Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Liberal Goes Violent: Still Waiting For The Tea Party Violence!

A man is holding people hostage at the Discovery building. The left wing better get a hold of these crazy violent liberals that keep attacking innocent people to make a point. It has been the same left that have been calling us violent without cause. I just don't understand why the liberals are getting so violent lately. They are getting everything they want from this admin and yet they are still unhappy.  Can anyone tell me why the left are getting so violent and aggressive?


  1. Are we comparing the Coffee party vs. the Tea Party or the left vs. the right? Lets be fair. The guy in the discovery attack was a wacked out lefty in the vein of wacked out righties like Richard Poplawski, Byron Williams and Scott Roeder.

    How you find it so easy to overlook those on yourside who lose their minds and shoot up some cops, kill a man in a Lutheran Church, and grab his guns and go looking to kill some ACLU types is beyond me? Its not like their not in the media.

    Did you forget about them?

  2. Joe You Do Tend To Bring Up Random Acts Of Violence And Pin Them On the Right. Tea Party Does Come Up In Most Your Posts, I Tend To Beleive Violence Has NO Ideaology Just Excuses For A-Holes To Vent Anger Toward Innocent Citizens. A-Hole Killed By Police Case Closed!

  3. This post is another damn lie, Chris. You seem to like to just make stuff up out of whole cloth.

  4. Al, i don't bring up random acts of violence. I bring up specific attacks brought on by irrational partisan beliefs.

    Richard Poplawski believed that Obama was going to confiscate guns and ammunition. Many NRA-gun owners of the right have had the same fears and the cost of bullets went through the roof after Obama's inaug as they started hoarding ammo.

    Byron Williams, a felon who armed himself and put on a Bulletproof vest when Cops pulled him over on his way to target the Aclu and the Tides Foundation, a Beck progressive target

    Scott Roeder, a Army of God member and anti-abortion protester, shot Dr.George Tiller while he was acting as usher in a Lutheran Church.

  5. Joe And This Would Be Becks Fault Why?

    I Use To Watch Soupy Sales Never Threw A Pie In Anybodys Face!

  6. Batman,
    Dr. George Tiller pulled babies half-way out of their mothers and inserted a 5 inch surgical spike through their brain. That is what caused that "Army of God" member to snap. Driveby! Try to keep your composure this time.

  7. A question Joe;

    What will be the MSM's talking point about this,, An 'enviromentalist' was slain by stupid, racist cops because he was an Asian-American.


    An "enviromentalist' was presumed a tea party activist who had to be put down by police in good standing order with their union.

  8. It's ALMOST always the left that have been doing the violence. Not always but usually it is. But you libs have marked the Tea Party as violent without cause. You name a few violent right wingers and I can name way more. You look at Tiller but forget the Pro-Life activist that was murdered just after Tiller. Did you see the post ANON gave about the pro-choice activist that pulled out a gun at the protest? Do you remember the guy in the plane that crashed it in TX? He was a bleeding heart lib as well. I could go on and on with the violence from the left. Why wont you libs denounce it at first strick? Why do you wave it off like it's no big deal because you can name a few violent right wingers? You know exactly how you libs would have reacted had this James Jay Lee been a conservative. But you keep on keeping on with the violents Tea Party. Do you remember Ed Schultz saying he wanted to burn the building down he was in? You libs are blind or dumb to the fact that the left is as violent as they get. ELF, are they violent? What about SEIU? I even heard that the Muslim cab driver stabber was a lefty, is that true?

  9. It is funny how the MSM is focusing on his 'Asia' issues over his better known protests of 'enviromental' issues. He did his one man protests after reading evironmental book were a gorilla talks in the first person about sving the planet. Not much was mentioned about the fact that Al Gores book also set him off. The left talk about the violence coming from the Beck rally and the Tea Party without one incedent. Bruce I think you need to get you facts right because now you look like the liar. These are some inconvenent truths aren't they?

  10. James Jay Lee died, shot by police. Lee walked into the headquarters of the Discovery Channel in Silver Springs, Maryland, armed and seemingly strapped with a bomb. Though most of the building was evacuated safely, Lee managed to take three people hostage. The stand-off lasted several hours, and ended when Maryland police had no choice but deadly force to finally ensure the safety of the hostages.

    During the long stand-off, people across the airwaves and internet discovered and discussed volumes of information on the gunman. His motives were dissected, his family was interviewed, his disturbing list of demands parsed. When something like this happens, this search is inevitable and understandable. Everyone, politically motivated or otherwise, has the same question.


    The simplest answer is generally the correct one: these people are crazy. In the case of James Jay Lee, witness his bizarre list of eco-demands. He wants to undo civilization because human beings are filth. He believes man is destroying the earth, that it is happening rapidly, that development, consumption, and overpopulation are the root causes, and that only swift, drastic, unilateral action can save the planet.

    Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

    Lee was the very picture of instability. His radical environmental views were at their most extreme in his list of demands for programming changes at The Discovery Channel. He wanted them to stop “encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants.” He stated that humans “are the most destructive, filthy, pollutive creatures around and are wrecking what’s left of the planet with their false morals and breeding culture.” Notice the detached language. He uses “human” as an accusation, not a description. This was a man who had rejected humanity whole cloth. The entire manifesto oozes with contempt and rage. Humans are the bad guys, at war with the only true good: nature.

    Stop me, please, if you’ve heard this before.

    One might expect, with all of this information being uncovered about this man as he held three “filthy” humans at gunpoint and under threat of a possible bomb, in service to nature against man, that it would be pretty generally well-accepted that his radical environmental views were his motivation. Not least because, well, he said so.

    Not if you’re Think Progress.

    In a blog post titled “Purported Eco-Terrorist Angered Over ‘Immigration Pollution And Anchor Baby Filth’,” Think Progress, apparently without shame, named “anti-immigration” sentiment the culprit. The blog post focuses in on one demand from the eco-screed in order to make the case:

    5. Immigration: Programs must be developed to find solutions to stopping ALL immigration pollution and the anchor baby filth that follows that. Find solutions to stopping it. Call for people in the world to develop solutions to stop it completely and permanently. Find solutions FOR these countries so they stop sending their breeding populations to the US and the world to seek jobs and therefore breed more unwanted pollution babies. FIND SOLUTIONS FOR THEM TO STOP THEIR HUMAN GROWTH AND THE EXPORTATION OF THAT DISGUSTING FILTH! (The first world is feeding the population growth of the Third World and those human families are going to where the food is! They must stop procreating new humans looking for nonexistant jobs!)

  11. All alone on the page, I’m sure the reader saw “anchor baby filth” and believed the author had a point. But that’s the beauty of selective excerpting, isn’t it? Viewed in full, he truth is more obvious. Why wouldn’t he call anchor babies filth? He has already explained that ALL human babies are filth. All humans are filth. He’s not complaining about immigration because he doesn’t like furners. He’s complaining about over-population. This item on the list is no different than any other. It’s about earth vs. humans, as anyone can plainly see.

    But that didn’t stop the blogger from ominously linking him to supposed “anti-immigration” groups.

    Lee’s immigration screed bears a troubling resemblance to views and policies espoused by anti-immigrant groups such as NumbersUSA, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Progressives for Immigration Reform, and others.

    The “and others” is my favorite part. No doubt referring to a “certain portion” of the population. Such blatant attempts to pin the gunman on right-wing sentiment are de rigeur among the online left in the wake of tragedy these days. But James Jay Lee’s screed was so obviously green in nature that this round of pin the tail on the righty was doomed. There was just no chance it would fly.

    Now, what do you think happens when this sort of violence can’t be pinned on the right? Is it pinned on the left? If DailyKos and Media Matters and Think Progress can’t somehow paint Lee’s tree-hugging on Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh, do you think they’ll have to accept that this time, their name the blame game points at their own houses?

    Of course not.

    That tweet about not trying to score political points on a tragedy takes you to a Media Matters post where they try to score political points on a tragedy, by the way.

    Now, let me tell you something that may sound crazy. Media Matters has a point. Minus the link, I think Media Matters has a decent point, albeit accidentally and hypocritically. James Jay Lee was a criminal. And more than that, he was unhinged. Neil Cavuto interviewed Lee’s brother-in-law, Thomas Leonard, close to the end of the stand-off. Leonard describes Lee as “unstable” and “disagreeable”, and paints a picture of the downward spiral of a disturbed soul. When Cavuto asked Leonard whether he thought his brother-in-law was capable of murder, he replied “absolutely.”

    Lee acted irrationally. His environmental extremism was likely a function of his derangement, rather than the source of it. He latched on. He took it to the extreme, to say the least. Lee was not, by any measure that I would choose, a sane man. The story told by his brother-in-law - one of temper, erratic behavior, and irrational views - recalls Jerry Kane.

  12. Jerry Kane, and his son Joe, killed two police officers and were killed themselves, in a shoot-out precipitated by a simple traffic stop. Jerry Kane, too, was an unstable man. His hometown mayor said of him that “You were always looking over your shoulder to make sure he wasn’t there. You never knew what he was going to do. I always thought he was an unstable individual.” Like Lee, the aftermath anecdotes painted a picture of paranoia and fear. But that didn’t stop liberal sites like Crooks and Liars from laying him at the feet of the conservative movement. Or Joseph Stack. Or Richard Poplawski. Or Byron Williams. It didn’t stop them from suggesting that Erick was responsible for a census worker slaying.

    In fact, every time someone is shot in a lone gunman scenario, the right, and the tea parties and talk radio in particular, are virtually instantaneously blamed by the left at large for “violent” rhetoric and instigation.

    Stop me, again, if you’ve heard THAT one before.

    We never stop hearing from the MSNBC left how the Fox News right is stirring up violence. But when someone clearly basing his murderous intent on the idea that humans are going to destroy the world, and soon, acts on the dire prophecies of Al Gore … well suddenly you can’t blame rhetoric for crazy people.

    I do think the increasingly apocalyptic green movement scares people. They intend to scare people. And when you are blasting doomsday from every bully pulpit on earth, some crazy is bound to take that to heart, possibly even act on it. But …

    Crazies will always find something to take to heart. Could be global warming apocalypse rhetoric. Could be taxes. Could be a birth certificate. Could even be Jodie Foster. By all currently available evidence, James Jay Lee was one of those crazies. Media Matters was right about that. What they, and virtually all the other liberal blogs are wrong about, is their absolute hypocrisy in laying every horrific crime at the feet of the right, while crying for circumspection when crazies cite the rhetoric of the left.

    “Progressives” say calling President Obama’s socialist policies socialist is inviting assassination. How much more so, I wonder, to say that Republicans want you to die quickly? Or that the world will literally end in a spectacular cataclysm if capitalism isn’t halted and reversed? If indeed we are to ascribe violence to rhetoric, can anyone say with a straight face that tea partiers opposing government spending represent a greater risk than Democrats telling you Republicans are trying to kill you and bring about the end of human civilization?

    James Jay Lee was a disturbed, lone actor. His twisted mind latched on to the green movement and he took a horrifying step from there. It has happened before for other reasons. Sadly, it will happen again. And while we must certainly be vigilant in guarding against rhetoric designed to incite such a result, we must be equally careful that we do not attribute to mainstream political dissent the actions of the unwell. And those of us on the right must be especially vigilant in calling out those on the left when they do. As they do routinely.

    Oh by the way, one more thing about that Media Matters tweet about not scoring points. In the linked blog entry? They reiterate the ridiculous Think Progress talking point about immigration. Point scoring indeed.

  13. fealk, go back to your little online propaganda site, the rochester idiot, and shut your piehole. You are pissed because this moron shares many of the same views and ideas as you. It is no coincidence that most of these morons going over the edge are lefties, as most liberals have no real values, and hate everything, including themselves. That is why everything is always mankind's fault.

  14. Maybe the media is right. All the political vitriol, all the hate out there is spawning crazies capable of anything. We all need to stand together and send a message of unity and tell provocateurs like Al Gore to tamp down the rhetoric.

    Discovery Channel terrorist James Jay Lee wants to save the earth - specifically he wants to save “The Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants, Froggies, Turtles, Apes, Raccoons, Beetles, Ants, Sharks, Bears, and, of course, the Squirrels”

    The squirrels indeed.

    His manifesto is full of attacks on “filthy human children” and our “breeding culture.” He is very concerned about “Global Warming, Automotive pollution, International Trade, factory pollution, and the whole blasted human economy.”

    Who could have inspired such a maniac?! We know that he must have been influenced by someone. We’ve been told by countless lefty pundits and politicians that such craziness can usually be attributed to evil right-wing commentators who have whipped tea partiers into a seething, violent frenzy.

    Well, this time it is clear. James Jay Lee has named the things that most inspired him - some cultish book about an ape called “Ishmael” AND chief executive greeney Al Gore.

    He spoke to a local Maryland newspaper after getting probation for another Discover Channel protest:

    Lee said he then felt an ‘‘awakening,” watched former Vice President Al Gore’s documentary ‘‘An Inconvenient Truth,” and decided he had been doing too little to protect the environment.

    ‘‘I was a man working alone, so obviously I didn’t do too well,” he said. ‘‘After this, I’ll stay here for a while, make a few more moves, complete the contest. … It’s still worth a shot.”

  15. Drive-by asshole, try to stay around long enough to actually respond. No one likes a chickenshit who says he piece and runs like a bitch.

    Chris, sure there are violent lefties, and there are violent righties, but that bullshit your spreading about "its almost always" is just that bullshit. I could care less what the reasons behind his insanity were, i am just thankful he's gone and the situation is over.

    You turn everything into the partisan cultural war. All except the bad things the right does, then you turn a blind eye. You didn't do a post about Byron Williams or Richard Poplawski, but there's a post about a wacked out lefty the day of.

    Even the righties here know its bullshit, that their side has its wacko's too. But none of you have the balls to admit that and work on anything but attacking the left.

    Where's the post about how evil it was to burn down the building equipment at a house of worship? What was i thinking? Arson at a Mosque building doesn't bother you.

  16. Joe didn't ELF burn down equipment in the past?Why are you trying to pin that on the right? It sounds to me like you blame the right for everything and you blame the left for nothing. Isn't that the point Chris was making? You blame the Tea Party for violence that never happened and then excuse it when a liberal does it. Why do you do that Joe?

  17. batman sounds like a little bitch that can dish it out but he can't take it.

  18. Keith, why would I blame the right over ELF? Are you serious?

    I mean there's only been intolerant rhetoric at town meetings and rallies against the mosque by conservatives. So naturally i am going feel that the most likely scenario is a conservative anti-Islam type did it.

    You are free to feel that Unicorns, Wood Nymphs, Satyrs, Griffins and any other being you might believe in could have done it.

  19. Anon, sounds like you ain't got the balls to use your name. come on put your name on here, blog a little. We'll see who the bitch is then.

  20. Eric Deaton, Tea Party-Backed Ohio Senate Candidate, Indicted For Sex With A Minor...

    nooooo....not a family values guy.....nooooooo!!!!

  21. Poor Joe. The truth hurts don't it. Do you remember the post I did with all those arrested with Obama shirts on? Where are the arrests of the McCain supporters or Tea Partiers? And you are right about the equipment vandalism. It is sick to do no matter what the reasoning. But I also didn't post anything about my own Church being threatened by Muslims and that many Churches in my area have been warned about some people going around asking when the Churches would have the most people in it. And all the threats being made to Immanual Lutheran
    Church because they are having a Christian concert. So what was your point on that Joe? As Keith said it sounds like an ELF environmental thing to me. Why is it you can call us every name in the book without proof or with very little proof but when I give all the proof you could ask for you denigh it? And to your point on Eric Deaton, Tea Party-Backed Ohio Senate Candidate, Indicted For Sex With A Minor... I haven't heard about that. If it's true then he needs to go and the Tea Party needs to do a better job of vetting. But isn't it the liberals that want to make sex with a minor legal? At least we have values unlike you pigs on the left that think everything is OK. And since 71% of Americans are against the Mosque being build at ground zero it's hard to say if these things are from copnservatives moderates Democrats or Republicans unless it's proven otherwise. Like they have proven that the NYC cab driver stabbing was done by a LIBERAL. Get you head out of your butt Joe and stop being such a 'bitch'.lol

  22. Joe I looked up Eric Deaton and at this point he is inocent until proven guilty. By you don't mind guilty until proven innocent when it comes to conservatives do you? Joe you really are a cry baby. Try living by your own rules first you hypocrite.

  23. Ohio Strong Regime State In 2008 Would Now Vote For Bush!

    HOPE and CHANGE Literaly. Still Say Regimes Legacy Will Be" We Woke Up The Citizens Oooppppps"!

  24. Chris, there are two things about conservatives, well atleast some conservatives that i admire.

    One is Faith. Liberals usually lack faith, especially in a higher power. Faith can move mountains. Liberals often want others to do the heavy lifting because they don't have the faith even in their beliefs. And young liberals don't have faith yet, they have passion which boils over and leads to violence like the WTO riots.

    The problem with your faith is its attached to an ideology, not causes. Instead of a solution you believe in a concept. Unfortunately the concepts you believe in aren't solutions. the free market won't insure 45 million uninsured. Never has, never will. in fact its only gotten worse over the years.

    The second thing i admire about conservatives is the small business whats best for America is made in america. But i don't really know that many people who believe in that anymore. I hear alot talk about it, but not much action. And the areas that have grown the best in Michigan and prospered have had that spirit, but mostly run by independants, moderates and liberals.

    I used to know growing up old farmers who lived the small town moderate social conservative fiscal types who worried about everyone in town and helped everyone. Nixon and Reagan killed that spirit. Now its all the cheap Asian shit you can get at Wal Marts. Its profit 24/7 and extreme Chicago school economics.

    I know you won't agree with me, but i just don't care to engage in the partisan war anymore. you can say all you want about the left how its killing America, but America as a people died long ago. it got replaced in the 80's by America as consumer. I hate that America.

  25. Joe obama care wont insure 45 million Americans either. We take care of those that need help. We have all agreed on that. I personaly give as much as I can to feed and serve the poor in my community. That is the cause. The problem is we live in a broken world. There is no fixing that. The liberals think they can fix this broken world with other peoples money. Conservatives know that the world has been broken since Adam and Eve and only Jesus can fix that. Liberals think they are gods and they can fix everything even though history has proven them wrong every time. Why is it OK for you liberals to take from one American that has and give to another American that doesn't have? What about free will giving? You liberals give half as much money to charity so why do they act like goody two shoes when they steal from one person to give to another? Joe the made in America is still a big part of small business and conservative idealogy. Have you looked at the Van Dyke Ford plant parking lot lately? It's not full of Ford's. They want Americans to buy Ford when they don't do it. Joe if Nixon and Reagan killed that spirit then why are we still the richest country in the world? Did you know that the reason why you still have a job at Ford is because we sell our product all over the world? I know compation is a bad thing to the unions but we are doing a great job if the government would get out of the way. Do you think that when Ford has to pay more for your insurance that has ski rocketed like never before since obamacare that that will make Ford less cometative in the world market? Do you think that all the new taxes Ford is and will have to pay and pass on to the customer that that will make Ford more competative? Joe are you a consumer? If you are then you're part of the problem not the solution. But all in all I like that post you did. I have a lot of friend that think just like you so don't take it personal.

  26. Joe Our Nation Has Been Down Before. Our Country Is Always Vunerable To Change And Some Is Not Good But That Is The Price Of Freedom. We Got Weaker As Nation When Politicans Used Political Correctness To Shape Citizens Lifes. I Beleive We Are Now As A Nation Seeing The Errors Of Our Way. To Correct The Path We Have Taken will Take Sacrifice from All. Without All Citizens Cooperation We Could In Time Be Doomed By Our Own Failures To Come Together. We Are What We Are Because Of The People.

    I Beleive OUR Greatest Years Were Without Big Government. Citizens Have In Some Cases Lost The Desire To Compete For What They Get Out Of Life. Without That Competition We As Nation Will Eventually Fail Plain And Simple.

    We Have Become A Nation Where Politicans Care MORE What About What Other Countries Think Rather Than What Citizens Desire. We Have Always Taken Care Of Needy Both Here And Abroad But OUR Days Are Numbered If We Lower OUR Standards. That Has Never Happened In OUR History And To Take Steps Backward To Make US Exceptable To Others Is A Mistake. Once You Take A Step Backward Each Step After Gets Easier. Easy Is Normally The Wrong Way To Do Anything.
    I Have Never Hated OUR Country But At Times Have Been Disappointed In Our Direction. Citizens I Beleive Are Now Seeing That Without Their Involvement In Proccess Politicans Will In Time Sell Our Nations Soul! I For One Will Not Let That Be OUR Downfall.

  27. Some people are just pussies and can't handle the ups and downs that come with life. We call those pussies liberals,progressives and now we call them democrats.

  28. Here's the problem with liberals, and that is that they strive to be the most whacked-out nutjobs, and hold the nuttiest bunch up as their gods. Take for example Mr. Al Gore. Can you tell the difference between this nut's ramblings and the Unabomber? Take the test ... if you dare! LOL

  29. Chris, I want you to think about something. I agree that the right gives more to what is defined by the IRS as a tax deductible charity, including Mega churches were the pastor live in mansions, fly private jets, live opulent lives of excess, all of which proves little. How much actual charity work gets done?

    But churches spend billions of dollars on themselves and maybe millions on charity. Giving to a church is like giving to the United Way when its CEO made a million dollars a year. Sure it does some good but but mostly it goes to overhead and paying the church.

    Personally, charity today isn't the answer. This isn't the sisters of mercy living in near poverty to help run a hospital.

  30. Joe We Should Always Help The Needy.

    Theres Only Two Times People Are Really The Same When Their Born And When They Die.

    What Happens In Between Is A Matter Of Personnel Responsibility And Education.

    Citizens Can Help With Education But Parents Churches And Lifes Lessons Are What Make Up A Persons Character. NO Amount Of Money Through Charity Or Taxes Will Shape A Persons Character..
    Parental Guidence and Love Will And Sadly In Alot Of Cases Now Neither Exsist And Until They Do The Family Will Be Weak And A Strong Family Is The Ultimate Answer To A Strong Responsible Citizen! Just My Opinion.

  31. Joe that is why I go to the Church I go to and give to the Church. Our Church is known for what it gives to the community. Our Church is run very lean to say the least. We feed the poor in Detroit as well as in our own community. You have to research the charaties you give to as most do only give a pitence to the needy. Our missions in the Church have gone towards the whole person in foreign lands. And it is run by volanteers. You make a good point Joe but that should never stop us from giving. And money isn't the only thing we have to give. You give a lot of your time to organizations that you value and are valuable to our community. The rewards of giving your time to someone in need is a powerful thing.

  32. "Parental Guidence and Love Will And Sadly In Alot Of Cases Now Neither Exsist And Until They Do The Family Will Be Weak And A Strong Family Is The Ultimate Answer To A Strong Responsible Citizen!" How true AL. That is why the Big Brother programe is such a great programe for those kids that don't have the gift of a great "brother". We as individuals make a huge difference in the world. Individuals are what makes this country great not the collective.


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