Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Week Is The 2010 Arab Festival In Dearborn

This is what an Islam run festival is all about. I hope there are more people questioning Muslims on camera this year at the festival. It doesn't take much for these animals to attack our freedoms. I thank God for those Christian men for showing us the hate of Islam. Now I know there are those lefties that think Christians are worse but really get some reallity for a minute.


  1. I am very curious if the folks (Camera person, interviewer) have files charges of assault against the "security" people. They, and we, need to keep exposing these kinds of things as Americans. Don't ever get intimidated by any of them. Once you walk away for good, they got you.
    Nice post, Chris!

  2. Animals....????

    now your hating on ARABS???

    What the black liberals beating your white women wasn't enough for you? You have to hate another another ethnic minority.

    Wo you got a full boat of hate going in the TEA PARTY: Blacks, ARABS and MEXICANS.

    Thank God for you christians though...

  3. No Joe THESE men are animals. Not Arabs. You are such a racist Joe. Why would you even bring up Arabs when this is all about Islam? I have a lot of Arab friends. None of them are Muslim though. Thanks again Joe for your slip of the racist liberal tongue. We can always count on you Joe for more race. Since you thong Christians are so bad and Muslims are so good go to the Dearborn festival and sing Jesus loves me and see what happens. If you hear "Alah Akbar" just keep sing. You will find peace and love.

  4. Hating? I did not see or read any hate from Bonsai but rather showing the truth.

    Joe, you are apparently seeing the hate from the arabs in the video and are just as upset but being a liberal apologist and appeaser you turn around and put it on Chris.

    You really need to seek help.

  5. Thanks Christopher. It does get old when everything is,"you racist",with them. Race has nothing to do with it. Many Muslims in my area are black. And many Arabs in my area are Chaldean or Easten Orthadox Christian. And the Muslims hate you liberals to the bone. If you ever get a chance ask a Arab Christian how they are treated by Muslims of their race. Ask who in their family got killed before they came to America LEGALY.

  6. It May Not Be PC But All Immigrants Should At One Time Simulate Into Our Culture And NOT The Other Way Around. You Want To Be Citizen Learn OUR Language Not Citizens Having To Learn Foreign Language.

    We Are The Melting Pot Of The World And Have Always Had Liberal Immigration Quotas. The Melting Pot Now Is Split Into Many Pots And That Is Not Going To Work In OUR Culture. This Great Nation Is Doomed If We Allow Muti Culture Seperate Groups To Take Hold. That Now May Be To Late But Citizens And Legal Immigrants Must Come Back To One Society Or As Lincoln Once Said "A House Divided Cannot Stand" And People Hes STILL Right!

    Spreading HATE No Matter What Your Ideaology Or Culture Is Wrong And Has NO Place In OUR Society. Just My Opinion!

  7. Looks like these creeps got themselves arrested.

  8. Watch the video Anon. It doesn't take much to push these muslim buttons. Muslims can say what they want but a guy with a camera and a Christian shirt is a creep. That is what bruce fealk does just like the other liberals. I've had that happen to me at 2 tea party rallies and no one did anything.

  9. Why did i bring up ARABS???? you don't fucking know?????

    Because its in the fucking "TITLE" you assclown.

    "This Week Is The 2010 Arab Festival In Dearborn"

    you wrote that shit, not me. I didn't bring ethnicity into this. You called it the ARAB festival and then referred to it as an Islam run festival, tying them together.

    But why would i go to a Muslim Arab festival (again using your info) and sing Jesus loves me? I'm not that stupid or intolerant. I don't as a Lutheran go to Catholic festivals and talk about how Luther was right? Do you?

    But hey lets see some of what good little Christians bring to Muslims when given the chance..

  10. Christopher, i need help. you've eviscerated both Chris and Brian on their blogs for any sort of moderation and tolerance, so i don't think you know what hate really is. Its you buddy. get the mirror out.

  11. this is a joke. Why do you guys buy this shit.

    They came to find trouble and make a scene and they got it.

    but i'm not the only one who believes this..

    The Rev. Haytham Abi Haydar, a Christian evangelical convert from Islam with Arabic Alliance Church in Dearborn, said that a Christian group called Acts 17 Apologetics caused the problems at this year’s Arab festival.

    "They put cameras in their faces and were very antagonistic," Abi Haydar said of the group that produced the controversial video that has drawn almost 1.4 million views on YouTube.

  12. Joe, I can disagree with anyone person as to politics and even religion without calling names as you did above or calling anyone a racist without there being evidence of any like you did.

    I repeat, you need help, well SERIOUS help that is. First you see the hate presented and turn it on Chris, I call you on it, you cannot defend it so you deflect by drawing incorrect conclusions about me which have nothing whatsoever to do with the subject at hand.

    Ya know,reading above you are perfect candidate for any elective office running on the democratic ticket, or in absence of that an anchor on MSLSD.

  13. Joe, Thinking on it more, Alvin Greene has more integrity than you as he has not dwelled in the game of blame and name-calling but recieved it from,,,you guessed it,,DEMOCRATS.

  14. Chris,
    "I like to Hunt,Fish,Play with my two boys" That's disgusting.

  15. Christopher, there is clearly evidence of bigotry within Chris's writings. You may not see it, but thats most likely because you wish to be a rightwing apologist.

    I have witnessed your level of hatred and anger towards those who side with you, let alone those who don't. You clearly have a level of anger in you that is not normal.

    As for the video, i didn't see hate towards anyone and i didn't turn it on anyone. I saw two groups of people, one looking to cause a fight and one willing to give it to them. People who go to these things to cause scenes and mock people aren't innocent, they are troublemakers. And Chris is wrong for believeing in them.

    Chris's NAME CALLING (prior to mine) let me know he hates people. Obviously people in both groups have issues. But you and Chris aren't calling out the people looking to cause a fight. Only those who are willing to give it.

    Remember the Muslim Arabs didn't show up at the 17 epileptics festival and go after them. The Epileptic group came to them.

  16. Joe If I Ever Hear Of Somebody Have Cardiac Arrest At Their Pewter My Guess Is It Will Be You. Not Agreeing Is Normal. Slobbering Over Pewter In Anger AINT! Do What I Do Get Couple Your Buddys Hit Golf Ball Listen To Nature And Bring That Blood Pressure Down!

  17. Anon only a sick liberal pervert would find playing with my boys as sick. Joe it's the Arab festival but those were Muslims that had the problem not Arabs. Did you see the black Muslims in the video Joe???? They went to the Arab festival and found t5he both that was preaching ISLAM Joe. Did you even see the video Joe??? Of do you always go off half-cocked? Joe you have been losing it a lot Joe. I think Christopher is right about you. You need help. I think as reality starts colliding with what you thought Obama and the Democrats would govern like come together you start to loose it.

  18. Joe said,"But why would i go to a Muslim Arab festival (again using your info) and sing Jesus loves me? I'm not that stupid or intolerant. I don't as a Lutheran go to Catholic festivals and talk about how Luther was right? Do you?" Joe I thought it was an Abab Festival? Are there no Christian Arabs? You really are a dolt Joe. And intolorant is only letting Muslims into an Arab festival to speak.

  19. Joe where the Christian festivals done on public property with public police? The Arab festival is about culture not religion. It was only when the guys went to the islam booth and asked questions did they get attacked. You are so blinded by your hatred and bigotry Joe. You aere the one making it about color when it is clearly about religion. And you being a clear cut hater of "christian" to the point of not capitalizing Christian I would think you would give me the same respect Joe. But you are just a bigot that is trying to push your views onto me. I love Arabs,blacks,Asians you name it. I have live with them and among them. I do howerver have as problem with Islam for obvious reasons that you can't comprehend because of your bigotry towards race. Joe let me know when you find the Catholic or Lutheran festival on public property. Or is the Mt.Clemens fireworks a Christian event to a dolt like you? hahahaha.

  20. "now your hating on ARABS???"
    "Because its in the fu*king "TITLE" you assclown."
    "there is clearly evidence of bigotry within Chris's writings"

    Its pretty clear that Joe is making this out to be some sort of race thing, against Chris.
    Well Joe, Chris called it right, because THAT'S what THEY called it, adding 'international'.

    "Dearborn Arab International Festival"

    Go to the link that Anon posted, are you going to call the Freep racist? Or are you going to man up that Chris was not injecting race, but calling it by it's name.
    You liberal with your race baiting... It's getting old.

  21. Thanks Mark. Happy fathers day.

  22. Mark, you gonna kick me out of the country O seer of all that is American.

    Chris, you are so one-sided and full of typical rightwing hate and fear of that which isn't like you that it blinds you like it does Mark, and christopher.

    Since you have such a problem with it, please go see your Mayor and the board of supervisors to put a stop to it. I am sure that the festival owners have paid the fees, gotten the insurance, filed the correct paperwork and are good to go.

    Chris i have no bigotry towards any race, nor religion. Its you that has established in your writings where you stand by constantly attacking those of a different race than yourself. You've written about Blacks beating "our white women" (your words), called Arabs animals, shown little care for the unconstitutional bias that Hispanics face with the rash of conservative attacks. Yet i am the racist for sticking up for them.

    Right, thats how that works in bizarro world, the strange little place you and your righty friends live in. What a shame.

    By the way did you go to my link and see what the good little Christians did to the Muslims?

  23. Joe, Joe, Joe twisting my words around, right out the liberal playbook. I said (in the other post) I'd like to show those like you the front door of America.
    Chris, Christopher, Al, etc are more American like then you could even fathom. You injected race in to this discussion when there is no justification for it.
    You are loosing this debate and you've been handed your hat on your race baiting comments.

  24. Yeh Joe whatever. You are all about race just like that kid in the 80's comercial about his Jewish friend. It's all about color with you Joe. You can't see people as people just colors. You feel it's OK to dump on Chrisdtians but not O)K for Christians of Jews to dump on Mulims and Liberals. Why is it Joe you are always on the side of the Muslims and anarchist?

  25. Mark, the difference between you and I is that you don't love America. You love the idea of an America you can mold in your activism to what you want. You would like to show me and those like me the door. An America you could then love.

    Me, i love America with you in it, and even if i disagreed with you on everything, which i don't, i would never stoop to something as UN_AMERICAN as wanting to see you leave, let alone wanting to show you the door.

    and i will love America for making it okay for you to do something so un-American as wishing i would leave and protecting your right to think it, believe it and say it.

  26. Chris, i only see race when you righties bring it up.

    but yes, i do worry about the effects the actions of the majority place on the minority, especially when it involves potential Constitutional issues.

    that involves skin color, ethinic, class, age, etc. I'm all about the underdog.

  27. Joe, you & Obama's idea of American is 180 degrees in the opposite direct of what this country HAS been for the past 233 years. Since it founding.

    You want to change it to YOUR OWN ideology. Something that is some how fairer for everyone by taking from one person or group of persons and giving it to another. You want to punish success, when people worked hard and made a better life for themselves. You want the Government to take care of you, instead of you doing for yourself.
    You want to take from me, my fruits of MY LABOR to give it to others who didn't want to get off their lazy butts and make something of themselves and want everything handed to them.
    I work hard to support my family, not someone who wants to be spoon feed a better life.
    I believe in helping those by giving guidance to them to seek a better direction and NOT to just hand them something they did nothing to deserve.
    I love the country I was born in to, not this fu*king train wreck that you lefties want.

    And I intend to leave to my kids the kind of country I was born in to....

    Constitutional sound, personal liberties, less Government intrusion in to MY (and your) personal lives, type of nation that it HAS been.
    A free society to achieve a better life for ones self by earning it.

    You hate this country for what it has been. You think its unfair. Well BOO FU*KING WHO.

    AND while I still have that right to express my desire to rid the nation of people that hold that kind of ideology, an ideology that the nation was NEVER intended to be, I will do that until such time as your beloved Liberal lefties party, AKA Democrats, force me NOT express it.

  28. Joe, I have refrained from rejoining so as to let you hang yourself with if not inconsistency then outright hypocrisy and you have done so in droves.

    I especially enjoyed the part where it is just fine and dandy for you to disagree with a persons opinion but you took me to task for it.

    Holding such double-standards is a clear sign of narcissism and goes back to my advice - seek help.

  29. Mark, Joe is a self proclaimed "anarchist". That says it all. He will say and do anything that brings anarchy. Joe wants America to leave not us. That is un American Joe. You want America in your image not in the image the founding fathers and God made her in.That is the narcissism Christopher was talking about. And Joe always being on the side few people are on isn't "for the little guy" or underdog. By you saying you are and anarchist says it all little buddy.


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