Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Do You Think About This Billboard Ad?

 I think this billboard is a over the top. It is something the left would have done and did do with G.W.Bush. I'm sure this will hurt the Democratic Socialist Party that is so ingrained within the Democratic Party. Progressives hate it when their objective is the same as Hitler and Lenin. And it will be hard to denounce that Obama and the Democratic Party aren't Socialist since they have nationalised car companies,student loans,the banks and everything else they touch. They don't have a solution that doesn't include a socialist fix. The truth hurts don't it? I'm sure we will be seeing more of this kind of thing as the right wing fight back for a change. People are wising up to the fear tactics and lies from the Democratic Party. It's time the states and we the people take back what the Progressives took from us. We need to fear a future designed by socialists big government.


  1. Over the top? Since when is being honest over the top?

    All (3) are/were radicals.
    All (3) are/were socialist's.
    All (3) are described historically correct.
    All (3) present/presented change that is/was disasterous for their respective countries.

    If one see's a direct correlation between the (3) then they are seeing clearly.

    Over the top, no. Historically correct, yes.

  2. I wish it weren't so accurate. Disturbing, yes, but accurate.

  3. I think it's absolutely ridiculous and it shows the ignorance of the far right wing in this country.

    President Obama is not even close to a socialist, unless you see things from the far right wing of the conservative/tea party perspective.

  4. Well Bruce You Sold Me If You Think Its Ridiculous Im For It.

    When Your Buddies Were Doing The Same Thing To Bush Did You Object Or Agree? What Goes Around Comes Around And As Christopher Stated If It Looks Like A Duck, Quacks Like A Duck, Walks Like A Duck Bruce Its A Duck!

    If Regime Is Not Socialist In Nature Explain To Me What It Is? Progressive Liberal WHAT? Redistribution Of Anything, Taking From Those Who Earn It And Give It To Those That Dont. Whats That Called Bruce? Tea Party Will Be Around A Lot Longer Than This Regime. Hes A One Termer And Knows It. Have Cup Of Tea Bruce And Wait For November!

  5. Bruce what has he done that isn't socialist? We can name a half dozen socialist things he has done. Let's see what list is longer when we are all finished with them.

  6. With obamacare now covering the abortions I'd say he is just like Lenin and Hitler. Murderer

  7. My first impression was, and should have been anyone's first impression (and the North Iowa Tea Party shouldn't have caved in by taking it down) was Communist (Lenin), Fascist (Hitler), Socialist (Obama).
    Or lump them together you have Oligarchist.

  8. Al, its wrong and over the top.

    all are described hisotrically incorrect, but to Al thats okay as he doesn't know much history.

    Hey whats that song they sing about Al, the mayor of hooterville and head of revisionist history in that little town of rightwingers???

    Don't know much about history
    Don't know much philosophy
    Don't know much about a history book
    Don't know much about the goverment class I took

    But I do know that I love Tea parties
    And I know that if you love them too
    What a wonderful world this would be

  9. Joe You Gotta Calm Down!

    Your Letting "Smoke Get In Your Eyes"!

    Hey Joe Great Response Al Is Wrong And Over The Top.

    What Ideaology Is Nobama?

    What Ideaology Was Hitler?

    What Ideaology Was Lenin?

    Where Are Those Jobs Threw That One In On The Slim Chance Youd Answer A Real Question But Joe You Wont Cause You Know The Answer!

    Your Song Sounds Way To Progressive For Me Joe Sounds Like Liberal Run School Systems And Why Were Here How Are Those Inner City Liberal Run Schools Doing?

    Joe As The Mayor Of Progressiville What You Going To Tell Your Citizens When Oops No More Entitlements Cause Were Bankrupt? Progressiville/Greece Joe You Will Be In Europe Without The Travel Expense!

  10. Al, you need to learn history and perhaps then you'd make some sense.

    It was a great response to your misguided and incorrect position.

    But lets look at this and show Al the truth.

    Lennin was a hardcore Marxist-Lenninist whose writings and beliefs wnet beyond socialism. eventually during the revolution he would battle those you call liberals and socialists who had joined the "Whites" in Russia.

    Hitler was a fascist in action, and you can see some fascist leanings in both of our parties these days.

    Obama is a very serious liberal. He does things that are pretty far to the left, but he's not in the league of those two by any means.

    So the sign is wrong and over the top. Thanks for playing Al.

  11. You Did Joe Kind Of Forget That Thingy About Who The Regime Took On Board When They Were Elected. Self Proclaimed Socialist, Communist And Marxistion. I Also Beleive This Was The First Administration That Had Ties To Convicted Bomber.

    If Thats A Very Serious Liberal To You Take The Batteries Out Of Your Smoke Detector Again Its About To Go Off!

    One Other Thing Joe This REGIME Is Not Playing!


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