Monday, June 28, 2010

More Rioting From The Left Wing

This is typical of liberals.They always end up rioting to get their way. One group of liberals holds hands to make change but does nothing more then that while another group riots, both are worthless. This time it's in another country. But what do you think will happen when they start losing control of the Federal government this November? Why do you think they will do when conservatives take away their stupid programs to balanced budgets? What do you think they will be like when both houses of Congress are conservative and act it? What do you think will happen when all "hope" is gone? Do you think they will hold hands and wish it away? Will they sing songs when "Obama money" dries up and there are no jobs thanks to the Democratic party that didn't plan to create jobs in the private sector? And when they riot and get hospitalized will they get upset when they have to pay the hospital bill because obamacare sucks? But it's the Tea Party conservatives that the media has warned us about for over a year and a half. In hard time you can count on conservatives to make things better for the community and during those same had times you can count on liberals to make things worse. It's in their DNA to destroy. The question is are you ready if they go off in your town? We have learned that with liberals we need to expect the expected with them. And you can expect them to become violent at a drop of a hat. You can expect that they will try and hurt innocent people to further their cause. And as their liberal dreams slip away you could bet the farm that they will lash out with everything they have and with their last breath they will blam Bush or the Republican party even though they are no where to bew found.


  1. These Thugs Certainly Are Not Serving TEA At Their Party Are They!

  2. BWAAAAHAHAHHAHAHA.AL I can always count on you for a laugh brother. And not one wimper from the fake Pelosi on the real dangerous protester. Have you noticed that the media stopped the BS about the dangerous conservatives and racist remarks? Even they realize it sounds stupid saying something over and over again that never came true.

  3. State Run Media Has Picked Its Horse And In This Race And Their Stuck With A Loosing Ticket!

    Mob, Malcontents And Nazis Was Pelosis Call Regarding Tea Party And The State Run Media Ran With It And Painted Itself Into A Corner. The Truth Is Always Going To Be The Truth.

    Lefts Answer To The Truth Is Attack The Messenger. Its Alinsky One O One And With Tea Party BIG MISTAKE!

  4. Greece, California ,Nation Bankruptsy Here Is Not Going To Be Pretty. Once Again How Will Progressives Explain To Their Entitlement Mentality Voters That They CREATED That Entitlements Are Gone?

    Regime Did Not Make Good Impression In Toronto With Their Explanation On How To Get Out Of Debt By SPENDING More. Is Not That How Greece And California Got To Where There At? Spending Money They Did NOT Have! Regime Still Wants To Take Our Nation To That Place,Citizens Are Not Going To Go For Their Solution. Citizens Solution November!


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