Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rangle Can't Believe MSNBC Would Ask A Real Question

RUSSERT: But you are not worried about losing your job?

RANGEL: What are you talking about? Are you just trying to make copy? What job? The one I got?

RUSSERT: Yeah, these are potentially very serious violations.

RANGEL: How do you think I got my job? I was elected. How do you think I lose it?

RUSSERT: Well, there's two ways, you can lose it if your colleagues voted you out of here because of ethics violations or if your constituents don't support you.

RANGEL: What station are you from?


RANGEL: Well, you're young. I guess you do need to make a name for yourself, but basically you know it's a dumb question and I'm not going to answer it.

RUSSERT: How is it a dumb question?

RANGEL: It's allegations made by some people.

RUSSERT: Sir, sir, you did not file taxes on your properties in the Dominican Republic allegedly. If that comes to be true, is that not a problem?

RANGEL: It doesn't really sound like NBC asking these dumb questions.
Even Rangle knows MSNBC is a faux news station. He can't believe that a faux news station like MSNBC has finally ask a real question of a Democrat/liberal. Heck I can't believe it either. I wonder what would happen if all the news stations asked real questions of the Democrats instead of just being arm of the DNC? If the Democratic party loses the help of the MSM they are finished. Just look at the dumb look on Rangles face when he is asked those questions by a friend of the DNC. Priceless :-)


  1. Pure Liberal "Never Ask Me A Question About Facts" Understand When He Found Out It Was Tim Russerts Son He Apololgized Opps!

    Russert Would Be Proud Of His Son!

  2. It's past time this old crook got his comeuppance.

  3. The funny part is the next day he set-up a presser to apologize (kiss ass) to the MSNBC reporter being he is the son of the late host of 'Face the Nation', Tim Russert.

  4. And they wonder why their ratings suck?

  5. hey chris, i just came across this. You or your readers might like to go tomorrow.

    as for Rangel He's become part of the problem not the solution and he needs to go. What he said was arrogant, nasty and shows he's been corrupted by power.

  6. Thanks Joe Ill be there with my family. It sounds like a great time.

  7. Joe I Took My Uncle Last Year And Will Be There On Sunday After Breakfast. Hell I Might See Ya There!

  8. The young Russert won't last long at NBC (Nothing But Crap) if he keeps that up. I look forward to him coming over to FOX where they aren't afraid to ask the questions that Americans want answers. Rep. Rangel has had his hand in corruption for years. I love what Congresswoman Bachmann said this week, how congress is going to get to the bottom of things in congress through their subpoena power once they win the House of Representative. Batman, still waiting on your apology for name calling.

  9. Keep waiting Mike, not going to happen. Have fun with Reid winning the Nov election down there. Got any chickens on your place to trade with ole sawbones?

  10. Michael Joe expects and demands apologise but never does he give them. It's the liberal way.

  11. I figure if I'm not getting them, I'm sure the hell not giving them. He'll get his when John apologies for the nasty shit he said about my son.

    Remember folks its not okay to suggest two grown up men are acting homoerotic or that someone is a drive-by asshole, but calling a four year old not bright and gay is okay with the right.


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