Sunday, June 27, 2010

They Hold Hands Across The Sands To Do What Again?

This is Hands Across The Sand. They were just at the Metro Beach where I live. This group goes all around the country holding hands on the beaches. This is another typical left wing organization. They think by going all around the country and getting people to hold hands they are doing something for the environment. They don't clean up the beaches when they are there. They don't buy land to keep it natural like the fishermen and hunters do. No they just stand their and expect the rest of us to do the work. If they want to bring attention they should do it by doing something other then stand there.  It wasn't any of these left wing organizations that cleaned up the Clinton river to the point that it is cleaner now then it has ever been in our history. They didn't cut down trees so the trout could make it into the river. Take a close look at what the left wing groups do. And when I say do I mean do. They tend to stand there first or they do what the G20 lefties do and riot to get attention. But then they ask the government to tax us all so that they get what they want. They pay a pittance to get what they want, if anything at all. These libs have to be told NO. If they want something then they need to antty up for it just like we do. And they better start doing something other then stand their like a bunch of lazy fools expecting something in return for that minor deed. It's time we mock these people for doing next to nothing and expecting something in return. If they want something then they need to do it. Do they all have electric cars and solar panel houses? Did they buy a windmill for the beach? Before they tell us to do something they should do it themselves first. And before any of you start with the I must hate nature BS look at what my hobbies are. I hunt,fish and organic garden. All of which do something good for the environment and our lands. When I bought my sons a new gun to learn to shoot with that tax I paid went towords buying land and marshes. We the hunters and fishers have done what the left wing wont. We have made our states more natural and better then we got it. We all want the same thing but the right is willing to do more then just hold hands to make it happen. And riding around naked on a bike is doing nothing either. If you want to run around naked pick some of the crap up while your at it. And after the G20 left wing riots are over clean up what yours on the left did. It's for the environment.


  1. Worthless. Put on some gloves and pick up tar balls.

  2. Are there tar balls at Metro Beach, Chris? I suppose it's only a matter of time, thanks to those worthless regulators that Bush put in place that were fucking the oil lobbyists and doing crack with them.

  3. wow, thats amazing. Exactly how i felt about the your Tea Bagger play in traffic flag day celebration. Worthless. A pathetic excuse for partisan politics.

    Did it help the vets, or the service men or Women currently in the conflict? No

    Chris, alot of left wing organizations by marshland and things like that. You can't say that all marshland being saved is by righties.

  4. I never said there were bfealk but there is a lot of crap there. There were all the regulation but none were being followed. What good is having laws and regulations if there are no teeth to the law or regulation. This spill will teach the oil companies plenty bfealk as it will cost them billions in future earnings to clean up their mistake. And Bruce the video showed these liberal clowns in FL doing nothing but touching themselves. Just like Kristin said they are "worthless" like all liberal. Bruce did you know that the Obama oil drilling imbargo serves the oil lobbyist in Brazil. George Soros owns Petrabras and they are taking the oil rigs to Brazil thanks to Obama. Did you know that Obama and the Democrats gave $2 billion of our money to Petrabras so they could drill three times farther down in the Gulf then we do? Why would Obama give George Soros' company Petrabras our money??????????? Who is "fucking" who Bruce? It looks like Obama is worse then Bush and that is pritty bad. Quiz yourself on the Obama oil lobbyist and how much Obama got from BP. The Democrats are "fucking" you Bruce and you keep asking for more you fool. "Spread the wealth" to Brazil.

  5. That Fuzzy Feeling Holding Hands Singin Songs At The Beach, Wow Never Knew It Was That Easy. Never Mind I Thought This Was About That New Bank Controlling Bill.

    I Only Hope We Get Those American Jobs Out Of The Gulf Before The Chinese Cubans And Other Foreign Countries Put More Man Power Over There. Another Example Of Out Sourcing Jobs Here.

    Wonder Why Politcians Dont Want To Drill On Land Inside Of OUR Country. Oh Never Mind That Would Interfer With Moths Beetles And Most Important People Holding Hands On The Beach Accomplishing Nothing!

    We Will Be In The Middle East Until We Have Our Own OIL Supply. Any Body Think Windmills And Solar Power Will Be Ready For Citizens Use In Less Than 25 Years Is Probablly At The Beach Holding Hands And Of Coarse Singin Songs.

    Bruce Your Back. Were You At The Beach Singing. Your Time Away Although Enjoyable Shows You Are Indeed Well Your Bruce!

  6. Sing along now,,,Kumbaya,,,there , now the oil leak is stopped.

  7. Oh joy. The oil leak has stopped, the Gulf is clean once again, terrorist have surrendered, unemployment now stands at 0.00%, no more illegals coming over the border and killing Americans and law enforcement officers, the national debt is now wiped out, Government is spending with in its means.... All because of Hands Across The Sand....As Christopher said, Kumbaya.....

  8. Hey Mark,

    They can do it at night as well, just get their union thugs to put the tar balls in 55 gallon drums and set them ablaze!

    Not only would this prevent any further leaks but also ACTUALLY HELP in the clean-up effort.

  9. paul from warren27 June, 2010 16:43

    I was there. It was the fattest group I've ever seen. There were a group of ten throwing out their butts on the ground just before they entered. I went up to one of them and they told me to get lost when I told them to pick it up. I didn't know what they were doing. I thought they were some religious group until I seen the MD today.

  10. Obama and Granholm are blabbing all this clean energy talk while at the same time trying to figure out how to tax it.

    If we stop using the internal combustion engine, something liberals like Al Gore have been trying to destroy, how do you make-up for lost tax revenue?

    You pay taxes (up the yazoo) for the car itself, gasoline, taxes for natural gas, taxes for fuel oil, etc.

    The Democrats are working everyday on yet another devious plot to pick your pocket while at the same time having you risk injury driving that go cart on 696 or that windmill in your backyard that is swatting at birds.

  11. bfealk, I thought the only assholes fucking and doing crack were at the rochester citizen.

  12. bfealk makes Democrats look bad. Go back to your hole.

  13. just remember when you put up windmills you need to build a new power plant, or tie into an existing one (giving it more business) for back up power at a moments notice.
    Mmmmm isn't that something to hold hands about? Both sides are creating jobs and power!
    My favorite bit of this post; how great it would be to see them clean the beach while they were there! So true!!!

  14. Wooo hooo chris, tell them lies. Who's getting fucked, why its you brother. Lube up cuz your taking it in the rear believing the hype.

    The loans came from Bush appointees and majority republicans with the stipulation that American drilling equipment was to be purchased.

    You and Glen wrong again

  15. Joe Calm Down Your On The Wrong Issue. Were Just Holding Hands And Solving World Problems Here! Gotta Go Were Starting To Sing Fuzzy Feeling Songs Now.


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