Saturday, June 19, 2010

Arab Muslim Festival In Dearborn Michigan 2009


  1. And they call themselves a religion of peace. Lies lies lies, just like their sympathizers, the liberal left.
    I'd love to show them the front door of America and boot them out, ALL of them.

  2. there's a real patriot there, gonna kick everyone who doesn't agree with him out the country.

    guess I'll put in for my moving papers, the patriot probably won't let me stay.

    Hey, clown did you atleast serve? or are you Marky big talk from the homefront?

  3. Joe, whats does serving have to do with any of this. Answer, nothing.

    I am all for tossing you ANTI-Constitution/free market/personal liberty/Christians & Jews and PRO-government control of industry... out on your ears.
    You are everything that is opposite of what made this country a great bastion of freedom.
    I'll respect your difference of opinion, but I will not respect, nor except people like you treading on my personal liberty and freedoms.

  4. So Marky big talk from the safe little homefront didn't serve. thanks for sharing.

    You haven't done one little thing for your country and you think you have the balls to suggest who should be here and who shouldn't.


  5. Joe, what didn't you comprehend?
    I never claimed either, you know why? It is irrelevant to the topic anyways.

    Stay on subject... I know that's hard for you and the liberal left to do, but give it a try.

    Here, here is who should NOT be here (again) ANTI-Constitution/free market/personal liberty/Christians & Jews and PRO-government control of industry.
    Read it slow, you might get the point of the subject...

  6. Mark Joe is out of it. For some reason he thinks everyone else in the world is nuts not him. But that is what the fringe liberal anarchist do.

  7. you just described every single great inventor/thinker in the amazing past we call history.

    thanks for the compliment.


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