Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WATCH: Mosque Developer Runs Away from Reporter


It's not looking good for the ground zero Mosque developers. Why is he running away if there is nothing to run from?

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  1. This Guys Quite A Developer! 5 Years From Waiter To Millionare. Did He Invent Or Createing A Product? Hes Got Millions Floating Around In Building Purchases And Least One Co-Signed For 35 Million Or So.

    Either This Guy Should Be Advising Regime On How To Get Economy Moving Or He Got A Money Supplier Shoveling Cash At Him. Wonder Who Or Why? These Seem To Be Questions That Should Be Answered Hate To Find Out Later Al-Queda,Hamas Or Iran Are Assisting In The Contributions.

    Does Any Body Know Of Another Mosque Close To The Area Of The Proposed Sight? Just Wondering If One Already Exsist In Area Why Is This One Needed.


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