Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CBO: Eight Years of Iraq War Cost Less Than Stimulus Act


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  2. The Real Hatemongers01 September, 2010 14:20

    The so-called “news” media have spent much of the past two decades demonizing the rhetoric of conservative radio talk show hosts as mean-spirited, divisive or a menace to civil discourse. But these same journalists — who gleefully castigate Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and other conservatives — are silent about the vile and vicious rhetoric that spews from the Left’s leading radio talk show hosts.

    Since late 2007, the Media Research Center has collected numerous examples of the outrageousness of left-wing radio hosts. And, unlike the Left — which attempted to smear Rush Limbaugh with phony quotes — readers can find an audio or video of every one of these quotes (46 in all) posted at our Web site:

    MRC’s new report includes examples of over-the-top rhetoric from left-wing hosts Mike Malloy, Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Ron Reagan, Jr., Ed Schultz and Montel Williams, all of whom currently or at one time broadcast to a national audience on either the Air America network or via XM and/or Sirius satellite radio.

  3. Doctors Urging Patients: Vote to Repeal Obamacare01 September, 2010 14:23

    Facing a nationwide backlash, Democratic congressional candidates have a new message for voters: We know you don't like ObamaCare, so we'll fix it.

    This was the line offered by Democrat Mark Critz, who won a special election in Pennsylvania's 12th congressional district after expressing opposition to the law and promising to mend it—but not to repeal it. As a doctor I know something about unexpected recoveries, and this latest attempt to rescue ObamaCare from repeal needs to be taken seriously.

    For Democrats who voted for ObamaCare, this tactic is an escape route, a chance to distance themselves from the president with a vague promise to fix health-care reform in the next Congress.

    To counter this election-year ruse, my colleagues and I at Docs4PatientCare are enlisting thousands of doctors in an unorthodox and unprecedented action. Our patients have always expected a certain standard of care from their doctors, which includes providing them with pertinent information that may affect their quality of life. Because the issue this election is so stark—literally life and death for millions of Americans in the years ahead—we are this week posting a "Dear Patient" letter in our waiting rooms.

    The letter states in unambiguous language what the new law means:

    "Dear Patient: Section 1311 of the new health care legislation gives the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and her appointees the power to establish care guidelines that your doctor must abide by or face penalties and fines. In making doctors answerable in the federal bureaucracy this bill effectively makes them government employees and means that you and your doctor are no longer in charge of your health care decisions. This new law politicizes medicine and in my opinion destroys the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship that makes the American health care system the best in the world."

  4. interesting numbers....Since the CBO is on track hos bout these numbers from them...

    In its latest quarterly assessment of the act, the CBO said the stimulus lowered the unemployment rate by between 0.7 and 1.8 percentage points during the quarter ending in June and increased the number of people employed by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million.

    On the bright side, the CBO revised the cost of the package downward: Originally estimated to cost $787 billion over 10 years, the stimulus was later estimated to cost $862 billion. But in the report released Tuesday, the CBO said it now expects the measure to cost only about $814 billion through 2019, with 70 percent of those costs incurred by the end of this year.

    But wait you said the stimulus money has a two year shelf, while the CBO says a ten year span of costs.

    And your numbers are wrong too. the CBO lowered the cost of the stimulus.

    And there's the jobs Al's been worried that Obama hasn't lazered in on too.

  5. Joe Those Created Job Were Not Census Or Unemployment Benifit Created Jobs Were They? Also Remarkable How We Need Billions To Prop Up Unemployment Benfits If Job Creation Is Going So Well.

    In July When Census Jobs Disappeared Wonder What That Did To That Created Job Thingy.

    Also Is Not Unemployment Rate Really About 16% Including Those Citizens That Just Quit Looking And For Some Reason Are Not Counted On Unemployment Rolls. I Think Thats Addition By Subtraction Or Better Yet FUZZY Math.

    Joe Lets Get Back To Where Are All Those Created Jobs Joe ,In The Private Sector To Make Economy Rebound. Joe Did You And Biden Drink Out Of The Same Kool Aid Cup!

  6. Al, if Chris is supporting the CBO's numbers then i must too and so should you. We wouldn't want you and him to be shown to be partisan cherry pickers, only accepting the CBO's data when it suits your own ideology right?

    oh Broken record you found a new tune, or at least a slightly less replayed tune, the off assistance and still unemployed. Its not a phenomenon restricted solely to Obama, that measure has existed for 30 years.

  7. Joe Never Said It Was Phenomenon Restricted To Nobama You Did. Unemployed Will Be Happy To Know This Practice As Been Going On For 30 Years Should Help Them Pay The Rent And Buy The Food.

    Did I Cherry Pick The Census Jobs That Were Included In Numbers BUT Ended July 1st?

    Did I Cherry Pick The 20 Billion Or So Needed To Pay For Unemployment Benifits. If Employment Is Rising Why Did We Need More Billions For Unemployment?

    Joe You Can Ignore It Thats Your Problem. New Created Jobs Are Not Happening Because This Regimes Interest Is Not Served By Job Creation Or Robust Economy Brought On By Strong Private Sector. Even You Joe Gotta Admit We Could Have Created More Jobs Than This Group Of Incompetants. It Almost Appears Regime Does Not Want To Get Economy Moving?

    Just My Opinion Joe But Those Jobs Are Not Being CREATED Are They?

  8. Joe the jobs that were created are all government jobs that we will still be paying for long after the stimulus is spent. Since you are doing the 'cherry picking' why didn't you factor in all the lost jobs in the private sector as well as the gains in the public sector? Could it be because your 'cherry picking' or should I say 'cotton picking'would show a net lose of jobs in the millions since the stimulus bill was inacted?

  9. Chris, thats not true. you know better. Lets stop with the simpleton act.

  10. Why are we still hemohraging jobs every month since Obaqma has been president if it's not true?


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