Sunday, July 25, 2010

North Korea Thinks We Have Become Weak

A U.S. Navy helicopter flies over the Nimitz-class USS George Washington for joint... (AP Photo/ Lee Jin-man). North Korea has already given a declaration of war to our friend South Korea with little more then a funny look from President Obama. Could this all be part of the Obama plan? Could this be the Democratic Parties plan to create jobs and lower the unemployment? Nothing like a world war to get everyone working again. Nothing like a common enemy to rally Americans to him. Now I don't believe any of this but many left wing blogger believe these things. But they think it's the Republican party pulling strings behind the scenes. Thing sure aren't getting better around the world that's for sure. But to blame the Republicans,Dick Cheney and Haliberton is just stuck on stupid funny. Our friends and enemies not only don't respect us they don't fear us anymore either. Now if North Korea blows up one of our or South Korea ships what will we do? Will we just sit there all stupid debating NK intentions? Will we sanction them with teeth this time? Will we blame Bush and look to the UN for guidance? Or will we beat the living shit out of that country until they can't stand up against us again? And if we blow them deeper into the third world this time we better not rebuild them. War could become these countries recovery strategy since they know we rebuild countries we go to war with. Now one comment I seen from a lefty blogger is that a war with NK and China would help slow down China's economy and population growth. Are we really just like locusts to the left? Would "Mother Earth",a pagan god, really be better off if millions of people in China die and stop using energy? We have all seen what the left is capable of doing so be prepared for anything. These are crazy times. It wouldn't take much to send the world into WW III. Pray for peace and our enemies.


  1. Bowing And Apoogizing Does Not Seem To Be Working. What Other Foreign Policy Do We Have? Lets Try A "Curtsy". If All Else Fails Bring Out That Nobel Peace Prize And Pray For OUR Service People Put In Harms Way!

  2. It is in Chinas interest to keep the U.S. and N.Korea with horns locked in perpetuity as they use N.Korea as an agitator by proxy, much the same as I believe Russia uses Iran in the same capacity.

    There are those who may say the opposite being China wants it's loans repaid. I argue it is not the money they want, they want us; lock, stock and barrel and again much the same regarding Russia.

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  4. Wow, those good old Christian principles at work again. "And if we blow them deeper into the third world this time we better not rebuild them."

    Sounds like a direct quote from Jesus himself. NOT!

  5. Hey Bruce,

    I guess as a lib you did not get the part about fighting evil huh? Or you skimmed over it as it does not fit your "world vision",go figure.

    You would not know this, but as Christian's we are duty bound to do so.

  6. Bruce When You Come Face To Face With Jesus I Bet He Has A Few Quotes For You.

  7. The Church should help rebuild and feed North Korea. It's not the job of our government to rebuild countries that attack us. But North Korea wont let Christians in to do their work. Bruce did you go to Chetley funeral? As much as you torchered that man when he was a live you should have gone if you didn't to just say sorry for all you did to him. God bless his soul.

  8. Chris, i'm wondering why after a 1 1/2 its all Obama's fault in Afghanistan and North Korea?

    I would say the NK cuddling and inaction goes back to Clinton and throughout the Bush years. Blame should be assesed to all, not one.

    The same goes for Afghanistan. After 7 years of Bush, you can not expect Obama to change it in the time frame he's had.

    Try to be reasonable. What are we to do with NK? Go to war. That worked so well the last two times. We can't ground them to their rooms anymore, that didn't work for the Bush admin and it won't work for this one.

    Sanctions don't work because that crazy little fucker doesn't care about his countrymen. He'll let them starve to death. All we do is kill the poor NK people. War might be the only option if they do something aggreseive.

  9. "War might be the only option if they do something aggressive." Yea, like attack and sink a SK ship.

  10. Politicans Have For Decades Let These Little Rouge Nations Pee On Not Only Us But All Nations. UN As A World Body Has Shown It Is Unable To Control Any Situation Involving Hostilities Of Any Kind Other Than Resolutions.
    In The End Military May Be Nessacary With Iran And North Korea Cause With The Crazies Running Those Regimes One Little Incident Could Involve All Nations And That Aint Going To Be Good.
    Looks To Me Though If Any Action Occurrs It Will Start In Middle East And Iran Will Be The Central Point Of It.

    Our Politicans Have Been Inept At Best Irans Politican Is A Lunatic And Is Erratic At Best.

  11. Joe your spread the wealth and spread the blame doesn't work brother. Obama can and has made things worse thanks to his weak possitions on everything. Maybe if Obama took a strong, "I'll kill you",stance with our enemies instead of bowing to them and becoming more like them we would just be looking at NK as just another freak of nations. The nice thing about Bush was he put fear in those nations. They knew that we would bomb them into tomorrow if they screwed with us. If they did an act of war on us or our friends we would back them up with force. We did take down and Iraq and killed Hussein. Under Bush we were well on our way to winning the war in Iraq. It doesn't look like the end is in sight with Obama in charge. And Joe under Clinton we got bombed and tarrorised all the time and Clinton didn't do anything. That is why they didn't have a problem going after us on 9/11. They had no reason to think Bush would have been any different. But you on the left wnated the world to like us. I have to admin the world did not like us much under Bush. But they sure as hell repected up and feared us. I don't give a rats ass if Chavez,Kim or any of those psycho leaders like us. I want the world to fear us and our friends to repect us. And we put the fear back in the middle east and Asia under the Republicans. Too bad Obama couldn't hold on too it. A little Old Testement right about now would do wonders. Think of the world as the "hood". How would you walk in the "hood"? Would you bow to gang members and theives? Or would you walk like you have a gun and ready to use it on them? I tell you one thing I'd come out of the "hood" in better shape then Obama would. And right now Kim and Chavez have Obama right where they want him. And that is in worse shape then we were in under Republican rule. And Joe don't forget how you blamed Bush for everything under the Sun when he was President and how you said things would get better under Obama and the Democartic Party. Does it feel like things are getting better or worse?


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