Thursday, January 20, 2011

Congress Repealed The Jobs Killing Health Care Bill

This is great news for conservatives,Republicans and Tea Partiers. I'd like to know what your thoughts are on this great news? Do you think it has a chance in the
Senate? How do you think the liberals will handle this news?


  1. The liberals are already coming apart over this possibility. I heard some ranting on tv yesterday, screaming that we don't know what is good for us! LOL

  2. Dirty Harry says he will NOT allow the Senate to act on House Action. Wonder Why? Having Politicans Accountable to the CITIZENS seems to be a PROBLEM for ole Dirty Harry!

    Demoncrats calling those against Socialized Insurance "NAZIs"! So much for Civility!

  3. That is nuts isn't it AL? That same Rep. said that the governments job is to take care of us,feed us and give us jobs. It sounds like socialism to me but I don't want to sound like I'm involved in any "vitrialic rhetoric". LOL. These Democrats are so hypocritical.

  4. Herbalpagan, it is funny how unhinged the Democratic Party has become. You always know who lost the agument when the yelling and freakouts start. That is why the liberals always loose in the end. They just can't control themselves.

  5. This bill won't even brought up for a vote. This was all for show.

    It's a joke. Boehner wouldn't even have hearings on this. And they voted to repeal it without even having a replacement.

    This is the end of the line. This vote was just payback to the Tea Partiers so they could take the vote and move on.

    What about all the jobs Republicans have said they would focus on creating. I haven't even heard the word jobs out of the Republican's mouth, except in the title of this bill, The Repeal of the Jobs Killing Health Care Bill.

    They even rigged the numbers of jobs that they say the bill would Kill and spun the CBO numbers. The so-called jobs killed number is because people would now be able to get health care and leave their current employer or retire, people who were continuing to work because they had health care from their employer would now, thanks to the Democrats, be able to get health care in the individual market.

    The popularity of the health care reform act passed by Democrats is more popular than ever as real American benefit from its provisions going into effect.

  6. Whenever comrade Brucie responds on this blog, I get my laugh for the day. There are always plenty of "useful idiots" out there, and Brucie is at the top of that list!

  7. Bruce What a SPIN machine. What the hell did YOUR comrades do for the last TWO years to create a JOB! Job Creation all of a sudden is IMPORTANT to the Regime and the date it became important was Nov 2nd,Wonder Why? The Left as taken the Demoncrats down a road that if they do not take control of their PARTY will make them IRRELAVANT in the near furture just like YOU!

    The reason Dirty Harry wont let the Up or Down VOTE happen is POLITICS. Demoncrats DO not want to be BOXED into corner when 2012 gets here. Once again the Regime and all the little comrades have put their Ideaology First the HELL with Nation or Citizens well being. You would have thought that with CONTROL of all three branches of Government for Two LONG years Demoncrats could have done ANYTHING they wanted and they did. Socialized Insurance over CITIZENS/Jobs and for that they will continue to pay the price!

    Yea Your Regime is so POPULAR that they got Shellaced in November and you being the idiot you are keep rolling with the Regimes SPIN!

    Health Care in the END will be FIXED but not in the Socialist manner YOU and the Regime want.

    Socialized Insurance will in the end if allowed to LIVE, eventually become Single Payer UNDER Government control. Thats what WILL happen but debating with you is not possible YOU have indeed over dosed on Kool Ade! Now for a cup of Tea!

    Bruce Tea Party and Citizens are not Going anywhere and will be here LONG after Regime has FADED into History!

    Damn it. Bruce I spent another 5 minutes of my life on YOU! Now thats shame on ME!

  8. Bruce, it is now public record of who in the House is for or against repeal.
    Effected results in 2012

    Reid is to much of a pussy to bring it to the floor of the Senate.

    "spun the CBO numbers" You can thank the Dems for not providing all the figure to the CBO. Pretty low down "Chicago Style" politics there, by the left.

    "The popularity of the health care reform act passed by Democrats is more popular than ever as real American benefit from its provisions going into effect."

    Get schooled:
    Poll-When asked to imagine being a lawmaker in Washington and having to vote on whether to keep the new law or repeal it, 56 percent of voters say they would vote to repeal and 39 percent to keep the law in place.
    A majority of Democrats would vote to keep the health care law (67 percent), while over half of independents (56 percent) and almost all Republicans (87 percent) would repeal it.

    Bruce you're losing this debate. Quit while you're behind.

  9. Mark, I don't think so.

  10. Bruce http://www,

    Bruce NOT one Question Answered to any question asked instead your talking heads bull shit!. Your ideaology is self destructing and you just keep with the party line. I will say one thing your Ignorant BUT consistant at it!

  11. Bruce said..."This is the end of the line. This vote was just payback to the Tea Partiers so they could take the vote and move on."
    I agree Bruce it is payback. You will see a lot of "payback" over the next few years. The Tea Party is a major threat to the liberals. The liberals haven't even been a speck on the Tea Parties butt. Get ready for the change in tide my liberal friends. It's coming and the Amertican people don't care to much for the rhetoric and lies the left have told. It sucks to be a Democrat. The best part is we warned you Democrats that this day would happen after you Democrats took over. The Democrats effed it up big time and now we have more Republicans in Congress then we have had since Hoover. A lot of conservative good is going to happen and the Tea Party has become the conscience of the Republican Party while the liberals have been the Devil on the sholder of the Democratic Party. We conservative can always count on the far-left to destroy like they did to the National Mall at One Nation rally. Americans are waking up to the t6rue nature of the left and far-left and it ain't pretty.

  12. Bruce said..."The popularity of the health care reform act passed by Democrats is more popular than ever as real American benefit from its provisions going into effect." Bruce you do know how attrotious the signing up has been for those '26 yr old kids' has been don't you? Since the taxes have started long before the benefits I don't think we care. Most Americans hate this jobs killing bill and want what the Republicans have to replace it. Bruce I hope you can back up some of your assertions and talking poihnts with facts, because the American perople don't trust the left-wing anymore. They want proof. And since you lack proof of your assertions and talking points because there is none you are dead in the water. When will you liberals realize that we conservatives have called the effects of the Democrats actions and bill to the T.

  13. Demoncrats worked on Socialized Insurance for 18 months without addressing Economy and Jobs which were the CITIZENS main Concern.

    November 2nd. Citizens spoke and OUCH "Shellacing"!

    Now Demoncrats say Economy and Jobs are the MAIN concern. That enlightenment occurred on November 2nd.

    Republicans are NOW doing what they were ELECTED to do "GOVERN and not "RULE"!

    Dirty Harry doers not even have the Kanucks to bring Socialized Insurasnce to the floor of the Senate for a straight UP or Down Vote. Wonder why?

    Saw clip of Pelosi again today saying that the Demoncrats have always gone with Pay as YOU go. Just one examplke of the LEFT thinking CITIZENS/VOTERS are STUPID which WERE not as Proven in November.

    Left certainly seems to be IGNORING the call for "CIVILITY". Well with the far left you can only have civility if you AGREE with them. If you DISAGREE your labeled a "HATER" and CITIZENS are tired of it BUT the left cannot help itself it is THEM!

    Bruce from now on I beleive its time to IGNORE your post. You seem to be good with talking points but SHORT on answers to very basic questions which appears to be WEAKNESS of yours and the ILK you support!

  14. What should Republicans do next? If this bill is so good for America and her citizens they why wouldn't Reid and the Democratic Party want to give us voters another chance to "read the bill"?

  15. Bruce, You can point to your polls and I can point to mine.
    But the RCP gives you a broad average across the board.
    Nearly 48% oppose Obamacare. 41% in favor.

  16. Chris. Next step is to defund the process.
    Like deny funds for the additional IRS agents to carry out the mandate.

  17. Socialism More Popular Than the Tea Party


    * Favorability for the "Tea Party": 35%
    * Favorability for "Socialism": 36%

    Go figure. That, despite the absolutely, positively, indisputable fact that the US is a "center Right nation," We know that, of course, because --- despite years of accumulated and well-documented evidence demonstrating the exact opposite [PDF] --- those who listen uncritically to Rightwingers in the media continually parrot the claim (even as they remain unable to offer a shred of evidence to support it.)

    * * *

    UPDATE: In addition to the study I linked above, demonstrating via years of polling data that, in fact, the US is a center Left nation [PDF], a new study [PDF] out today shows, according to Alternet, that "only a quarter of self-identified 'conservatives' may actually be true conservatives on the issues" and "many aren't conservative at all."

    As it turns out, very few of those who self-identify as "conservative" don't even seem to understand what conservatism actually means, as "they also like government spending on a variety of programs and generally approve of government interventions in the marketplace, hardly making them true conservatives." All of these data sync up with the general thrust of the original study I linked to.

    The new study seems to conclude that many, if not most, of those who self-identify as "conservative," just seem to prefer the name over "liberal" or "moderate." But let's not let any of that keep folks in the RW-dominated media from using our public airwaves to continue duping the nation by referring to it as "center Right." If you say it enough, over our public airwaves, eventually it's got to be true, right?

  18. Who did those 'studies'? I'd love to see them. Bruce why has the American voter rejected the left-wing agenda with a record new Republican right-wing Congress then? See Bruce it only take a little common sense, that's all. I'd love to know why you think that America voted out all those Democrats for conservative Republicans?

  19. Great news though, Keith Olbuttman is fired long before his contract is up. This has to be a major blow to the lefties that take heed in an ABC poll. All this time Keith O. has been ramming for Beck to get fired while his own show goes to the toilet. Sounds a lot like what is going on with the liberal agenda. Shwoooooosh go the liberals. I'm sure Ed Shitz is craping his pants right now. I'm so glade that I have been watching lately. I sad that these idiots on MSNBC are in a death roll. I could smell the despiration. Racheal Maddcow seems to be holding her own still. Let's see if she can hold it together now that there is blood in the MSNBC waters. I do have to say that it is nice when someone that lives by the sward dies by it.

  20. I was watching C-SPAN yesterday and Rep. Israel Democratic Party was on. He said that the Republicans have had Congress for 3 weeks now and they haven't created any jobs yet. Sander Levin sent me an email saying the same thing. For two years the Democrats owned both houses of congress and the White House. It's been just 3 weeks and "not creating jobs". The job of the gobvernment isn't to creat jobs,just look at those failed policies over the last few years. The Republicans are helping We The People create jobs by getting the government out of the way. The health care bill was a major jobs killer, just ask any business owner. They will tell you loud and clear what they think Obama and the Democrats have done to their business. Yes they blame Bush as well but how do you like being in that same boat?

  21. Chris Bruce and the rest of the Demoncrats just dont understand they got there ASSES whipped.

    I would NOT be suprized among other things for the FCC to REGULATE some type of "Fairnees Doctrine"! Liberals "Air America" and others on air news CANNOT stand on its own. FCC will attempt to do what CONGRESS would NOT through regulation. Apparently the TRUTH over the Air Waves is a bad idea to the LEFT!

    I also beleive EPA will do through Regulation what Congress did not Cap and Trade. If these things take place CONGRESS could become Irrelavant!

    I beleive that will be a couple of the Regimes Targets Regulating instead of Legislating!

  22. Looks like i'm late to the party.

    I think it was a wonderful symbolic gesture and now we move on.

    So the senate doesn't take it up. Big Deal. The senate whether right wing or left wing continually avoids taking up many of the bills the house passes. Many don't even make committee.

    And since I've seen someone here using RCP as the model, here's a great article by them on the vote.

  23. We will move on from the Repeal jester. I would have liked to see a Senate vote BUT that aint going to happen. Too much fodder for Politicans come 2012 election.

    Conservatives I know have have always said FIX what we have. Not start another Government run Fraud ladden Bill that at this point Still does not cover everybody. I have Never heard a Consevative I know say NO to Pre exsisting conditions period.

    Medicare/Medicade are Trillions in DEBT and starting another NEW system to me seems Dumb. I have knowledge of how well Medicade works when done right. We must find ways to PAY for whatever is Enacted and I still think there lies the biggest hurdle no mater what way politicans take us.

    Addressing OUR economy and Job Creation must start ASAP and that should be the focus until we get the economy moving. Without Jobs/Strong Economy all else means NOTHING!

    Novemeber election was about Economy/Jobs and that must be the priority by ALL the Elite 535 in Washington DC period!

  24. Should the teapartiers camp out at reids house and offices like the unions do? Maybe the teapartiers need to bring some pressure to reid in a wonderful symbolic gesture. I'm sure reid wouldn't have a problem with the teapartiers using left-wing tactics for a change:-)

  25. Like to see Eugene claim of "GOP predictions that cowed Democrats would defect in droves"
    Never seen that over the top statement.

    "Yet a significant fraction of those who are unhappy complain not that the reform law went too far but that it didn't go far enough"
    LMAO! BFS. That has been the claim by the left since they passed this POS legislation. Just like their claim that to Americans "it's more popular than ever"
    Just like the liberal hacks of the 111th, you folks keep trying to spin this thing that some how with in just a few weeks time NOW "is more popular than ever"
    Please! I put the figures right in front of your face and you ass clowns ignore it on the left.
    We're not stupid. And Nov 2nd proved it.

    Move on, you've lost the debate with the American people.
    Sore loser.


    More lies from the Republican Party and the Tea party.

    We first turned to the Congressional Budget Office report. The CBO is a nonpartisan agency that provides economic analyses to members of Congress on how legislation will impact the federal budget and the economy as a whole. In August 2010, it published a new outlook that considered the jobs impact of the new health care law.

    The Republican report is right that the CBO has determined that the law will reduce "the amount of labor used in the economy," but the GOP report leaves out many important qualifiers. The CBO report actually says:

    "The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that the legislation, on net, will reduce the amount of labor used in the economy by a small amount—roughly half a percent—primarily by reducing the amount of labor that workers choose to supply. That net effect reflects changes in incentives in the labor market that operate in both directions: Some provisions of the legislation will discourage people from working more hours or entering the workforce, and other provisions will encourage them to work more. Moreover, many people will be unaffected by those provisions and will face the same incentives regarding work as they do under current law."

    Basically, the CBO is saying that some people right now are working mostly to keep their health insurance. Once they have other options -- to enroll in Medicaid, or to qualify for tax breaks to buy insurance from a health exchange -- they might choose to work less. The CBO describes this as a "small segment" of the population. And, because the CBO is describing reduced hours rather than lost jobs, it never uses the 650,000 number that the Republican document cites. The Republican extrapolated that number from the CBO's estimate of one-half percent of the labor supply. Finally, we should point out that a person who voluntarily chooses to work less is not having their job "killed" by federal legislation.

  27. Bruce Ya just dont get it. Part of the Nobama Socialized Insurance Bill is FUNDED by taking 500 billion dollars out of Medicare/Medicade. Now you in your warped way explain to me how you take 500 Billion Dollars from a Program 10-12 Trillion Dollars in Debt! Question How did CBO score that. Did they use the Abra Cadabra method.

    What is the exact reason to PAY for this legislation for 10 years BUT only get 6 years of Coverage. Wonder how CBO scored that? Did the CBO score where the FUNDING was Coming from?

    Just get it through your paper mache head that the Socialized Insurance Legislation will not be FUNDED as it was Passed,just aint going to Happen.

    There a alot of parts that will and should be passed but the FUNDING and Tweaking aint there yet so be patient Bruce "House" will Get it RIGHT this time!

  28. Bruce this health care bill will be the death of the Democratic Party and the Republicans and Tea Party know it. That is why they are putting it back in the spotlight. The more we hear about this bill the less we like it. If you think that anyone other then a few slow liberals believe that giving 35 million people health insurance will save us money. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard and you know it. You'll buy the dumbest things when the Democrats sell it.

  29. The Tea Party is doing some real damage to the liberal machine. It's know wonder why they think of us as the enemy. And the Tea Party has done all this damage to the liberal machine without violence. Lets see if they can do the same.

  30. Chris, you are so wrong on so many levels.

    First of all no one is giving anyone anything. Saying that the more people find out about health care the less they like it, is just flat out wrong and completely opposite from the truth.

    All the polling shows that the more of the provisions of reform that real Americans get to experience and learn about, the more they like reform and the less they want it repealed. I suppose in your little group of radical right wingers you may think that, but it IS NOT true.

    Second, the CBO says it will save money, the non-partisan CBO that both parties rely upon for economic scoring says it will save $230 billion over the first ten years, so you can say something that is not true all you want, but it's just NOT TRUE.

    The Tea Party is only damaging the Republican party by taking it so far to the right that the middle of the country, the independents will turn on the Tea Party long before 2012.

    It's already starting to happen. The Tea Party will be nothing but a footnote in history and in short order.

  31. Bruce once again

    Question How did CBO score taking 500 billion dollars from Medicare to FUND socialized insurance? Medicare is Trillions in DEBT!

    Question How did CBO score paying TAXES into socialized insurance for 10 years BUT only get 6 years of coverage?

    Question How did CBO score the millions still NOT covered by this socialized insurence legislation?

    Question; Where are those JOBS this regime promised to laser in on one year ago almost to the day?

    Question Why did Regime ignore CITIZENS whom wanted JOBS/Economy address instead of social issue that quite frankly cannot be funded? With out stromg economy and job creation all your sociaist ideas go POOF! Why did regemine ignore CITIZENS?

    House will indeed address this horrible legislation and fix it. If it aint FUNDED provision by provision those provisions are doomed. House will address CITIZENS needs in this BILL and Economy BRUCE. Thats what led to YOUR ideaologies "SHELLACING". Common Sense Bruce "Never Mind"!

  32. Bruce if I am wrong then why don't the Democrats want to put their names to this bill or talk about it? If it is so great and Americans just need to realize it then why wont Reid put it to the floor? I'd think he would love to tag the Republicans will repealing this wonderful bill of theirs? See Bruce reality is nothing close to what you are saying. How do you explain these realities and truths in your hypothosis?

  33. Bruce, just because you and the liberal media say it doesn't make it so. I think you will get blindsided when this albatros is hung around their necks.

  34. "Second, the CBO says it will save money,"
    CBO scores with figures they are given. The 111th gave the CBO double medicare and medicaid figures and did not provide the DrFix.
    It can't be truly scored properly until they have ALL the figures that are true.


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