Monday, July 5, 2010

Open Thread

Talk about anything you want. Bring up something to debt,cut and paste or whatever you want. If you have an issue with the right or left about a subject bring it up. Have fun and play nice.


  1. OK ,
    Really, I wonder where the lefts vision ends?

    Really,Please lay it out.

    You have a great and open forum here so please discuss your American Dream!

  2. Some Questions For The Left Regarding Issues

    How Will Socialized Insurance Lower Health Cost?

    How Will Socialized Insurance Impact Job Creation And Private Sector?

    What Type Of Tax Will Be Imposed On All To Pay For Unsubstainable Deficit Including Entitlements?

    How Do You Take 500 Billion From Medicare To Pay For Socialized Insurance When Medicare Is In Debt About 12 Trillion Dollars HOW?

    Why Does This Regime Favor Illegal Immigrants Over Citizens And Why?

    Why Does This Regime NOT Secure Borders With Troops, Instead Putting Up Warning Signs To Citizens WARNING Them Of Drug Dealer/Illeagal Crossing Into OUR Country Instead Of Gaining Control Of That Area?

    What Is OUR Forgien Policy Regarding Iran And North Korea Other Than Appeasement And UN Resolutions?

    What Is This Regimes Policy Toward Creating Jobs And When Will They Lazer In On Those Jobs?

    Will My Grand And Great Grand Children Live In This Nation As Iv Known It Or Will It Slowly Become Europe And How Does Anybody Explain To Them That Politicans Who Were The Keeper Of The Constitution Chose Ideaology Over Country?

  3. I'm worried about voting machines being hacked in the November election.

  4. christopher,

    My vision is cloudy right now. We're at a crossroads here on plenty of issues and i am not sure whcih way to turn.

    While my feeling is that the govt of Afghanistan is a failure and that we might not find a conclusive victory, i am not ready to give up on it. The treat of a resurgent Taliban and al-quada moving back into afghanistan from the tribal region of Pakistan worries me.

    Iraq has me worried about some of the same issue right now. The govt can't get formed and i worry that an unconditional draw down will allow those looking for personal power and unstability in the country to hold out more. The need for flexibility is paramount, which alot of liberals aren't excited about.

    the Debt issue is another worry for me. We do have to address it. That has to start with things like subsidizes for farming, fossil fuels, restructuring social security and/or its taxes, and establishing a smaller less worldwide ground force military.

  5. Al you need to work on your questions. i'm not spending time with presuppositional questions, like #5.
    I'll give you the answer to that one though. It doesn't.

    And i'll give you one question back.

    Why can't you avoid putting your ideologies in your questions and just ask straight up ones?

  6. Christopher,

    You slappy shithead can you not read? It says 'open thread' so why should anyone address "your issues" as you have far too many to begin with.

    good for the goose, good for gander

  7. Lets see Putting Citizen And Their Security Before Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be Ideaology It Should Be Common Sense!

    Dont Think Those Signs Posted "Warning" Drug Dealer/Ileagal Crossing Stay Out Is Ideaology Either. Thought Federal Government Was Suppose To Protect CITIZENS And Securing Borders Does Seem Resonoblile.

    Ideaology Does Not Play Part In Job Creation Unless Your Talking About Regimes Ideaology. Nobama Said He Would Lazer In On Job Creation In January. Hows That Working Out. Still Think This Regime Cannot Be As Inept As They Appear In Creating Jobs, Unless You Think Unemployment Benifits Is Job Creation.

    Regarding Tax Increases For All Seem Easy To Answer All Citizens Will Pay Period.

    Non Of Questions Appear Presuppositional To Me

    Taxes Going Up
    Borders Left Unsecure
    Arizonia Being Sued By Feds Cause Feds Wont Do Their Duty.
    Job Creation
    Socialized Insurance and Unsubstainable Deficit.

    Joe Theres Even Liberals Not Happy With Whats Happening .

    I Am Concerned About Nations Furture And What Politicans (535) Are Doing To It To Make It Weaker, Less Safe And Bankrupt! That Is My Ideaology Simple Like Me But True!

  8. AL said...
    None Of Questions Appear Presuppositional To Me.

    That's because your the one making statements in the form of a question.

    Nothing in your thinking makes that question any less of what it is. In fact the way you make a point about it, only reinforces my statement. You don't even have the common sense to use "appears" in your sentence.

    but the answer once again is that is does not. You may feel so, believe so, but that doesn't make it true.

  9. Joe Now That Has To Be Even For YOU The Most Smoke Blown In A Long Time. It "Appears" Your Ideaology Is Blurring Your Vision. It "Appears You Said Alot But "Appears" You Said Nothing! Come On Joe You "Appear" To Be The Ideaology Messenger Now.

  10. 'Why Does This Regime Favor Illegal Immigrants Over Citizens And Why?'

    Joe, why don't you answer the question? Doesn't look Presuppositional to me since O'Gomez and his gang filed a lawsuit against one of our own, Arizona, today sighting "cause the detention and harassment of authorized visitors, immigrants and citizens who do not have or carry identification documents".
    Even though all visitors and in-limbo immigrants are required to carry identification documents at all times while in the US.
    And that many more states want to adopt the AZ law of their own.
    Looks like this administration has hostilities towards the States.

  11. Regime Has Now Annoited (Recess Appointment) Dr Donald Berwick To Be Director Of " Center For Medicare/Medicade Services" And Avoided Senate Confirmation. On Such A Important Appointment Why Not Be Confirmed By Senate Cause Demoncrats Do Control Senate. Maybe Libs Did Not Want Questions Asked About Socialized Insurance And Its Impact On Health Care Or Cost. We Will Never Know.

    If Prior Administrations Have Used This Method Than It Should Have Been Addressed Sooner By The Elite 535. If Not Why? Politics Should Never Be Used To Avoid Information That Citizens Should Know.

  12. Mark, how many times do i have to say "It doesn't" and in how many posts before you understand that i answered the stupid talking point statement.

    Nice work changing Obama to a hispanic version. just like Chris's "Our White Women" comment it show me where your coming from.

    Al, if i appear anything to you that because you ideology is biasing you again.

  13. wow, the three or four recess appointments are a killer....

    lol...Obama's totals not so bad..

  14. Joe Would You Not Agree That "Recess Anoitments" By Both Paties Should Be Halted.

    Crap Even Chris Dodd In 2005 Said Recess Appointments Bad And Should Be Eliminated By Both Parties.

    I Guess Its That Transparentsy Thingy Nobama Promised, OH Never Mind According To Pelosi Campaign Promises Dont Count. I Think Your Ideaology Is Making You Bias Again!

    joe Are You Talking About Nobamas Numbers Not So Bad Now Or The November Numbers Which I Suspect Will Be.

  15. al, i'm not going to agree that all recess appointments should be stopped. Should Presidents avoid using 171 and 139 yes, but a small amount of controversial appointments that would be subject to filibusters is okay to me.

    everything in moderation.

  16. Al, just remember like i pointed out in Chris's worst president thread. Reagan had worse numbers at this point. You see where he ended up.

  17. OK, Joe so in your mind "It doesn't" is answering a question?
    So then it would be OK for me to call you Robert Gibbs because that's about how he answers questions.

    How about explaining yourself why you feel that he doesn't favor illegals over Americans, went it's clear this administration is ignoring the situation in AZ, except to file suit against one of our own.
    OH and erecting signs to warn people certain parts of our country have been taken over by Mexican drug cartels and human smugglers.

  18. Joe If Nobama Was Clinton Hed Have A Chance Cause Clinton Pivitoted Because Of 1994 Election. There Is Going To Be No Pivoting With This Regime. The Far Left Which Nobama Is Part Of Will Not Allow This Regime To Pivot Or He Loses There Support And Then What.
    This Arizona Thingy Is To Me Now Purely Political And A "Voting Block" Which Regime Will Need. Regime Is Going After VOTES And The Hell With The Citizens And To Me Thats Unexcusable Period!
    The GOVERNMENTS Law Suit Against Citizens Of Arizona Does Not Mention The Lefts Talking Point( Profiling) And I Wonder Why? This Law Suit Is About States Rights And If Feds Wont Act To Protect Citizens, State Is Bound To Protect Its Citizens.
    One Other Point If Arizona Is Wrong For Creating State Law To Proptect Citizens Are "Sancuary Cities" In Violation Of Federal Law For Protecting And Ignoring Federal Law. If So Why Are Not These Cities Being Sued For Them To Comply With Federal Law. My Guess Again Is Politics,What Do You Think?

  19. Mark, "it doesn't" does answer Al's talking point statment. The simple fact is that nothing the president has done has shown anything of the sort, except to small minded simpletons who buy the RNC's talking points.

    Al, there is no need for "profiling" to be mentioned. A constitutional challenge by the Federal govt. should address the issue of States vs. Feds in foreign policy. I've made mention of this many times when it came up that it was the main challenge.

    Profiling and the potential for civil rights abuses as challenegs should be handled by those type of organizations.

  20. Civil Rights Abuses Handled By This Regime Do You Mean Like The Thugs Intiminating Voters At Polls In Philly. Hows That Working Out?

    Joe Its Not A Talking Point Its A FACT Regime Is Favoring Illegal Immigrants Over Citizens Of This Country Period. If You Beleive Placing Signs On US Soil To Tell Citizens To Basiclly Avoid Area Because Of Danger From Drug Runners And Illegals And Think This Regime Has Not Taken Sides Your Going To Get A Stomach Ache From All That Kool Aid.

    Small Minded Simpletons Are Those Who See The Smoke But Not The Fire And Joe You Are Going To Get Burned. This Whole Regimes Policy In Arizona Is "Votes" Not Citizens.

    Heres A Thought Instead Of Signs Why Not Put Troops Where The Signs Are And Lets See What Happens Joe. At Least That Would If Nothing Else Make The Regime Appear To Care About Its Citizens Instead Of The CITIZENS Of A Forgein Country. Thought That Was One Of Those Oath Thingys.

    On A Different Talking Point How Are The Job Creation Lazering Going And How Are Regimes Policy Working With The Economy. Those Two Talking Points Alone Joe Are Going To his Regime In the Ass.

  21. I sure hope Obama goes after so-called "Sanctuary Cities" that blatantly buck and ignore Federal law.

    I'm sure he'll get right to that after a couple of rounds of golf, a concert, and a date night.

  22. Michelle Obama Gets Funding for Gulf Visit; Republican Members of Congress Not So Much
    By Doug Powers

    Suck in your guts, Gulf residents, because FLOTUS is on the way down with her BMI calipers and celery stalks to check out a disaster her husband’s been working tirelessly to solve via endless golf, countless fundraisers and concerts.

    This month, the government will spend an untold healthy sum of money on Michelle Obama’s visit to the Gulf region to view the effects of the oil spill, where M.O. will presumably look for ways to link BP’s tar balls to childhood obesity.

    As Warner Todd Huston pointed out, Democrats will have no problem with spending a fortune to send someone in no official government capacity to decide anything to have a look around, while almost simultaneously denying funding for some Republican members of Congress who wanted to get a first-hand look at the cleanup efforts in the Gulf.

    Huston sums it up:

    So, actual lawmakers, people actually elected to represent us, people whose job IS to come up with solutions to our national problems are denied funds to visit the disaster area, yet a mere wife of an official is handed millions to go gallivanting?

    Come on 2010.

  23. Boy is this backfiring on Obummer ... only 28% support this attack on Arizona. Plus I don't see how this law is going to be considered to be interfering with Federal Law. If someone is lawfully detained, they are asked if they are here legally. If they are not, then the correct Federal agency is contacted to take over from there. Or do the Feds not want to be notified if someone has crossed state lines to commit a crime, thereby making it a Federal crime? Or if a crime is committed on Federal land, the Feds should not be contacted? This suit could affect a WHOLE lotta laws and law enforcement; it's obvious these clowns have no idea what they are doing. Pass the popcorn! LMAO

  24. "The simple fact is that nothing the president has done has shown anything of the sort"
    That’s the point, Joe, He hasn't done ANYTHING. And all the while the Governor, members of the AZ AND TX house and senate, representatives and Senators of their states, law enforcement, US border patrol and THEIR citizens are calling for help. And yet, HE does NOTHING!
    That’s proof enough that he'd rather let illegal’s come in, let drug cartels and human smugglers take land belonging to the US.
    Obama has sworn an oath to defend and protect the nation as commander-n-chief, and yet does nothing.
    He has failed to execute his sworn responsibilities and should step down.
    He can't handle the job.

  25. What have the Democrats done better then the Republicans? The Democrats have screwed up our country worse then the Republicans could ever dream of doing.


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