Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Krauthammer: Defunding Obamacare Is a Bad Idea

Krauthammer says that it could be too damaging politically for Republicans to defund Obamacare because it would give Democrats an argument to say that the reason it isn't working to well is because Republicans are killing it. I agree with Krauthammer on this. The Progressives/Democratic Party must not be rescued from this horrendous obamacare bill. The American people need to be reminded that it was the Democratic Party and especially the Progressives that put this weight on our economy and the tax payers so they will never forget. What do you think?


  1. I do have a problem playing politics with this Bill although I disagree with it Period.

    Citizens Voted for CHANGE and Politcans who will Serve Citizens and Nation,not Ideaology. To do this will be the same ole same ole with NOTHING getting done.

    I say Politicans do what YOU must to Keep OUR Nation Strong and Safe.Strong Economiclly and w Strong Defense must be addressed. Citizen are tired of Politicans who govern/Rule by Ideaology. Let them GOVERN and Put Nation First.

    Tea Party/Citizens message was Clear. Clean up the MESS! Case Closed!

  2. The failure of ObamaCare's Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan has been known for weeks, at least to readers of the Wall Street Journal and Hot Air. The Washington Post catches up to the WSJ a mere 45 days later with this report from Amy Goldstein on the failure of PECIP to attract the 375,000 people the White House and Congress claimed needed the help of subsidies to get health-care coverage. Even with the program falling 97% short of its stated goal, it's still going to cost more than Congress allocated anyway.

  3. Never let a political opportunity go by...even if it means defaulting on your promises.

    Nice to see we have such thoughtful people in the Tea Party willing to set aside their principles to win elections. Way to represent the baggers Chris!

    The only positive is that many of the others in the TEA Party will not allow that to happen. God Bless them. It will fracture the right even more.

  4. Joe I live in the real world where sometimes you need to lose the battle to win the war. Unlike the manufatured left-wing. The Conservative Tea Party has always been fractured Joe. That is because we are truely grassroots. And unlike the lefties we wont riot and threaten violence if we don't get what we want. The left is never happy unless they get it all. Not so with us conservatives. I'd rather see obamacare stay and Progressives go forever then to repeil obamacare and give the Progressives another breath in our political spector. Once people see the full effect of obamacare and they have to pay the bill the people will distroy it and the Democratic Party as wel;l as the name changing Progressives. But this time a name change wont hide them.

  5. Chris, i'm sorry that in your world, hatred and partisanship is more important than your principles.

    What you will find to your dismay, is that the democratic party will not cease to exist. Just as the amazing failures of Bush's policies did not mean the death knell for the republicans.

    So going against your principles for some pie in the sky partisan dream most likely isn't the right thing to do. Not to mention its basically a dishonest way to go about life.

    Nowhere in my life did the people who helped me grow up suggest that i sacrifice what i believe in in order to potentially win. Thats what politicians do.

    You know they have a term for it in the manufacturing world. Its called malicious obedience. Doing something you know is wrong to prove a point to a supervisor.


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