Monday, August 2, 2010

Protesters Run onto Mets' Field with Mexican Flags

 These left wing protesters are out of control. Maybe next time they will tazer them and deport them. It's time we clean up this country and we might as well start with these idiots.

NEW YORK - Two men carrying Mexican flags in protest of Arizona's immigration law ran into the outfield during the seventh inning of the New York Mets' game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday night at Citi Field.

The men were apprehended by security fairly quickly without much incident.


  1. If Arrest Was Made Of These Protesters Committing Illegal Act Will DOJ File Injunction Againts Law Being Enforced?

  2. i couldn't see anything....

  3. Joe They Had A Photo On Fox Last Night.

  4. yes, we should treat these guys as the criminals they are. Put them in prison for life. Those evil flag

    I see how this is horrible but that guy who loaded up with guns and went to attack liberals never gets a mention from you. even after he decideds to attack a leftwing org. that glenn beck verbally attacks often.

  5. What are you talking about Joe? The left don't mention any of the miriad of violent actions from the left and when their is one nutcase you want the world to stop? Do you remember what happened the last time Joe? Do you rmrmber when the left thought that a conservative killed that census worker until we found out it was a suicide made to look like he was killed by right wing crazies. I never did hear an appology for that mistake. So where is this story Joe? I'd love to look into it. I'm sure the MSM is all over it since they don't cover all the violence from the left.

  6. Byron Williams...look him up. try google news.

    He loaded his mom's truck with guns and was off to shoot up Tide foundation that Glen Beck targets on his shows.

    Williams' mother, Janice Williams, said to the San Francisco Chronicle that her son was angry with "the way Congress was railroading through all these left-wing agenda items."

    Strange you don't mention him...

  7. Williams Mother Says"Her Son Was Angry The Way Congress Was Railroading Through All These Left Wing Agenda Items".

    I Beleive Citizens Should Be Held Accountable For Their Actions Not Others. Lee Harvey Oswald Was A Communist And He Assasinated OUR President NOT The Communist. The Blame Lies As Always With The Individual And Their Actions.

    Manchester Conn. Killer Of 8. Wonder If He Was Union/NonUnion,Good Employee Or Bad Employee. It Really Makes NO Difference. He Should Be Held Accountable For HIS Actions No Body Else. The Blame Game On Any Murder Helps Victims How? They Lose Love Ones And Some Play Politics With It.

    Joe Dont Forget To Vote.

  8. But Al, then why aren't you saying that when Chris posts about union members attacking camera's. You blame the group then, not the person.

    Next time Chris tries to indict all liberals because of a few you'll be the first inline to say...

    I Beleive Citizens Should Be Held Accountable For Their Actions Not Others. The Blame Lies As Always With The Individual And Their Actions.

  9. Joe I Looked At My Post On July 19th And I Never Blamed Group But Said Guy Had Girly Punch! I Guess In My Own Way I Called Him A Weinie Which Indeed He Was. Work Hard And Prosper, What You Earn CAN Be Used By Others.

  10. Al, one of these days you'll break down and read "The Social Contract and the you'll begin to understand what a government is for. I'll summarize for ya...

    Man lives by natural selection...the biggest, smartest, fastest etc.. have and take what they need. that's a problem, because you constantly have to protect what you take from others to keep it yours.

    Man learns to cooperate. giving some is better than losing it all and frees oneself from constantly being on guard. As man cooperates more they establish rules and laws. They form societies bound by these laws.

    Man sets aside natural selection and the natural aspects of his essence choosing to engage in society, thus accepting the social contract.

    Man then establishes government to handle these rules and protect the rights of those who attempt to abide by the contract. It also provides for the society so that man doesn't resort to means outside of the contract.

    As man invents and uses Government, he also invents and uses religion to keep the contract binding.

    some will revert back to natural man and not abide in order to advance their own selves. most will choose to abide, because its an easier and better life in the long run to accept the contract.

    the reality is that if the government and society doesn't provide for all those that choose to accept the contract then they will revert. (crime goes up during recession type thing).

    see that the problem with republicans and minorities. you want them to accept the contract, but you don't want to pay for it. And then there's those that will abide by the contract but not the artifices of borders. You can't stand them.

  11. Joe You Never Said SORRY For Mis Information That You Wrote About My July 19th Post. Must Be Oversite On Your Part. Once Again Joe So Many Words So Little Common Sense. Crap You Have Not Written Anything Lately In Response To Anything. Just Attacking Messengers NO CONTENT Just Words. Hey Joe Im Not Bright Like You So I Dont Read Your Long Winded Tirades That Say Nothing. Come On Joe You Can Do Better.


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