Saturday, July 10, 2010

Federal Employee Income Debate: Should They Make More Then The Private Sector That Pays Their Bills?

2010 US General Schedule Pay Tables for the DC Metropolitan Area

Pay Differentials between the Private Sector and Federal Government
Differential in Hourly Pay for the Federal Government vs. the Private Sector
Hourly Pay in the Federal Government and Private Sector, Controlling for Occupation
Hourly Pay in Occupations Common to the Federal Government and Private SectorEmployer Benefits by Sector
Difference in Employer Contributions for Health CareIt amazes me how much more money the government employees make over the private sector. Are they justified in making so much more money just because they work for the government? It is also near imposable to fire a government employee because of the union. I feel the it's time to right size these employees pay. If they choose to fight it with strikes then we need to make sure that our reps fire them for their GREED. We were not created to serve them. There are enough people out of work to fill all the positions fast. It's time we stand up and not be intimidated by the government employees unions. The unions have been talking greed for a long time and it's time they take their own medicine for a change. I'm not willing to pay more in taxes so they can live high off the hog. They had a great run of high incomes and they need to be grateful for what we have paid them in the past. But those times are over and the greedy unions in the government must go. I'm sure they will try their strong arm mafia style intimidation. But we are a country of laws. And if they play their intimidation on those willing to stand up against the greedy unions then we need to be stronger and stand will them. The greedy government unions have gone to peoples houses to scare them into submission. The greedy unions have made it clear that they are willing to break us over their greedy pay and benefits. So we must be willing to break the greedy unions in return. I'd like to hear both sides of this issue. If you disagree with me then tell me why you think a government employee should make so much more then the private sector? And if you agree with me that we need to fix the wage discrepancies, then how should it be done and what do you think the effect of those actions on our society will be? We have seen the violence the greedy unions are willing to do in order to get what they want. We have seen it in this country and in the EU. Are we strong enough as a people and ready to handle the violence that will come if the greedy unions don't get what they want? Thanks to the Democratic Party they have just made the greedy unions bigger and more expensive to we the people paying their bills.


  1. And they call themselves public servants. It's more accurate to say that we are servants to them and their exorbitant salaries.

    If you like that one, you should check out the pensions of Illinois "public servants". Some of them are worth millions!

  2. And many have two incomes from the government tit. That is wealthy. Just look at teachers incomes. And they withhold an education if we don't give in to their demands.

  3. Illinois is bad. It seems to be the example alwaysed used for greed of unions. Michigan is pretty bad as well. Two union incomes does mean you can have two houses and all the toys the wealthy have.

  4. Tricle Down Therory 535 Elite Get Paid Very Well, Health Care Of Their Choice And Fantastic Retirement Package For I Beleive 6 Years Of Service. Whats Left Unions Sop Up Like Gravy. "Public Servants" Living On "Private Sector" Citizens. Should Bother "Public Servants" That Regime Does Not Seem In A Hurry To Get Those "Private Sector" Jobs Created. Hey "Public Sector" If We Become Greece Where That Gravy Coming From?

  5. Chris, by their own wording controlling for occupation is a serious challenge and i am not inclined to believe that they have the mix correct.

    There is no doubt that Federal employees and Union employees have better benefits and wages. But are we here discussing how to reduce the pay of our fellow americans and thereby reduce their impact on our economy or are we looking for ways to bring the pay of non-union workers better inline with them?

    there are flaws in our system, but i'm not sure that the party that rails against income redistrubution should be the party demanding it? thats just me.

    I mean according to you i'd be wrong to take from the upper class and give it to the lower and middle, but you'd like to take from the middle and give it to the upper and middle...HUH???


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