Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obama Loans Petrobras $2 Billion To Drill Deeper

"Why aren't all those Move.On,hee hee hee that's for you Joe, groups bitching about Obama giving a  highly profitable foreign oil company $2 billion of our money? Could it be because the owner of and Petrobras is billionair George Soros? Are there better places for our money to be spent other then making the left wingers richer? This is more proof that the Democrats don't care about the little people any more. They give the poor a pittance while the wealthy left get wealthier. The Democrats have taken enough from you and I and given it to big business and the uber wealth liberals. The liberals better wake up and realize that they are getting played just like us conservatives. And the enviro-freaks need to realize that the Democrats aren't their friend either. I'm sure this is the first time the liberals have heard about this because their media isn't covering it. Ask yourself why aren't they covering this story? Why haven't you heard about it? Obama needs to stop hurting the out of work Americans with this oil drilling embargo in the Gulf so he can make his friend George Soros richer. This is criminal don't you think?


  1. This Regime Is Now Redistributing OUR Wealth As A Nation To A Foreign Country. Brazil Can Drill And OUR Rigs Are Going To Other Nations Minus The JOBS. Hows That Hope Change And Job Lazering Working Out?

    I Thought That Redistribution Of Wealth Thingy Was Going From The Rich To The Poor. Now We Have It Diverted From The Poor To The Rich(SOROS) Who Got A Real Deal For His Campaign Money!

  2. This is the big secret? that neither the left or right wishes to address.

    The left goes nuts when corporations donate to shit and the right goes nuts when unions donate to shit.

    If both sides could actually talk and figure it out they would realize that both of those entities have NO respect or regard for any of us!

    It is beyond my comperhension that this has not occured as of yet being the year 2010? I knew this in at least 1980 and I am 45 years of age!

    Both sides need a wake-up call and fast!

  3. chris, i was waiting for you to make this mistake. This is over a year old.

    Bogus Brazilian Oil Claims

    Some highlights
    Soros is a favorite whipping boy of conservatives because of his early financial help to the liberal group And he is indeed a major investor in Petrobras, through his New York-based hedge-fund firm, Soros Fund Management LLC. But the hedge fund recently sold 22 million shares of common stock in the company (which carry voting rights) while buying 5.8 million shares of preferred stock (which is non-voting.) As reported by Bloomberg News, Soros reduced his stake in the company before any of the Ex-Im Bank’s promised loan has been dispensed.

    Furthermore, none of President Obama’s appointees had joined the Ex-Im board at the time of the vote, which was unanimous, and bipartisan. The Ex-Im Bank states: "In fact, at the time the Bank’s Board consisted of three Republicans and two Democrats, all of whom were appointed by George W. Bush."

    Wooooo hooooo you got cuaght again. Tell them lies.

  4. Joe you are in left field on this. Giving $2 billion to Petrobras becomes relavent now that Obama wants to stop drilling in the Gulf. This post is true Joe. Soros owns almost $1 billion worth of Petrobras. We gave Petrobras a loan of $2 billion. And Obama wants to stop drilling in the Gulf. The moritorium on drilling in the Gulf helps Petrobras, thus helping Soros and the Democratic Party. All of this is true Joe. When we gave them money and when Soros bought Petrobras just shows they had motive to use the oil spill to inrich themselves by harming hard working Americans. Good luck spinning my friend.

  5. did you read any of my response.

    Caught spreading a lie and you talk about spin.

    Bush Appointees gave the company the money, and the loan was for the company to "BUY" American made Drilling equipment. Obama had nothing to do with it.

    Caught again. Liar.

  6. Why Were On The Lieing Thingy Where Are Those JOBs This Regime Was Going To Lazer In On In January? Was That A Lie?

    With Stimulus Citizens Were Promised By The Regime That Unemployment Would NOT Go Over 8% Was That A Lie?

    During Campaign Regime Promised Transparentsy In Washington,Was That A Lie?

    During Campaign Regime Promised That NO Legislation With Ear Marks Would Be Signed Into Law. Was That A Lie?

    Regime Promised During Campaign To Close Gitmo. Is That A Lie?

    Regime Said Taxes Would NOT Go Up. Think Thats A Lie?

  7. Joe maybe you need to look a little closer at who gave what when. Nice try though. You are so predictable Joe. Read all the other articales and proof that Obama loaned them the $2 billion less then 2 years ago. Do you think that if you pass around a lie long enough it will become true? No Joe one articcle saying it is Bush's fault is hardly proof of anything. Look a little deeper then trying to finds an article that has your truth in it. Keep spinning Joe it's funny


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