Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Back From Vacation

This year my family and I went to Michigan Adventures and Silver Lake sand dunes. I had a great time. Here I thought I would be giving up a great vacation by keeping our money in Michigan. I couldn't be more wrong. The dunes are out of this world. I have been all around this country and world and I had more fun on the dunes then you can imagine. Michigan is one of the greatest states in the nation. Our natural beauty is like nowhere else. Before you leave this earth take a ride on the sand dunes on the west side of the state. You will love the 500 acer dune buggy rides.


  1. Thanks Trestin. I loved the fact that when we went to Michigan Adventure I seen more T-shirts that were anti-obama and anti-democrat/socialist then I've ever seen in one place. You would have loved it. There was a whole family that had on Tea Party shirts on.

  2. Chris Aint It Great To Get Up And Go For The Northern Adventure. Welcome Back. Did You See The New Chrysler Commercial Kinda Looks Tea Partyish To Me?

  3. Welcome back Chris! What did you think of Mich. Great Adventure? I've never been, but we have been talking about checking it out lately. From what I hear they have a lot of water rides that are included in the park admission. Do they have a campground or did you stay at Silver Lk?

  4. Tell us, did you do Shivering Timbers @ MI Adventures? :)

    Silver Lake is one of two dune I like to hit while on the west side of the state. The other, Sleeping Bear dunes.

  5. AL I did see the comercial and loved it. John I love Michigan Adventures. But my favorite thing by far war the Polaris dune ride. My wife and boys loved the dunes as well. I have to say you need to do the dunes within your lifetime. We did the Polaris because it was much easier on my back. John all they have are campgrounds up there but we stayed in a hotel this time around. We will most certainly do it again. I told my 71 year old Dad he needs to take off work and ride the dunes before he can't. Mark I couldn't ride many of the coasters because of my neck and back surgeries but my wife and sons loved. Mark you will love the Silver lake dunes. They are the largest living dunes. The rush from the dune buggying was awesome. They rent trucks,Jeeps,dune buggies,ATV and anything else you want up there. I've done every kind of adventure you can think of and that was one of the best times I've ever had. And I've scales mountains in Japan bare handed and done ice and cement lough rides and the dunes was better then that.

  6. They are Chris, some of the best dunes long lake MI. Camped at Silver Lake a number of times, and did some 4 wheeling out on the dunes.
    There are a few houses long the western side of Silver that the owners must pay someone once or twice a year to clear the sand from around their home or it will end up being buried. Jet Skied on silver lake a lot also. Just an all around great time in that area.
    Sorry to hear you couldn't do Shivering Timbers, talk about a thrill ride. :)


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