Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rick Snyder Michigan's Next Governor

This is Rick Snyder's victory speech and what a great speech it is. We Michigan conservatives need to keep in contact with Rick. We need to mold him by telling him what we the people want. It's time we all get involved early in the process. We have seen the power of the conservative Tea Party movement. We now know the power we have over our environment and we need to use it wisely. I just got done with a meeting with some local Democratic party organizers that I know. They are part of the Lost Blue Dog,as I call them. They all told me that the Democratic Party is running scared of the Tea Party. The election rung out loud to them and they don't like what they heard. There is a fundamental shift in the political climate and the Conservative El Nineo is the driving force. But it ain't over yet. We've only just started. Put on your running shoes because we have got a race to a brighter future with this man. The Kilpatrick upheaval is a blow to the Democratic Party in Michigan. But there have been a lot of upheavals throughout the country. We will see the left lash out in fear of losing what they have taken. But we are ready for whatever violence or vitriol they bring with them. I'm also thinking I might want to go to the 8/28 DC revival just to be part of the start of something big. I wonder if the New Black Panther Party is still going to it?


  1. funny though that most political observers suggest his primary win was a move away from the strict social conservative republican party and even Tea Party efforts and towards the moderate middle.

    And by that token if you push him towards the far right then he would lose his base of support and possibly make for a much tighter race than you would like.

    Your best bet is not to try to "MOLD" Rick Snyder as you suggest but to let him "MOLD" you and your party. The state has long rejected the Westsides radical Christian right in major elections and once again the primary shows that. Amove too far to the right would push away conservative dems who voted for Snyder.

  2. "not to try to "MOLD" Rick Snyder as you suggest but to let him "MOLD" you and your party"
    Now that's funny, let one man funnel you away from your principles, instead of being a leader of all by 'molding' all principles in to an effective governing policy.
    Obama did "MOLD" you and your party after the election, however, along the way, he forgot about the Independents that got him elected, initiated social justice, and most Independents don't like it.
    He campaigned as a centrist and is governing from the social left.

  3. Also, my understanding from someone in the know was 'the startling thing is that people in droves crossed over from voting on the Dem ticket to vote Republican.
    There were only two Dem candidates and five Rep. and at this time the total number of votes cast Rep. is 750,000 vs. the Dems 320,000 for a better than 2 to 1 margin.'

  4. Joe we are in a far left voting state. A real strict conservative wouldn't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning or getting anything done. Most Tea Partiers liked Cox and Snyder. Snyder will play the Michigan political game and yes he is not far right. I've heard a lot of Democrats say they like him. And that is just what we want. He is still moldable as a politician. And we all have seen how the Tea Party has molded politics in this country. The thing about Rick is he didn't pin himself down on any real subjects. So you don't know where he is on them. Like Obama ran in the middle and governs to the far left. Cox was the most conservative candidate and Rick was a close second. And the Democrats love Rick and hated Cox. The conservatives will win in Nov. The Democrats voted in another far left Progressive just like Grandholm. That is just what we conservatives wanted. See Joe we are nothing like the radical left. We conservatives push our candidates to the right just like you progressives push your to the left. But the difference is we are happy when we get right of center. You Progressives are never happy. In other words we aren't a bunch of little bitches. I'm happy as a larck having Rick. Anyone right of center will do a better job then Grandholm. And Rick will know how to bring the unions under control in this state. He will bring back business which will bring back jobs. We have been hemoraging jobs in this country for 10 years now thanks to the far left hate and tax attacks on the businesses that give us jobs. He will fundamentally change our tax structure and the way businesses look at Mich.

  5. Most Citizens Are Tired Of Being "Blown Away" And Snyders Big Point Is Getting Government Out Of The Way Of The Private Sector And Let Small Business Create Whats Needed In Our State. Its Simple JOBs/ECONONOMY Are Citizen Chief Concerns And The Last Thing We Need Is MORE Government.

    Tea Party Which Is Collection Of Conservatives,Democrats And Most Importantly Independents Will Play Hugh Part In November.

    Still Think One Of Snyders Biggest Advantages Is He Aint Career Politican. Using Business Know How To Create Jobs Will Certainly Be A Step Up From Political Policy Cause Politicans Do Not Create Jobs And Strong Economy Private Sector Does.

    Also Think Left Will Call Out The Dogs Early And Often And Think That Dog Will Bite Them In The Ass.

    Citizens Choice In November Simple, Vote For Politican Or Private Sector To Move State Forward. Common Sense Thingy.

  6. Mark you hit the nail on the head. The numbers show a dramatic increase in the Republican votes from years past. The "Blue Dogs" are out of the Democratic Party that abandoned them and now they are voting for Republicans. It wasn't just Democrats staying home and not voting. They were compelled to vote Republican this time.

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