Wednesday, July 14, 2010

These Man Are Great Patriots Of The Tea Party

These men are typical of conservatives of all colors.  Our black brothers and sisters need the help of the conservatives. If you are a black conservative the left will call you a "Uncle Tom" if you don't fall in line with where the left want them. As far as the left is concerned any black person that isn't liberal or a Democrat is an enemy and is treated as such. All conservatives want is for blacks to be allowed to voice their thoughts and ideologies of the right and left. But any time a black brother tries to speak from the right he is pushed back into the box the left/Democrats made for them. It is sad to see the left treat the blacks like second class citizens. They treat them like they can't do anything without the help of the government or the Democratic Party/master. The way the Democrats look at things is they have color keyed us all and pre-judged us based on our color. If anyone comes out of the colored box they have made they come down hard on that person. Just look at how they have defined "feminism". If you are not for the killing of babies then you are not a "feminist" in the world of the left. Why is it OK for a white SEIU member to beat down a black man for selling pins of Obama at a Tea Party? Why are the left so intolerant of anyone willing to step outside the box? Why does the left feel that they need to reverse discriminate based on skin color and income? We need to get rid of all color based discrimination and just judge a person by their character. Oh crap maybe that is the problem with the left. They have a flawed character. If we all started judging everyone the same and on character alone then they will certainly loose what they have. Hard times build character and the blacks have had more then their share of character building hard times. These men in this video are truly free from the oppression of the left. They are being attacked by the left with all the vigor they can muster but these men have shunned the box the left tried to put all blacks in. They have called these men every name in the book and yet their character stands strong. These men are not black men,butjust men that have shaken the chains of the left wing oppression off. The left haven't just put blacks into a box but they have also put Latinos and women into a box made by the left. It's time the left stop judging everyone based on color but rather on character. All the color of skin does is if you are dark then you can stay in the Sun longer. That is all it mean. It doesn't mean you have to vote for Democrat. Vote for the character of the incumbent not the (D) or the (R) after the name. We are not a collective but individuals. So the Democratic party better stop forcing us into the boxes they made for us and let us all be free to be who we want instead of who they say we should be,based on the color of our skin. As conservatives we need to reach out to our brothers and sisters and free them from the box the left have placed them in. We must point out the box they are in. We need to point out the condition of the box the left have put the people of color in and ask them if they want real and lasting change. We need to point out to the left that the blacks have every right and ability to do what all colors can and they don't need special treatment to succeed in this great nation. Black and brown are not a handicap like the left want us to believe. And white people need to throw away the "white guilt" the left have tried to chain you with. Whites fought to free the black slaves and to stop the oppression of all people. If you are a racist then you need to carry the burden of that sin. But if you see all men and women as being equal then treat them as such. If you think all people are equal then treat them as such. Don't give them special treatment because they are a different color or sex. As my father always said and as I say to both my boys,"it builds character".


  1. These Citizens Are True Patriots Putting Nation Before Their Own Well Being Knowing Fair Well That They Will Be Attacked By Liberal Groups For One reason. They Have Made A Choice And Given Reasons For Their Choice. After All Is Not This What OUR Nation Is All About. Freedom To Think And Make Descisions Based On Facts.

    These Patriots Are Being Attacked For One Reason Just Like The Tea Party Ideaology That Puts Nation Ahead Of Political Agenda.

  2. So let me get this straight just so we are clear. the Left which just elected a younger man of African American descent is putting people in a box and not letting them out, but the right which nominate old white guys and the son of one of the old white guys is the party by which African americans should vote?

    I mean the right which accused John Lewis of being a liar is the party of African Americans. you know John Lewis, the Civil rights leader who spoke on the March to Washington( the same one the right is trying to co-opt)and is a current democrat.

    the same right, which just had to criticise a major player in African American civil rights and politics, Thurgood Marshall during a hearing on elena Kagan.

    and the TEA Party which called the NAACP a vile organization, despite the fact that is that group which won Brown V. Board.

    AND YOUR LYING AND RACE BAITING AGAIN.... that SEIU fight broke out between two black men AND A SECOND GUY GOT INVOLVED.

  3. Chris says.."We need to point out to the left that the blacks have every right and ability to do what all colors can and they don't need special treatment to succeed in this great nation. Black and brown are not a handicap like the left want us to believe."

    Your late to the party, that happened Nov 2008. The predominantly white party nominated a man of African American descent and then America elected him.

    Some reason though, you criticize him all day long and then want to act like your the party advancing black issues. WTF.

  4. When I Critize Regime Its Is For Their Ideaology NOT Race.. This Regime Was Elected By Will Of The People And NOT Race. Joe Your Last Sentence Says It All, Critizing Is Not Racist But Calling It Racial IS!

    Large Cities Are The Monument To Liberal Programs For Minorities And Is Living Example Of The Results. Any Lib Saying They Are The Party Of Minorities How Can You Take Credit For The Results You Have Obtained.

    If Any President Cannot Stand The Heat GET Out Of The Kitchen. Race Has Nothing To Do With Great Leader. King, Kennedy,Douglas And Lincoln Were Great Citizens And Leaders!

    Carter Was Lousy President Nobama Is A Lousy President. So Simple And Race Is Not A Issue Except For Liberals Who After 18 Months Are Grasping At Straws.

  5. Anyone else notice that other than the video Chris spends NO TIME talking about these guys, and how they are part of the conservative movement? No he just bashes the left.


  6. Regarding "Anybody Notice That Other Than Video Chris Spends No Time Talking About These Guys"! If You Did Not Notice They Can And Do Talk For Themselves, It Almost Sounds Joe Like Your Surprized At That. Conservatives Need No Taliking Heads To Communicate Issues Or Beliefs.

  7. wow al way to take something completely out of context and use it in an asnine way.

    Conservatives need no talking heads???? thats a f-ing lie. Chris, routinely posts conservtive talking heads on this blog and you post to the thread. come back from hooterville Al.

    I'm saying that instead of just his usual stupid, anti-liberal rant he could have expounded on the the men in the video, given background, talked about how what they say affects him, you know the stuff thoughtful writers say, not talk partisan smack.

  8. Joe I Used YOUR Words And I Do Not Believe It Was Taken Out Of Context. Black Conservatives On Video Give THEIR Opinions On Issues Period. Why Should Back Ground Of Any Citizen Matter. This Was Not A Writer Issue But Opinions From Black Conservatives And To Me Nothing Else Was Needed To Express THEIR Views.

    Joe There Are Times You Blow So Much Smoke I Bet You Have To Take Batteries Out Of Your Smoke Alarms!

  9. This is a partisan blog you dumbass Joe. Why don't you give the backround you armchair Q-back?

  10. Joe you are a rabid racist. I can tell by the way you post and the words you choose.

  11. Keith, your full of shit. I can tell that your punk ass won't be with us long just by the accusations you make.

    but you know who smart people can tell is a racist by the words he uses....Chris.

    Keith were you reading when Chris said this, "and Black liberals beating OUR white women"??

    Pretty racist stuff huh?

    or how bout when chris lied and accused a White Seiu member of attacking a Black conservative when in fact the fight broke out between two black men and a third man joined in who was white.


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