Friday, July 16, 2010

WATCH: Liberal Media Freaks Out Over Obama Collapse

Once again the Democrats are cracking. They just don't get it. They can't understand why Americans are falling off the progressive band wagon. Obama poll numbers have been on a steady slide down or crash if you will. The Democrats made good on their promises. The problem is the Democrats didn't fix anything. Just look a the abortion of a bill obamacare,the stimulus bill,BP disaster the take over of GM and the way they are losing the wars. If a chef tells you he will cook yo0u a meal and he delivers on that meal but it is made from shit. Do you have the right to complain about the meal you just got? Well the Obama admin and the Democrats in congress fed us shit and told us it is good. Sorry you Democrats can't get it through your thick skulls but you have been doing a shitty job for us since you took over. Things didn't start to go sideways until the Democratic party took over both houses of congress during the Bush years. America is wising up to the lies and political games from the left. It looks like even the NAACP is trying to backpedal on it's racist remarks about the Tea Party. The liberal games that you on the the left have been using for decades aren't working as effectively as they used too.

Call us racist and America haters all you want. It only shows us your true colors. It's time the Tea Party starts watching out for some racist liberals at our Tea Parties. I'm sure all these rants from the left wing media is giving them ideas of how to infiltrate the Tea Party with racism. These libs are like animals backed into a corner. They will lash out. I wouldn't put it past a liberal to bomb a building to make it look like a Tea Partier did it. They've done it many times in the past so why not now? And when a Democrat starts to cry like these liberals do just tell them they got everything they wanted over the last 18 month and nothing has worked. Ask them why that is?


  1. Lets Get This RIGHT "Citizens Are Spoiled"!

    Regime And Its Talking Heads Have NO Idea What Citizens Are Fed Up With And Evidently Dont Care.

    Socialist Insurance Entitlement Who Will Pay For This Entitlement That Accomplishes What? Medicade On Steroids Is All This Is But With More Government Control!

    Stimulus: This Regime Is Out Telling Unemployed Citizens How Great This Thing Is Working. Where Are There Numbers For Jobs Saved Coming From. That Figure Is Impossible To Predict. JOBS Created Are Numbers You CAN Calculate And What Is That Number Since We Started The Stimulus? Regime Seems Suspiciously Quite On That Number.

    New Finacial Bill With Couple Hundred MORE Regulations Written In Part By Barney Frank And Chris Dodd. Wonder How That Will Create Jobs And Help Private Sector?

    Border Security: Other Than Posting Signs Warning Citizen To Area In OUR Country That Is To Dangerous To Enter What Have They Done?

    This Regime Started Term By Apologizing For OUR Arrogance.

    Citizens Who Evidently Have NO Standing With This Regime Or The 535 Elite In Washington Will Apologize To OUR Forefathers In November For What Occurred In 2008. The Path Back Is Clear And The State Run Media Just Does Not Get It Or Worse They Do And Report Regimes Side Only.

    Newspapers Use To Gets Facts Put Them Out And Let Citizens Deside. Citizens Want Facts Not Propaganda. Wonder Why Most Papers Are Going Bankrupt. Once Again They Miscalculate Citizens Intelligence.

    MSNBC ABC CBS NBC Are State Run Media And How They Doing? Wheather Cable Or Regular Viewing CITIZEN Can Tell Truth From Propaganda.

  2. It's all Bush's fault.

  3. Al, the heat in Hooterville getting to ya? State run media....lmao...Newspapers going banckrupt due to WTF???.....

    your acting all sorts of crazy lately.

    you want Propaganda just watch Faux and you have it.

    you want to know why the newspapers are going banckrupt, you might want to look at what your on, the internet.

    Dude, your on some sort of schizo roll lately maybe you need a break from being the mayor of Hooterville. All the crazy gettin to ya.

  4. The American people are dumb. Pres Obama told us what he was planning on doing and he did it. Shut up and let the Democrats fix this screwed up country.

  5. Dude Your On Some Sort Of Schizo Roll Lately Maybe You Got To Get Out Of Progressiville For Awhile And Most Likely Change Your Meds.

    Wheather On Internet Or In Print Newspapers Are Irrelavant For Fair And Balanced News. You Know They Report Then Citizens Decide. Citiizens Dont Trust Them For Facts/Truth Anymore. MSNBC ABC CBS NBC Are In The Tank For This Regime And If You Cant See It Than All That Crazy Gettin To Ya!

    Alinsky 101 When All Else Fails And For You It Does BLOW SMOKE!

  6. Now your naming your branch of stupidity?

    And you think i'm over the top.

    Alinsky 101: when you don't know shit, just keep talking likem the drunk Uncle at thanksgiving. (your good at it Al.)

    Al, newspapers are going under because people are reading them for free on the net. without volume ad revenue goes down and then the paper goes banckrupt.

    More economist than not believe the stimulus was TOO SMALL, not too big and that the admin overestimated the effects. (your partially right)but it did spark a small and slow turnaround.

  7. Joe So You Kinda Think We Should Follow Greeces Example Then. Spend MORE To Get Out Of Debt.

    My Great Grand Children Will Still Be Paying Off OUR Debt To China And Japan Long After I Make That Last trip To Hooterville. I Do Not Think Its A Fair Trade Off For Them Who Have No Choice And Citizen NOW Who Do. How Bout You?

    Sparking SLOW And Small Turn Around Does Little For The UNEMPLOYED Who Are Still Waiting For Tha Lazering Thingy To Begin That The Regime Promised At That State Of The Union Speech. Wonder What Happened How Bout You?


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