Friday, July 23, 2010

Video: This Cannot Be Real…

I think I finally found a Republican the left would vote for. Maybe he's the lefts next messiah when Obama's gone. I'd love to see this debate on national TV or Pay-Per-View. Who said progressives and Republicans don't mix?  Cheers


  1. Isn't that Bruce Fealck? He sounds just like him.

  2. Could Be The Regimes Next Press Secretary.

  3. I would vote for Jack Brandenburg. He's been convicted of property destruction, so he must be a violent liberal, because conservatives aren't violent and don't do that stuff.

    Chris, hows your investigation into whether he made sexually harassing remarks going?

  4. Sexually Harassing Remarks! Dont Believe What You Say Is A Crime. Normally Actions Are Crime, Remarks Are Not.

    Speaking Of Criminal With Ties To Regime That Bomber Friend Thingy Seems Much More Liberal Than Harrazing Remarks.

    Liberals Also Dont Evidently Count Polling Precincts, Seems Dressed In Military Type Clothes Slapping Night Stick In Your Hand Is NOT Harrazzing. There Is Always Two Sides To The Coin.


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