Thursday, July 1, 2010

According To The Data Obama Is One Of The Worst Presidents Ever

Via RealClearPolitics comes this data on the performance of our Democratic President, Barack Obama:
According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. shed 2.3 million jobs since February 2009, Obama’s first full month in office. Going back to World War II, that is by far the worst record for any president in his first 17 months, outpacing the job destruction experienced in the early Bush years by more than 800,000 jobs.

Sure, you can blame the first few months of that period on lame-duck President Bush. But perhaps companies accelerated their shedding of jobs because they were bracing for higher tax rates, increased union power and costly environmental taxes under Obama.

Other measurements are only slightly kinder to Obama. The two-percentage-point increase in unemployment rate during his presidency, to 9.7 percent from 7.7 percent, is the third-worst since World War II. Dwight Eisenhower and Gerald Ford saw bigger increases.

GDP growth under Obama, an abysmal 3 percentage points so far, is the fourth-worst in the postwar period. Eisenhower, Ford and Ronald Reagan all began their terms with worse GDP growth.
I'm sure the left are thinking of a way to spin this new data about how bad this president really is. But let me see if I can predict what their response might be. It's all Bush's fault, Bush gave Obama this recession or maybe it's the racist teabaggers that railroaded the economy with their rallies of violence. Now didn't Bush get a recession and 9/11? Why was it his actions brought us out of the recession,the war on terrorism(he kept us safe after that,thank you) and he did it with a Congress that was against him in the last two years of his term?  Why is it that everything the conservatives in the Tea Party said would be the effect from the Democrats actions came true down to a T? Are conservatives just that flipping lucky? Crap just look at what the Tea Party said would happen with the Stimulus bill,GM and Chrysler bankruptcy/bailout,obamacare, you name it the Tea Party conservatives have been spot on. Well the Obama admin is made up of academics and you know what they say about those that can do and those that can't teach? It looks like this old saying is as true now as it was then. Too bad they weren't teaching common sense instead of Rules For Radicals. You have too be pritty bad to not make an economy recover. Every recession we have had has recovered, so the odds were in their favor and yet they were wrong with all their actions. Good luck my Democratic friends, you will need it as more and more of the data comes to light. And once the "hope" is gone and the Obama zombies wake up and see what is left we will see which side is violent. I'm still waiting for the dangerous Tea Parties that the Democrats said were coming. How could any party be wrong so often? Just a side note to the liberals out there. You do know that Obama will keep these wars going as long as unemployment stays high don't ya? He doesn't want to add to the unemployment by ending the wars and bringing back all those soldiers just to add to the unemployment.


  1. Like we needed stats to tell us what we already know.

  2. I Believe Nobamas Will Become Known Through History As The "Great Divider" And That Is A Sad Commentary On This Regimes Policies.

    There Will Never Be Another President That Put His Ideaology, Europe And Immigrants Before The American People.

  3. Stats are to libs like holy water is to demons.

  4. Is anyone surprised? This man has no management or leadership experience.

    He did bring us change: From bad to worse.

  5. Chris, first off this is just another blog from another site and its get some bad figures in it. So once again you fail to fact check your blog and i show you up.

    Lets just take the starting unemployment at beginning of the term and go from there...

    Truman...1/1949 4.3
    Truman...10/1949 7.9
    total increase 3.6

    Eisenhower 1/53 2.9
    Eisenhower 9/54 6.1
    Total increase 3.2

    Nixon 1/68 3.4
    Nixon 12/70 6.1
    Total increase 2.7

    Ford 8/74 5.5
    Ford 5/75 9.0

    Reagan 1/81 7.5
    Reagan 12/82 10.8
    Total increase 3.3

    Obama 1-09 7.7
    Obama 10/09 10.1
    Total increase 2.4

    (i didn't include GHW and GW bush because their increases came over three or four years)

    So we find that the increase could be the 6th worse, instead of the third. Makes a bit of difference doesn't it?

    And the GDP rate issue is in fact an issue of previous leadership. the major drop in GDP growth was the first quarter of last year, where Obama's policies weren't in effect yet.

    All in all, given the recession things could be worse. They certainly were in the early 80's under Reagan.

  6. Joe You KInd Of Missed Carter!

    Those Figures Rather Right Or Wrong Will Make The Unemployed NOW Feel Better.

    How About Reagans Second Term. I Beleive It Took That Long To Get Over Carter. (1976-1980) It Will Take Longer To Get Over This Regime.

    Once Again Reagans Second Term Were You Better Off The Or Now?

  7. If we continue to pursue these nightmare policies; we could see 15% unemployment before 2012.

  8. Al, i didn't miss Carter. His unemployment levels started at 7.5 went down and then went back up later in his presidency.

    his total increase the last year and half was 2.2.

    Nice try though. to bad Chris doesn't proofread his cut and pastes.


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