Monday, September 27, 2010

Suicide By Muslim

Well the jury acquitted the 4 Christian missionaries, Acts 17 Apologetics, that got arrested at the Dearborn Arab fest. The Muslim  police chief Ron Haddad, that arrested these innocent Christians said that he was trying to stop potential violence from the Muslim crowd. So is this what we have to expect in Muslim cities? Will we start arresting women for being raped? Or will Muslims start arresting women in mini-skirts in Dearborn for provoking rape by a Muslim man? If we as a society have to worry about Muslims committing violence just because of free speech then we need to look at that religion and the people in it as the threat. The police chief of Dearborn need to be fired for not upholding all Americans Constitutional rights. I predict that a lot of depressed people will see suicide by cop as obsolete. And who needs Jack Kevorkian when all you have to do is preach the Word of God in Dearborn? I'm still looking for those "moderate Muslims" the left keep telling us about. Well when the left think they have found those "moderate Muslims" let me know. We will challenge the "Moderate Muslim" theory with a Mohammad Sucks T-shirt on the lefty as a test of their theory.

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