Sunday, August 1, 2010

Open Thread: What is on your mind?

Weather Underground Manifesto – blueprint for the Obama revolution

You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows
Submitted by Karin Asbley, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, John Jacobs, Jeff Jones, Gerry Long, Home Machtinger, Jim Mellen, Terry Robbins, Mark Rudd and Steve Tappis.   From /New Left Notes/, June 18, 1969
CLICK HERE FOR PDF FILE Weather Underground manifesto
Please take the time to read this manifesto. It is what they believe and what they are doing. These people are in the White House or infuence the White House.


  1. Ribs, if anymore tomatoes are ripe yet?

  2. My Tomatoes Crappy! Randazzo Here I Come!

    See That Draining Of The Swamp Thingy Is Under Way After Couple Of Years And Just Before Elections. Always Amazes Me, Politicans Love Raising Taxes But Appear Reluctant To Pay Them. Common Citizen Its A Crime. Politicans Its A Oversite. Oops

    Anybody See Schedule For Either Of The Levins Town Hall Meetings During The Recess Or Is It By Invitation Only?

    Playing Golf This Afternoon And See Some Of My Clan Later. Sometimes Old Aint To Bad.

  3. Whats on my mind? Tuesday & November 2, 2010 is a constant.

    More immediatly BBQ & Budweiser on a day of rest.

  4. Chris, here's an article all of your followers and all "Christian" conservatives should read.

    Maybe it will open your heart. I doubt it though.

  5. Chris,

    Isn't that rich, a pagan with no heart advising Christians let alone in the godless, socialist rag the puffy host?

  6. Christopher, I can see you read the article all the way through and digested its meaning and import. NOT! Way to go.

  7. I could give a rats ass about Ann Rice, but these links that came out of the story are interesting...

    GOP-linked punk rock ministry says executing gays is ‘moral’

    I guess i wouldn't want to be christian after that either. But then comes along the CRAZY LADY from Minn. Michelle Bachman who supports them.

    Bachmann to raise funds for controversial Christian punk ministry....

  8. Hyper-inflation and when is it happening. I mean everyone from Christopher to Glenn Beck to Al have told us its coming.

    Then the WSJ comes along with this...


  9. Bruce,

    When you decide to read and digest the Holy Bible from cover to cover then maybe, just maybe you might be able to speak about Christianity.

    Until such time you are to be ignored on the topic.

    If you continue to do so without consuming the text you only serve to diminish yourself and that of your opinions even more so.

  10. Joe Something A Wee Bit More Concerning To Citizens. Joe When Are All Those Jobs Coming? Inflation Means Very Little To The Unemployed. I Dont Believe Joe I Said Hyper Inflation Was Coming But I Am Old And Not As Smart As You.

    Economy Sucks Joe! Job Creation Sucks Joe! New Taxes For All Are Coming Joe. Socialized Insurance Will Be Taxable Income. Iran and North Korea Laugh At Us. Joe Lets All Worry Bout That Hyper Inflation Cause Wheather It Comes To Pass Or Not This Regime Is Not Experianced To Even Look At A Video Before Firing A Employee. If Glen Beck Can Shake em Up Wonder What Iran And North Koreans Will Do To Their JUDGEMENT? What Do You Think About Regimes Judgement Joe?

  11. Christopher, all I asked you to do was read the article. I don't think I have to read the Bible from cover to cover to have that be a reasonable request. I have just as much credibility as you do, Christopher.

    Thanks for making yourself look ridiculous. I didn't think it was possible for you to look any more ridiculous. I was wrong.

  12. Off Topic But Open Thread

    Washington DC School Superintendant Fired Couple Hundred Teachers For Basiclly Being LOUSY At What They Do. Wonder If There Will Be Union Involvement To Get The Lousy Teachers Jobs Back. My Guess Is Yes. Students Be Dammed Its Only There Future And One Of The Only Chances They Have To Get OUT Of Their Circumstances.

    Most Prfessionals Who Are Lousy At What They Do Become Unemployed And Find Other Occupations. Lousy Teacher At Most Gets Sent To Another School To Keep Up Their BAD Work.

  13. Its my post i'll post what i think about and you post what you think about.

    But you weren't posting on open threads about NK during the shrub regime. Guess re-activating nuclear weapons research and testing the shit outta missles wasn't a problem then. Seems to me that IRAN restarted their nuclear program under shrub too. Guess he talked loudly and carried a limp dick in foreign policy towards them cuz they didn't stop when aksed them to.

  14. Bruce,

    You asked nothing, you used the term 'should'.So that is not a 'request' but rather an implied directive.

    You have claimed in the past to be Christian and yet now admit you have not read the Holy Bible.

    I said nothing of 'credibility' you did, all I said was diminish and that you have achieved beyond my own expectation.

    Ridiculous? Yes that can be applied to you but we are well past that now. A better adjective for you is pathetic.

  15. Joe Hyperinflation will come if we keep printing money like we are. Usually a deflation hits and then the government reacts stupidly. But we all know the more money they print the cheeper our money becomes. Have you seen how high gold is? Silver etc...?

  16. Bruce I tryed to look up that huff piece but nothing came up. I'll read it if you explain what it is so I can find it on huff. As for Christians not acting like Christian and distorting the word of God, the liberals have been doing that since the begining. Not everyone that says they are a Christian are. And not all preachers are Christians either. Finding bad examples of Christianity is not proof that Christians are bad. If the Bible said to kill non-Christians or treat them like cows if they don't convert then you might have something. But you have Islam doing just that. But you rather protect a religion that uses terror and go after some CINO's for being bad is just plain goofy. How can you not see it? Is it because Christianity and Jewdism drive the conservative movement that you hate so much? You liberals are blinded by the vertues that made this country great.

  17. I had a great time with my family and UAW/Democrat friends at the Clinton Twp. Gratiot Crues. It was nice to see all the anti-socialist t-shirts this year. Last year I had my "Obama Change For The Worse" shirt on. I had people ask why I wasn't wearing it today. I loved the "Democrats Suck" Ford F150. A lot of people told me there were a lot of anti-socialist cars this year. Things are changing and you liberals aren't going to like it when we the people take back our government over the next few years.

  18. Joe 13:56 Post Is At Best Irrational. Thinks Its Time For A Cool One, Some Fresh Air And A Good Meal.

    If It Makes You Feel Better Lets Print More Money And What We Have LEFT Is Just Monoply Money!

  19. Chris, I went to the link and it worked fine for me.

    Why don't you try again.

  20. Al, your one to talk about irrational.

    Chris, your economic theories are like the horoscope, read enough into them and anything seems to fit. I went back and read some posts and it seems that we should already be facing hyper-inflation but we're not, and economists are now thinking delfation is coming or way. Possible years of it.

  21. Hey Joe Just Explain What You Posted Its IRRATIONAL. Its Not Critisism But Fact! Have Great Day At Work Joe. At Least You Work For Private Sector Company For Now!

  22. Joe we will reach hyperinflation when all the money from the stimulus and the money that we the people and the business are holding on to make their way back into the market. But you are right Joe the economist are split about when and how hyperinflation will come. But as long as we keep printing money and not spending that money we wont have inflation. But once people think things are better and start spending it will happen faster then you can imagine. Printing money the way the fed is can only devalue it Joe. There isn't one econimist that thinks otherwise. Don't worry Joe durring the Bush years we printed money like there is no tommorow. But now under Obama it on steroids.

  23. I read it Bruce. So Ann Rice left Christianity,but not Christ, because of one person thinking gays should be killed and a "Baptist" "Church" indoctrinated a 7 year old into their "Church"? Now did Rice leave liberalism because of the riots,the liberal prof. that went nuts and killed a bunch of people? And why do you buy something that smells so fishy? And isn't a person that follows Christ called a Christian? Is a rose by anyother name still a rose? So let's see if a Christian doesn't follow the Bible and loves their neighbor as Christ and Christianity teaches she throws out the whole religion. But Islam and the Koran teach that all people must submit to Islam or die or become like a cow to them it's "just a fringe"? One group follows the Koran with Jihad and nothing from the left. But if a Christian doesn't follow the Bible perfectly the whole religion should be thrown out.Does that make sense to anyone here other then Bruce and JoeC? Does that sound logical to anyone? And why do the liberals have a different standard for Christians then they do themselves? Are we not all bound by the same laws of God? And why is it that the left would rather back Sharia law rather then the free will laws of Jewdism and Christianity which is what the West have adopted? One imprisons while the other frees. Under one religionious law you have the free will to fall from God and the other religion you must submit to Alah or be killed and you have no freedom to fall from Alah and praise another god. It's a shame how the left get mad at "Christian" when they act like Muslims but write off Mulims when they act like Muslims. And the left wonder why most people think they are nuts.


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