Thursday, July 15, 2010

The White House Is Throwing Congress Under The Bus

It looks like the Obama admin is paying back the Democrats in Congress for passing all those controversial bills. Obama is ones smart political activist. He knows that he and his agenda didn't do so well with the American people. The bills like the stimulus bill and obamacare have turned out to be big failures and there is no way Obama the narcissist is going down for it if he has a say. If the Democrats lose congress it gives Obama someone to blame for all his failed policies. It worked for Clinton so why wouldn't it work for Obama? Obama knows his policies are an epic fail so all he can do is hope that the Republicans take over both houses so he has someone to blame in the future. This is a smart move for Obama and the Democratic party in the future. Obama and the Democratic Party are all about placing blame on the Republican party. They are finding it hard to do when they own both houses of congress and the White House. Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war and that is what they are thinking right now. And Democrats are dumb enough to fall for it hook line and sinker. I almost feel sorry for Pelosi and Reid. They worked so hard to do everything Obama wanted and this is how he repays them. That's what you get when you make deals with crooks and thieves. If you want to see how having a Republican congress turned out then just look at how they turned around the country in the last few years of Clinton's term. We had a surplus and growth that carried over into the first part of the Bush admin. Things didn't get messy until the Democrats took over both houses and Bush signed their budgets. And all you conservatives that think the Republican party is a shoe in you have forgotten how often they have screwed up a sure thing. The Republican party needs to win big this Nov and they need to keep it rolling till 2012.


  1. Hussein is attempting to throw up a firewall around the Senate, he is only abandoning the House thus the "Family Feud".

    He will fail either way if the Senate remains in socialist control being all legislation emanates FROM the House and no matter what, a comprimise on any socialist agenda in a conference commitee between both bodies will not occur thus stopping and or stalling the Hussein regime.

  2. See That The Regime Is Bringing Back Slick Willie To Go To Congressional Districts That Nobama Is Not Doing Well In. I Suppose This Also Keeps Canadates From Telling Regime To Stay Out. Regimes Coat Tails Are Short And Bringing Clinton Into Race May Help Them A Bit BUT Thanks To Regime And Their Agenda Even Clinton Wont Stop The Bus That Regime Has Thrown Democratic Party Under! Regime Ran As Democrate Cause Socialist Party Would Not Have Got Them Elected.
    Once Again Regime Thank You For Waking Up And More Importantly Educating Voters On What Happens When You Vote Before You Investigate Canadates And Their Ideaology. Dont Believe VOTERS Will Give Away Their SEATS That Easy In November Anymore!

  3. Great blog.I love all the comments. It's nice to read the debates.

  4. I love how they call the Republicans the "Party of No"
    I'd have to agree. The Party of No...Socialism. :)

  5. He throws everyone under the bus who no longer benefits him.


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