Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Black Panthers Plot With Ahmadinejad to Overthrow America

Aren't you glade Obama didn't play racial politics with the NBPP? It sure does seem like the left-wing has all the issues with race, the white race and Jews. Now I know we have been hearing a lot about the Tea Partiers being the racist. But when it comes down to racism and violence the lefties have us conservatives beat 10 to 1. It also seems as though Ahmadinejad still hates America even though he likes Obama. I wonder why that is?


  1. What i can't figure out is this?

    The Bush DOJ dropped criminal charges against the two, but because the Obama DOJ failed to follow up on a default judgement in a civil case its playing politics.

    Now either they committed a crime or they didn't. But you can't hold Obama admin to a standard that the Bush admin failed to meet.

  2. Joe Bush DOJ did nothing. Holder DOJ did nothing. Both are wrong that two wrongs make it WRONG thingy!

    Lets be honest Joe if you saw ANYBODY White, Black, Green, Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow or Orange Dressed and acting in the manner these guys did they would NOT get you ATTENTION. That I would find hard to beleive!


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