Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Barack Obama And The New Black Panther Party


What would the media do if President Bush had ties to the KKK?  Would you support a President and a Party that uses racism as a tool to get elected? Why do Democrats think so highly of these racist organization? You better wake up and realize that the Democratic Party is using your white skin to antagonize voters. The Obama admin and the Democratic Party are using these racist organizations to paint anyone that doesn't agree with the Obama admin as racist. This comes at a time when 60% of Americans have little to no faith in the President. This is right out of the book Rules For Radicals. We have come to a place in this country when we have a black president. Is this really believable? Obama is using his community organizing tactics on a much larger scale. If you think it is OK for the President of America to have had ties to a racist organization then please tell me why this doesn't bother you? I know it didn't bother the left that Byrd was a KKK member so why would I think it would bother them that Obama had ties to the NBPP? It's no wonder he had Eric Holder let these NBPP intimidaters off the hook with barely a slap on the hand.


  1. This Regime Is Using Race, Ideaology, Religion And Ethnic Culture To DIVIDE And Conquer This Nation And Cares Not The Effect This Policy Has On Our Nation.

    There Is NO Shame In This Regime And Their Goal Becomes Clear, Kill Private Sector, Kill Economy And Divide The Citizens And Conquer.

    It Is A Sad Legacy For The Voters Of This Nation And I Really Beleive November Will Be OUR Last Chance To Take Our Country Back Because If Not Europe We Will Become. Our Nation Has Always Been "Governed" And This Regime Is After "RULING" And Our Citizens As A Whole Aint Going To Take It!

  2. Another bullshit story from the right wing crazy media.

    A little truth never hurt anyone.


  3. Bruce A Little Truth Is All You Can Stand At Any Given Time. Any More And You Would Need Pepto!


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