Friday, July 23, 2010

Nullification: Interview with a Zombie

Unconstitutional law should not be inforced. The liberal zombie interviewer sounds just like the progressives on this blog.


  1. Thomas Wood doesn't look like a Zombie.

    Just asking but you said interview with a zombie, so the guy being interviewed is a zombie???

    Or did you mean Inteview by a Zombie?

  2. Nullification: Interview with a Zombie. Think about it from a different perspective for a change Joe. Nulllification is the name of the book: Interview with a Zombie. I thought it was funny

  3. Hell I Thought The Zombie Was Pelosi And Then I Saw Not Enough Make Up!

  4. yes, i get it.

    Nullification is the book and Thomsa wood is the author so he's the Zombie, right????

    Interview with a Zombie. just like "interview with a Vampire"

    Lestat's the vampire, he's being interviewed.

    Thomas is zombie, he's being interviewed. why all the makeup on the other guy then?


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