Monday, July 26, 2010

You Can Sue Abortion Clinics For Giving You An Abortion. Hurray!

Psychological problems post-abortion have been proven in previous research, but David Reardon of the Stop Forced Abortions Alliance reports that Nebraska women can now rely on the courts for relief, "especially if they feel coerced into abortion or had any of the risk factors predicting psychological problems after abortion, such as negative moral beliefs about the abortion, feeling pressured into the abortion by other people, history of depression, [or] being an adolescent."

David Reardon (Elliot Institute)He adds that there are other statistically proven risk factors for abortion, yet most clinics in the past have not been screening for them. But a new law provides that failure to screen gives women the right to sue. Reardon points out that previous reports about federal court orders barring the entire law are wrong.

"The only thing that the federal injunction [does is that it] prohibits the attorney general and the Department of Health from taking the license or trying to prosecute the abortion facility, Planned Parenthood [or their nurses] as the plaintiff," he explains.

The measure prohibits the state from shutting down the abortion facility, but it provides redress for the woman in the court system. The pro-lifer believes Nebraska has set the pace, and he feels similar laws are desperately needed in other states.
 You've got to love it. Nothing like turn about for these abortion clinics and the left wing that support them. Abortions may soon become too expensive to perform because of law suet's from past abortion patients. We pro-life activist need to get the word out to all the women that have gotten abortions in the past that they can sue the clinic that did them if they became depressed or if they just realized they killed their baby and got a conscience. This will most likely happen in every state of the union and it will cost too much to do abortions without making them illegal. It's a shame that the Democrats lied to us about obamacare having abortions in the bill but that is what they get. Maybe a pro-life lawyer will advertise just for those kinds of law suet's and really put a hurt on the industry of baby killing. Sue baby sue it's time to put some hurt on this abortion industry that puts 80% of their abortion clinics in minority areas. I'm sure those poor women will see the value in maybe a class action law suet. I hope I get on a jury with one of these law suet's because I'll make someone a rich person. Abortions will still be legal just too expensive to do. Now I'm sure the left wing will have a problem with this tactic since they are the inventor of it but too fricking bad. The abortion industry is a sick industry that needs some of it's own medicine.

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  1. Can I sue the abortion clinic for leaving material that caused lots of bleeding? I returned home & fainted on my bathroom floor for about 3 minutes. I passed clot after clot. My sister called the clinic to inform the dr who preformed the procedure to tell him that she was going to take me to the hospital & the dr told her "oooooh no! Bring her back here! They wouldn't know what to do!" Which led me to believe he knew he messed up. The clinic by the way is is about an hour away from my home. He didn't give me ana external ultra sound beforehand. He gave me a split second internal ultra sound to tell me that I was 9 weeks pregnant. But that was a minute before the procedure itself. I continued to pass clots & cramp really bad for about a week after my sister phoned him. I was at work about to faint as I was continuously passing even bigger clots the whole time that morning. I signed out & left work early to go straight to the local ER. They immediately took me in to the trauma unit where they had to give me an external ultra sound & potocin to induce me to contract my uterus to push the material out which didn't work by the way. Was put under anesthesia with a tube down my throat for the dr to preform a D &C. The dr told me it was a good thing I came when I did! It was the most frightening time in my life. Because that abortion dr didn't give me an external ultra sound, how would he know if I would've had a multi-birth? Just something I thought about. Would I be able to sue for malpractice on the abortion dr? I've had a couple abortions in the past, but nothing like that one.


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