Friday, July 2, 2010

Open Thread: The Three Birds Are Father,Son And Holy Spirit


  1. Don't forget the almighty Haile Selassie, Jesus incarnate.

  2. Alright Joe I have yet to have my coffee but I'll bite:

    Why sould Chris not forget about your insane reference?

  3. Christopher I Second Your Motion!

  4. Open Thread So Here Gos: Nancy Pelosi Says Unemployment Checks Create Jobs. That Dunt Sound Like That Lazering Thingy This Regime PROMISED Or Sadly Maybe It Is!

    Question If Drug Lords In Mexico Decide It Would Be To Their Advantage To Cross Into OUR Country Illegally Will That Rise To Sending In Troops Or Simply Posting More Signs "Dangerous Drug Lord Crossing". Our Nation Once Send Pershing After Mexican Bandits To Eliminate Problem But This Regime Without A Leader I Fear Will Put Sign Makers To Work. I Suppose That Is Job Creation.


    Union Bosses Deny 11,000 Employees a Vote on Labor Contract

    Transport Workers Union boss John Conley says that he will deny airline employees the opportunity to vote on their own destiny.

    Sandra Baker of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram wrote:

    “We are now at an impasse with [American Airlines],” said John Conley, director of the union’s Air Transport Division. “We no longer have a tentative agreement, and NO BALLOTS WILL BE PRESENTED TO MEMBERS FOR A RATIFICATION VOTE.” [Emphasis added]

    The union asked the mediation board to declare an impasse in March, but the board told the parties to keep talking.

    A few weeks ago, the union and American said they had reached a tentative agreement. But the proposal never went to a vote by the nearly 11,000 baggage handlers and other ground workers that clean aircraft, fuel planes and move freight.

    Should the board declare an impasse and release the union from mediation, under the Railway Labor Act a 30-day cooling-off period would start, after which the union could call a strike or the company could enforce a lockout.

    Unfortunately, employees are often left out of the union contract process because contracts virtually always grant union officials a monopoly voice and decision making powers over all workers whether they wanted it or not. This is just another example, among many, of how forced monopoly unionism is undemocratic and takes away the rights of individual workers.

    And, it is forced union dues that fuel the Democrat party. It has made Democrat (and some Republican) elected officials from President Obama down to school boards beholden to Big Labor’s special interests. As a result, from town hall to state capitols to the nation’s capitol and the White House, elected officials are attempting to expand union bosses’ power to force people into unions at the expense of personal liberty.

  6. I got my tits done. They are hot as hell. Bob Marley is great and he is a Rastafarian. Smoke'em if you got'em.

  7. Who Benifits Most From Weak , No Immigration Enforcement Or Amnesty?

    Some Employers Cause Of Cheap Labor.

    Unions Cause Of More Members,Especially SEIU!

    Liberals Milions Of New Voter In Block That Could Keep Them In Power For Decades. CASE CLOSED!

    Thought There Was A Piece In The Oath Of Office This Regime Took To Protect Citizens Which I Assume Also Means Border Security. I Guess One Citizens Security Is Not Worth As Much Politically As Rights Of Millions Of Illeagals Here! Politcal Issue Never Benifits Citizens.

  8. Christopher, because Bob is singing about him. I am just referring to what Bob believed in. Chris, posts the song of a Rastafarian and then you think my reference to their beliefs is insane. You make no sense.

    Rastas believe that Haile is the second coming of Jesus. its in all of his music, you just ignore it and hear what you want. typical righties.

  9. Not all Rastas do Joe. Christianity gets mixed into many religions like Santaria. Joe all people hear what they want not just "righties". That is just plan ignorant Joe.

  10. if you don't believe in Haile then your not really a rastafarian, you some dude who smokes weed and wears dreads. The term Rastafarian comes from Haile's title.

    So was calling my comment insane, when the dumbass didn't understand why i made it.

  11. Chris, can i be livid that republicans gave Petrobras money or is it the minority parties fault?

    Its not really Democrats who gave the loan and you know this by now. It was three republicans and two democrats who all voted unanimous to give that loan to petrobras to buy AMERICAN PRODUCTS.

    I'm mad as hell that we give companies loans to buy Shit made by Americans. i'm not, thats you chucklehead rightwingers. Way to sellout your brothers. Then again that stuff was made by bluecollar workers and we know how the right treats them. Says one thing and does the other.

  12. You are a jackass Joe. Maybe you should do some more research and not just from Move.On. hahahahaha that wqas great how bent you got over that

  13. i'm a jackass, but i'm right. Your a jackass and your wrong. Great how bent your "livid poll voters" are over a lie. A great big fucking LIE!!! Once again on your blog, you passed off a lie.

    The genesis of the e-mail was a Wall Street Journal opinion piece in August 2009 and a November segment on Fox News Channel by host Glenn Beck, according to the fact-finding sources and

    On April 14, 2009, the Export-Import Bank approved a preliminary commitment to loan $2 billion to Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras).

    According to its charter, the Ex-Im Bank is an independent federal agency that helps finance the export of U.S. goods and services to international markets. The agency does not compete with private sector banks, but takes on and provides insurance for transactions that might be risky for others.

    In any event, Ex-Im Bank, is a self-sustaining entity; it gets most of its financing from guarantees of loans and the fees it charges. Congress appropriates no money to it, so taxpayer money is not involved.

    Obama did not sign an executive order, nor would he have to for the Petrobras loan to take place, according to and

    Not only that, but the members of the bank when the loan decision was made were not appointed by Obama. At the time, the Ex-Im Bank notes, its board consisted of three Republicans and two Democrats, all of whom were appointed by George W. Bush. does point out that the chairman and president of Ex-Im Bank is Fred P. Hochberg, an Obama appointee. But the president did not nominate him to his position until a week after the board approved the loan.


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