Monday, September 27, 2010

Who's Behind the Two Counter-Beck 'Honor' Rallies at the Mall?

The left keep chasing Beck and Fox News like they are the enemy. It's so sad that this is what the left have become in just 19 months. WE THE PEOPLE need to listen and see what comes out of these counter protests. See what they are planning on doing. See how they veiw us in their political world. Lets see what they want to control of ours next.



  1. It Will Be Interesting To See The Turn Out And The Behavior Of The Crowd.

    With Union Turn Out The Crowd May Be Large But The Message Will Be Small.

    Some Of The Regimes Job Creation May Come Into Being Finally, Cleaning Up The Mess!

  2. lol...

    Lets see what they want to control of ours next.

    wiow, yours...control of yours.

    Telling how you view things. You claim things, "Control of ours" "Our White women"

    But they aren't "yours" they are everyones.

  3. Joe Im Decoding What Ever You Wrote Above.

    MSM Does Not Seemed To Be Concerned With This Rallies Attendees Like It Was For Becks In August.
    I Do Look Forward To Seeing The Behavior Of The Attendees And If Police Play A Important Roll In Rally. Communist, Socialist, Marxist And Unions All Together. Should Be Entertaining.

    Got To Beleive The Videos Will Be Quite Intertesting How Bout You?


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