Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Young Black Panthers in Leimert Park California

This is sad. I'm all for black empowerment. I'm for all kinds of empowerment regardless of race. I'm for pride in all things you should be proud of and that includes race. But these NBPP members are no different then the KKK members. This women is a racist but she does it with a smile. She paints the nice parts of Islam,the Cripes and Bloods as well as the NBPP. It's a shame how excepting the left wing is over this form racism. But if a "skinhead" shows up at a Tea Party rally then the left make us all denounce them. Why is that? Is it OK to be that kind of racist? Should Eric Holder under President Obama's direction drop an air tight case against the NBPP voter intimidater's? Racism isn't right when the whites,Asians or purple people do it. Would you be OK with letting the KKK go if they did the same thing? Right now there are race riots in California over the killing of a black man that was unarmed. The community organizers from the left are pushing for violence and strong action. If you think things are bad in the suburbs then take a look in the inner cities. Obama and the Democratic party haven't done what they promised to the black communities. It is the black communities that are paying the hardest price for voting in these Progressives.
But I don't care what color a racist group is. They need to be met with opposition every time. They need to be cast out and treated like the racist they are. If Nazi's march in your town be their to make them uncomfortable in their racism. And if the NBPP comes to town treat them the same way. It's time the majority speaks loud and boldly. And the majority of blacks have the same conservative values as we do. I like the way this town ran out the racists NBPP. Who looked more uncomfortable in this video?


  1. Well in the 1st video I was wondering the exact same question as to education as the interviewer asked. I can guaruntee the speaker is of the Nation of Islam (Farrakhan) and that she in no way shape or form ever belonged to the murderous gangs mentioned. If you have ever seen or heard them (the Crypts and Bloods) would would know none of them ever entered a school except to sell drugs and detest the blacks that do.

    That said, it makes her no less dangerous not only to her "own community" but society at large.

    Hitler was a polished orator as well as a published author whose work is sadly regaining popularity not only in liberal, socialist Europe but in of all places India (another story there).

    History shows what a well spoken individual with evil intentions can achieve lest we forget.

    The 2nd video is very well circultaed and dated but rightfully shown so people are aware what standing-up can achieve with no, repeat no violence. "The sqeaky wheel gets the oil" as they say.

    The same situation as seen in the second video can be achieved at the polls. Holder won't stop voter intimidation,ok, then we intimidate the intimidators. That is not breaking the law, as in the spirit of Arizonas' recent, to be enacted law, intimidating the intimidators is UPHOLDING the law.

  2. NBPP National Headquarters

    Phone: 404.424.3560 | 202.397.4577
    Contact Us

  3. The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense (NBPP) is the largest organized anti-Semitic and racist black militant group in America. The group is led by Malik Zulu Shabazz, a Washington, DC-based attorney who has been active with the NBPP since the mid-1990s.

    By taking on racially-charged issues under the guise of championing civil rights, the NBPP has received national media attention for its efforts, garnered some support from prominent members of the African-American community and attracted followers. The group's demonstrations, conferences, and other events often blend inflammatory bigotry with calls for violence, tarnishing its efforts to promote black pride and consciousness.

    In January 2009, the U.S. Department of Justice filed suit against the group in response to an alleged incident of voter intimidation involving two of its members at a Philadelphia polling station on Election Day 2008.

    Following the incident and the public scrutiny it prompted, the group has undertaken efforts to unify its leadership and expand its member base. In advance of its December 2009 National Summit in Dallas, Shabazz called for pursuing the NBPP's ultimate goals of Black Nationalism and Black Power "by any means necessary," adding that, "We must unite and build up the New Black Panther Party… or die trying!"

    The NBPP's divisive positions have been condemned by members of the original Black Panthers. Co-founder Bobby Seale believes that the NBPP has "hijacked our name and are hijacking our history." David Hilliard, a former Panther and executive director of the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation, has said that the racism that the group "espouse(s) flies directly in the face of the Black Panthers' multicultural ideology and purpose." The NBPP continues to use the Panther name and logo in spite of a permanent injunction prohibiting them from using either, which the original Panthers obtained in May 1997.

  4. Good finds! I think the Panthers have bitten off more than they can chew in going after Glenn Beck.

  5. I think the Tea Partiers will run out the black racist just like they ran out the white ones. Conservatives have been galvinized over the last few years and are no longer afraid of the left and their radical tactics. We are no longer the meek majority idealogy.

  6. Tea Party Aint Going Any Where Period And Threats Just Like Our Fore Fathers, We Will Dig Our Heels In. This Issue Now Shows Community Organizers In The Light Just As The Light Shined On The KKK. There Is No Difference Between These Two Groups ONLY Ideaology.

    Your Also Correct Chris Meekness Is NOT The Tea Party And Racisim Is Racisim Period.

  7. Where are are the liberals saying how bad these liberals are? The media is too busy calling tea partiers racist and violent to notice the real racism and violence.

  8. Nothing but a punch of punks, but right in line with Obama's line of thinking. The organization's leaders passionately espoused socialist and communist, largely Maoist. No wonder Holder dropped the charges against this group.
    Boy, Americans, I am sure, are sorry they put these types of Marxist/Maoist in power.

  9. Good point about them being in line with the Obama admin. Mark.

  10. You neo-cons are fucking crazy. We are getting sick of listening to your hate of President Obama. One day we will unleash on you and put you back in your holes.

  11. More bullshit from Fox News.

    Keith Olbermann points out that contrary to Fox News right wing hysteria over a New Black Panther Party/Obama administration conspiracy, charges against the New Black Panthers were dropped while George W. Bush was still president.

  12. Wrong Bruce. Olbertmenn is full of crap again aqnd you buy it every time. Bush is the one that brought charges on these two men. Holder is the one that admitidly,key word admitedly,dropped the charges. The lawyers that that prosicuted theses men also quit because Holder dropped a slam dunk case against these men. Bruce why do you believe Obortmann when he is wrong all the time? Get you facts right Bruce. No wonder why the Oakland Press fired you, you lie when the truth is so clear. Shame on you Bruce.

  13. Bruce I Have A Feeling Bruce Not Even You Read What You Write. Main Point Being If You Dont I Cannot Blame Ya. Overbite Said Now Thats Funny!


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