Sunday, August 1, 2010

Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats

What say you Democrats and Republicans?  Can we have a honest debate on this subject? Please watch the video and if you have anything you'd like to ask or opine please do. If you are black please let us know what you think. We need to have an honest debate so please feel free to speak boldly. If Zonation said something that was wrong please let us know what it is. And if you disagree with him then please tell us what you disagree with and why.


  1. Be honest. Why did your party stray from electing Black members? why did it stop being the party of Lincoln? Two African American republicans were elected in the years between 1901 and 1994. One in the 30's and a senator in the 70's. Then you had two congressmen, Gary Franks in the 90's and JC Watts in the 2000's. 4 African Americans in 109 years.

    If the Republican party was the African American party of the late 1800's why did it stop? For 35 years it had a run on southern African American leaders. Did it stop with the end of reconstruction? You tell me why your party stopped electing African Americans. Could it have been a change in the party platform?

    Why in the late 30's did the prominent African American leaders of big cities switch from Republican to Democrat? that seems to be the time-frame of the switch. late 1930's Chicago, Depriest vs. Mitchell. i can tell you what the books and others like Black Americans in Congress website suggest, but i wasn't there.

    Why did African Americans abandon the republican party?

  2. Or did the Republican party abandon them?

  3. Hey Joe I Cannot Speak For Black Citizens Nor Do I Count Heads To See Who Is Whom.

    However I Beleive Blacks Are In Demoncarts Party For Basiclly The Same Reason Union Citizen Are. The Leaders Of Both Have Led Their Citizens Into The Party For Political Advantage. The Union Found That Money Talks And Have Obtained Alot Of Politcal Clout!

    The Black Leaders NOW Have For The Most Part Failed Their Citizens As Have The Demoncratic Party. Once Again Look At Liberal Run Large Cities And Just look At What The Demoncratic Party Has Done To The Black Citizens Of This Country. Poverty,Poor Education,Crime And For The Most Part Demoncratic Party IS The Reason For The Citizens Plight.

    I Do Beleive Black Citizens Are Beginning To See The Light Of What They Have Been Subject To By The Party And Hopefully With Time New Black Leaders Will Come Forward That Will Actually Improve Their Voters Plight. Up To This Time I Beleive The Black Community Political Representitives And Leaders Have Failed Them Badly. There Are NO Martin Luther Kings To Move Them Forward In Their Quest For Nothing More Than What Most American Citizens Take For Granted,A Chance To Improve Their Lifes.

  4. NO one "abandon them", they left, Joe.
    Republican Party abolished slavery under Abraham Lincoln, defeated the Slave Power, and gave blacks the vote during Reconstruction in the late 1860s.
    Blacks supported the GOP by large margins until the New Deal of the 1930s, Most black voters switched to the Democratic Party in the 1930s when the New Deal offered them employment opportunities. They became one of the core components of the New Deal Coalition.

    Stop making this out as 'we left them behind.
    It was their 'choice' to make.

  5. Joe why is it when a black trys to leave the Democratic party those in that party call them things like "Uncle Tom"? Why does the Democratic Party treat the black voters like property that they own rather then free will members? It looks like the Democratic party is still the same owners of the blacks.And you like it that way don't you Joe?

  6. Mark, the Radical right of the 1800's did do those things and should be commended for it. but the more i thought about the switch the more i read and the more i found out about the end of reconstruction and the end of the radical right.

    At the end of reconstruction Black republicans held sway in many southern states and were very powerful, but that seemed to end with the election of Rutherford b Hayes. The last black congressmen for 29 years ended his term in 1901 and black leaders in local and state positions dropped also. It was as much a change in the attitudes and plaforms of the Republican party was it was the plaforms of the Democrats then that caused a dwindling of black leadership in government. While they did still enjoy the support of blacks the white leadership of the party wasn't making a priority of civil rights like the radical right did years earlier.

  7. Chris, you wanted honest debate about the loyalty of blacks to the Democratic party, not your theory of how the democrats are, so i am sticking to the subject and being honest and open about it. Not attacking you or suggesting your all bigots, just looking at the situation and presenting my thoughts.

    You could do they same?

  8. No Joe the black community went from equal rights all the way to speciel rights or social justice. The Democratic party reached out to the black community with social justice and the Repubican party stayed with their equal justice platform. The Democratic party went from one extreem to another. Take a look at some of my new posts on "social justice" and the Democratic parties abandoning the law in order to gain votes with special rights. If you can't see that then you have chosen to be blind and there is nothing we can do to open your eyes. You can lie to yourself but we aren't buying it any more. One day the blacks will see how the Democratic Party used them to gain power.

  9. Al, how can you have "AN HONEST" debate about the subject without looking at the factors that effect loyalty?

    As much as you'd like to suggest that they along with Us Union folk are simply not of sufficient character to make our own decisions and blindly follow our leaders, that is not the case. and i would if i were you to consider the implications of suggesting a whole race isn't sufficiently smart enough to decide for itself and blindly follows its leaders.

    Its one thing to consdier union workers sheep, because we represent a diverse population but to express that blacks like union workers are suggests a deeper issue.

  10. Chris, your not being honest. Your on a typical partisan attack.

  11. If we must take this black/white, Republican/Democrat path then...Johnson (Lincoln’s Vice President and a Democrat) and the Republican Congress were at odds over who would control Reconstruction. Johnson wanted to re-admit the Southern states back into the Union and allow THEM to define the status of blacks. During those times white Southerners began to rally under the banner of white supremacy up until the 1960’s.
    Republican controlled Congress, during reconstruction, wanted the federal government to insure black rights. The Republicans won the battle for control of Reconstruction and passed the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution, seeking to guarantee blacks the right to due process of law and the vote.
    In the re-admittance of southern states, Democrats used violence, fraud, intimidation and murder to win seats in congress for Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina.
    Rutherford B. Hayes formally ended Reconstruction and left the race issue in the hands of the Southern Democrats. And we know how that turned out until the 1960’s

  12. Union Workers When It Comes To Demoncrats Are Sheep And Their Dues Wheather They Want Or Not Are Well Spent On Liberal Agenda That So Far Has Produced How Many Jobs Joe Its That Lasering Thingy Again.

    Black Leaders That Do Not Lead Their Citizens Out Of Poverty Because Of Blind Loyalty To Party That Has Done What Joe To Improve The Black Citizens Are Sheep Also, And Joe That Is A Issue To Me. Alot Of Black Leaders Now Put Themselves Before The Citizens They Represent Something King NEVER Did Or Would Approve.

    I Do Beleive Blacks Are Now Seeing What The Demoncrats Have Done Over The Last Fifty Years And If You Call The Last Fifty Years A Great Time For Inner City Blacks Joe You Indeed Do Have Issues.

  13. Mark, don't forget non-radical republicans. It would be dishonest of you to suggest that it was solely southern democrats when members of the republican party also joined in.

    Chris, till that day what are you saying?

    why can't you figure out that despite polls, despite Larry Elder, you guys have a horrible track record of electing minorities throughout their lifetimes. Don't you think minorities see that? The dems elected more congressional leaders this past congress than the entire lifetime of the republican party. And it won't change. Not any time soon.

    Blacks saw how Colin Powell got used by the admin. They see how you guys rail against Obama and all the racist emails and pictures coming out of republican officials. They are not stupid.

  14. Al, is that last post even in english? It makes little sense. try using sentences and stuff like that.

    Tell me when the last republican even ran for the Mayor of Detroit?

  15. Joe, not being dis-honest, just posting history as I have read it.
    Was it also left to Southern Reps. Maybe. But I have yet to come across that.

  16. Joe If You Cannot Read The Post You Once Again "BLOWING SMOKE" Which Is Your Method Of Not Answering Post. No Debate From You Just SMOKE!

    Last Republican Mayor Of Detroit Miriani 1957-1962 Thats About The Time Liberals Went To Work And Since Then, Joe Thanks You Made My Point, Hows That Working Out For Those Detriot Citizens?

    Last Republican To Run In City Of Detroit Not Important Liberals Running City For Last 48 Years Is The Problem And Eventually That Will Change Joe

    With Open School Boarders Inner City Youths Are Seeing There Is Indeed More To Life Then What Liberals Have Given Them The Word Is HOPE Joe Something Liberals Never Gave Them!


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