Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Net Neutrality a Reality

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Lawmakers are on high alert as the Federal Communications Commission prepares to vote on a plan to regulate the Internet despite warnings that it could choke industry investment and hurt the economy as a whole. The five-member commission plans to unveil, and vote on, the so-called "net neutrality" proposal Today. This is nothing more then a power grab by the federal government. When the Republicans take over remind the Democrats they were the ones that implemented Net Neutral for our own good. I remember when Bush implemented the Patriot Act. The Democrats massed their teeth in fear of it's uses. It seems as though the Democrats should have been worried about their own party.  Since it's the Democratic Party that has made all the liberals fears under Bush, law now. My hypothesis is that the Democratic Party has their machine trained well. They have them trained to back when commanded,sit down and shut up when commanded. The Democratic Parties mascot shouldn't be the jackass, but a bitch dog instead. Because like dogs they do what their master tells them. And like dogs they do what their master tells them, for a little treat and a pat on the head. Good little liberals, good. Now sit down and shut up. Just wait for the attack command. If you dogs step out of line you'll be arrested on rape charges or something. That is how they train the liberal dogs, treats or a kick in the snout. But for now the liberals dogs are commanded to sit and shut up while their master builds the Net Neutral machine. Waiting for the right moment to turn it on us.


  1. Looks like the 112th will have its work cut out for them to implement a law to bad this proposal by the FCC.

  2. Getting a bit unhinged lately?

    Perhaps instead of an anti-lefty name calling paranoid schizophrenic piece you could, i don't know actually explain something. Like perhaps how the Net Neutrality is doing what accuse it of.

    You could even supply evidence and make an actual hypothesis. You used to have a decent blog, but you've gotten lazy and crazy lately, preferring to plagiarize and rant instead of blog. Its little wonder that Marks blog is better than yours.

  3. I agree Marks blog is better. You keep making these statment about evidence but you never give any evidence of your own Joe. I see your blog is doing nothing Joe. Sorry to see that. You have a liberal MO Joe. And you are as predictable as you can get. I guess Joe could find a cut and paste to comment on the fact that liberals are nothing less then dogs traind by unions,MSM and all the Soros organizations. Joe you used to be sharp with your comments but now you don't even try and cut and paste from the unions web site. Keep up the good work JoeC.LOL

  4. Joe the evidence I give is the history of the left and our government. Lets just see who is right in the end Joe. I take it you have schizophrenia since you project yourself on me all the time. If you need any proof for that hypothesis just read most of your old posts. Or read the post were you call me a plagerizer and then you plagerized in the next post. What kind of meds are you on? I can see you have cracked big time. It's been obvious since the Democrats lost the last election.

  5. Joe I hope this plagerized youtube video helps. I couldn't explain it any better so my lazy ass didn't even try. lol. Now we both now that Net Neutral will be implemented differently under each party. If you need any more proof then the FCC adopting new rules to govern the internet then help yourself. If you can't see that the government has gained more power over us with this then you are blind,deaf and dumb.

  6. Government run internet service!


    Government run Post office! What could possibly go WRONG!

  7. FCC regulating internet. Congress could not legislate internet but FCC will thru regulations and by pass Congress. Whom is on the FCC commision and how did they wind up with so much POWER?

  8. Chris, wow so you couldn't come up with any evidence could you?

    As for anything i cut and paste i don't use any union sites. Thanks for playing. Your accusations are nothing more than typical RNC talking point retorts.

    As for plagiarism please notice that quoting someone and indicating that its someones else's work isn't plagiarism. But copying the entire work of the author without letting people know its not your own work is.

    I can't believe that you are that dumb Chris.

  9. Joe You seem to be in attack mode again. The messenger and not the message!

    I can't beleive your that dumb Joe.


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