. So with that said, there is never a good time to remove him. This was a petty political move by the Administration.

  11. Chris, i am surprised at you.

    You know we can't win in Afghanistan.

    they have fought a running civil war against its leaders, invaders, and occupiers for the entire modern history. you don't beat them, you try to survive them.

    after ten years the Russians just said, "fuck them" and left. Somehow you and the right never considered during the 7 years Bush had us in there that we were stuck already?

    So we have two recourse's stay until something closer to stability comes or stick with the July 2011 plan.

    i'm all for 2011.

  12. Chris said...
    Joe you did it on perpous and you know it. You can't have it both ways Joe. How do you like it when it's done to you,you hypocrit?

    Yes, i did it on perpous but not on purpose, so there. do you actually believe i would spell it wrong to do what??? Confuse you.

    I don't belong never have. Go fight move whatever battles with Bruce, he likes them.

  13. Im Not For The 2011 Pullout. If Were Setting A Date Lets Make It Friday. Anything Else Will Cost Us More Military Losses With NO Hope Of Any Type Of Victory. "Rules Of Engagement" In War Time Has NEVER Been OUR Forte!

    Bring The Troops Home And Secure OUR Borders But Im Sure There Will Also Be "Rules Of Engagement" Which Will Benifit Everybody But OUR Citizens!

  14. Al, Obama is about ready to "break the rules" of the legislative process and governing of our nation when it comes to illegals.

  15. Interesting Read Mark Amazing How Regime Has Plan "B" When Constitution Is Involved!

    It Appears The Legislative Branch Just Gets In Their Way. It Does However Show That OUR Forefathers Had Great Foresight In Seperation Of Powers And Politicans Who If Given A Chance Will Use Power For Their Own Ideaology Advancement. I Have To Admit Their Is A New Tone With This Regime,Legislative Proccess Means Nothing, And Their Transparentsy Is A Smoke Screen.

    Joe Aint November Going To Be Great!

  16. Nice try Joe. You are sooo funny.

  17. Joe we can win but we aren't willing to do what it takes. We need to occupy them on all levels. They are 150 years behind us and if we want to have at their riches like Obama wants then we need to educat them after we tear them down. Joe is right the Democrats can't win this war but our military could if we fought to win.

  18. I See The Budget To Fund The War Is Being Debated Yet Again With Add Ons To Social Programs That Have NOTHING To Do With Funding The Military. Any Lib Out There Know Why? Just Wandering.


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