Monday, August 2, 2010

Mexican Flag Flies, Dozens Arrested at AZ Protest


PHOENIX - Officers have made dozens of arrests at rallies in downtown Phoenix to protest Arizona's new immigration law.

Hundreds of people are demonstrating against the law, despite a federal judge's last-minute decision to block the most controversial parts of the measure.

Three people were arrested as the group rallied in front of the federal courthouse in Phoenix, and another woman was arrested later near the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Air15 video showed others being handcuffed too.                                                                                                                                                                               Is this OK with you? Is it OK that our president lies about this being against immigration when it's clearly against illegal immigration? Are we no longer a country of laws? And when will the left denounce their own when they are lawless and violent? We have yet to have one Tea Partier arrest and yet there have been numerous arrest from the counter protests. The Democrats/Progressives are putting two sets of laws one for us and one for them. Is this what you want? Is equal justice dead in this country?


  1. Regime Seems To Be After The "Rule Of Law" And Have Succeed With Illegal Immingration.

    What Will Be The Next Law They Chose To Ignore? If You Bite At The Apple Enough The Apple Disappears And So Will Justice.

    Has There Been A Sighting Of Regime In Arizona Itself To Evaluate What The Citizens Fear? If So I Missed That Visit. With The Photo Ops This Regime Loves I Beleive We Would Have Seen At Least One Photo Of Nobama Patting Illegal On The Back.

  2. Oh wow... I have such mixed feelings on this it would take this entire page to express them.

    Thanks for showing this!

  3. Whats "the Rule Of Law" Al? just a short couple paragraph if you would, with puncuation and in english if you would. thanks.

    and isn't Arisona violating the "RULE OF LAW" by overstepping its constitutional bounds on foreign policy? Did Bush violate the "RULE OF LAW" by finding away to sidestep FISA and the GENEVA Convention?

    The "ROL" is basically a objective thing subjected to ones partisan views.

  4. Joe Taken From "The Morality Of Law" There Are 8 Elements

    1 Laws Must Exsist And Those Laws Should Be Obeyed By All,Including Government Officials.

    2 Laws Must Be Published

    3 Laws Must Be Prospective In Nature So That The Effect Of The Law May Only Take Place After The Law As Been Passed.

    4 Law Should Be Written With Reasonable Clarity To Avoid Unfair Enforce Ment

    5 Law Must Avoid Contradictions

    6 Law Must Not Command The Impossible

    7 Law Must Stay Constant Through Time To Allow The Formalization Of Rules; However,Law Also Must Allow For Timely Revision When The Underlying Social And Political Circumstances Have Changed

    8 Offical Action Should Be Consistant With The Declared Rule


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