Friday, January 21, 2011

What would you like to see Congress handle next?

Would you like to see the Republicans in Congress free up our oil drilling, so we can drop oil prices? Would you like to see Congress press for more spending and debt like the Democrats want or would you like to see Congress cut spending by as much as $2 trillion like some Republicans have brought forth? Is closing the borders important to you or would you like an open border? Should they look into going after free speech or higher taxes on energy to help with 'global warming'?  Should Congress look at raising taxes or lowering taxes? Or should the Republicans do a blitzkrieg of conservative bills, just like the Democrats did when they were in charge? It's your chance to write the posts. And after you write and read the posts, don't forget to call your Congressperson and tell them what you'd like to see them do. I'd like to know what all sides think about the coarse of this Congress.


  1. Economy Jobs: Has been Ignored,Unignore through Private sector. Government get out of the way and let Free market and Capitolism do what all the other ISMs cant. WORK!
    Unsubstainable Deficit If not brought under control Poof nothing else matters! All Legislation MUST be FUNDED.
    Secure Borders and then work on Legislation to address Illegal Immigrants.
    We can make ourselves Energy sufficiant in one swoop of a PEN. We as a Nation should Depend on NO out side Enities.
    Any country that we have Troops in for over 30 years bring them HOME or have Nation were protecting PAY the Freight!
    Bring OUR Nation back to what it was and if it means being ARROGANT so be it!

    The LEFT has for some time BLAMED Our Nation for World Problems. We are not the Problem but the Solution! If We do NOT solve the Problems Who will? Cuba

  2. An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that Congress’ top priority should be creating jobs. Instead, the first piece of major legislation that the House of Representatives will consider this year is a bill by the Republican Majority Leader to repeal the health care reform act that was signed into law ten months ago. The measure is expected to pass on a largely party-line vote on Wednesday.

    The House debate comes at a time when American consumers are gaining increased awareness of the benefits of the new health care law. For example, thousands of American families are taking advantage of a provision of the reform law that allows young adults to remain on their parents’ insurance policies until age 26. Repeal would force these young adults to either find other coverage or return to the ranks of the uninsured.

    Repeal would also roll back other new health care freedoms. To see what repeal of the new health care law would mean to you, click here.

    Report Shows that 129 Million Americans Have Pre-Existing Conditions

    A new study by the Department of Health and Human Services shows that as many as 129 million Americans under age 65 have what insurance companies consider a pre-existing health condition that – absent the protections in the health reform law – could trigger rejection or higher prices in the individual insurance market. Under the new health law, insurers can no longer discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions, and insurance companies will be banned from discriminating against adults with pre-existing conditions in 2014. For more information on the new study, click here.

    2010 Tied for Warmest Year on Record

    Last year tied with 2005 for the warmest year on record, according to scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The 2010 data on the planet’s surface temperatures continue to show an overall trend toward rising land and ocean temperatures. NOAA noted that 2010 was the 34th consecutive year with global temperatures above the 20th century average.

  3. ANNY. A overwhelming majority of Citizens DO beleive Jobs is the MOST important issue,Unfortunately,Regime went for Socialized Insurance First leading to November 2nd Shellacing!

    Report also showed low figure to be 29 million with preexisting condition and Republicans have stated from get go that item would stay including CHILDREN and this you KNOW but fail to state.

    Regarding 26year olds living at home. Will parents get to have standard deduction on income taxs returns since parents most likly are buying 26 yr olds FOOD too!

    Majority of Citizens want this Horrible Socialized Insurance Bill amended and that it shall be.

    Question paying for ten years and getting 6 years of coverage seems a bit like a CRIME to me.
    Forcing Citizens to either get insurance or be TAXED as a punishment. If This Bill was in Private Sector same politicans would be charged with a CRIME.
    If Bill is so good how come politcans are EXCLUDED from the Bill? Seems common sense if its so GREAT politicans and their FAMILIES would be first in Line.
    Job Creation is Infact being held back by this Bill. Job creators do NOT know the Cost and will not HIRE now because of it!

    At this point the only reason I can see for Global Warming/Climate Change is the HOT air Your Spewing!

  4. Sounds like Comcast (MSNBC) fired Keith Olberdink, one of SFB fealk's idols. One down, many to go.

  5. Name one thing Republicans have done to create jobs.

    The truth is that the health care reform act will create millions of new jobs.

    President Obama and the Democrats saved 4 million manufacturing jobs by loaning money to the auto industry. Not one thank you from the right, even though they wanted to kill the entire auto industry.

    Democrats have done many things to create jobs. Michigan is a good example. Michigan's unemployment rate is down to 11.7% from over 15%, not a bad improvement. And it happened under a Democratic governor who took over a mess from the prior Republican administration, including a horrendous structural deficit.

    All the things Republicans say they do, Democrats actually do.

    Republicans are all talk and no action. I take that back. Everything Republicans do eliminate jobs, especially good-paying jobs that can support a family.

  6. Bruce Bruce Bruce Your REGIME has had the power to do what it wants Unbridled for two full years and alas they chose Ideaology and the Citizens Chose Country. Any Job Legislation over the Last TWO years would have come from Demoncratic controlled House! However Citizens did not count. Why did they IGNORE Citizens Concerns in that Two year period. Citizens are not like you BRUCE,STUPID, and THEY have spoken.

    Please NO more of your should of,could of or would of Cause Demoncrats did not do anything BUT their SOCIAL Agenda and that is a FACT!

    Bruce Your Comrade Pelosi says that Unemployement Benifits is Job Creation and that is their answer to UNEMPLOYMENT! Two Years! Shame.

    Have not heard Overbite got the AX. That will save on the amount of Pepto I need when I want the other side Fair and Out of Balanced! Baaaaaaaaaaa

  7. No, asshole, she never said unemployment WAS job creation.

    She said, and it's agreed upon by every economist of every political stripe, that unemployment benefits and their continuation, is the MOST stimulative thing that can be done to the economy, creating the most jobs in the private sector, PERIOD.

    Why do you always have to take words and twist them to your ideology?

  8. I think they should go after people who blindly push the conspiracies of TV talk shows hosts. Make that illegal.

    Then we wouldn't have to listen to Chris basically form his whole partisan agenda through the viewing of Glenn Beck. You name a political theory or counter-theory that Chris believes in or accuses us lefties off, its from Beck.

    Cloward Piven....Beck
    Food hoarding....Beck
    George Soros.....Beck

    Then he'd get to think for himself again.

  9. Democrats didn't save 4 million jobs. They used our money to payoff and bail out the unions. The Democrats didn't do shit. The American tax payer did it all. We bought the Democratic Party 4 million votes. Actually you can thank our children, not the Democratic Party!

  10. Bruce do you really think that "unemployment benefits is the MOST stimulative thing that can be done to the economy"? I can't find one economist that says that, let alone all of them. JoeC, so you want to stop conservative free speech? That's American. Why do you and bruce sound just like olbermann,maddow and schultz? Can't you think for yourselves? I've yet to hear anything but talking points from msnbc and from bruce and joe. Why is that?

  11. Bruce Why do you always take words and twist them to your ideaology even though you know the twisting is seen for what it is. Like you BULL SHIT!

    Joe I think the Economy, Jobs, Unsubstainable Deifict, Socialized Insurance, Abortion, Terrorism/Trials,MSM Bias, and many other Topics have been debated and I would say these topics are NOT limited to Beck.

    Do I watch Beck alittle, do I always agree,certainly not. I also watch MSM outlets to make informed decisions. Dont mean I agree with them all either way but with out INFO decisions are Impossible.

    Now Overbite is gone so their is away to deal with Opinion broadcasters when Listeners fail to WATCH! You dont have to make it Ileagal VIWERS do it quite fairly!

  12. Throughout the past several years, the LA Times has literally, on hundreds of occasions, taken Beck, Hannity, Rush, O'Reilly, Coulter, Fox News, Fox News, Fox News, Conservative Talk Radio, Conservative Talk Radio.. (did I repeat myself?) .. to task. From fake "news pieces," to op eds, to editorials, to the paper's staff columnists (all 6 or 7 of those liberals), they have ripped them to shreds, laying them out as liars, and a threat to the country. They have, on occassion, specifically quoted their words, or what others have said about them, but more often they were selectively edited, or excerpted, so that they were out of context; however, always the effort was to single the person or the entity out as hateful, inaccurate (they spread mis-information), dangerous to the intellectual political and policy discussion, etc.

    Occasionally, along the way, in a gold leaf thin, "of course there is also Keith Olbermann, who is also controversial on the other side," that provides some of this loud rhetoric, as well. That's it - that's all they gave along the way, and for that, they feel that they have provided balanced coverage of both sides. In no instance did the LA Times just come out an attack Olbermann, as they did the others.

    In Olbermann's exit today, we get this: "MSNBC ends contract with anchor Keith Olbermann -
    The liberal commentator doesn't volunteer a reason for his abrupt departure. Insiders say it has nothing to do with next week's takeover of NBC Universal by Comcast Corp," on page AA-1. I would have liked to have seen, "MSNBC's resident hate monger and lying son of a bitch is fired," but, oh vell.

    In the piece - well, there's really not much. There's "Lawrence O'Donnell is expected to take over," but nothing about O'Donnell having a history of being controversial, including being banned from NBC for a while. There not a word about Olbermann's lying, calling President Bush a liar, a fascist (w/even Howard Dean denying); etc., nothing about never allowing a conservative to appear on his show - nothing, except the usual summary:

    Cable news channel MSNBC ended its turbulent relationship with its most-popular anchor, Keith Olbermann..

    .. the forceful liberal commentator didn't volunteer a reason for his abrupt departure from the channel that became an ideological counterbalance to the rival Fox News Channel.

    .. and neither did the paper of record - never did - never would. The LA Times will be back to attacking Fox, talk radio, Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, Rush, and the handful of other voices on the conservative side - tomorrow. Hey, perhaps the editors handed out the assignments the team, today.

    (;~/ gary

    Oh, PS (phonics please): On the editorial pages, the paper did highlight a letter to the paper (response to an op ed - from the left - by the deputy editor of Playboy - "Mouthing Off," ) in which the reader gets to clearly express his view that, in addition to objecting that Olbermann was even mentioned in the piece, "Beck makes baseless assertions," "Olbermann .. always has facts to back up his opinions." I suspect he never visited NB or Olbermann Watch.

  13. Who cares why he left or got fired or whatever. This is the 3rd job he got canned from in a short period. Espn, NBC Football, and now Pmsnbc. So this is success?? What are the facts that Timm Russert was his biggest fan? ODonnell will not be watched either. He, and olbergoof could be twins with their stiff lips and hateful faces. Schultz at 10pm .....people will watch only to see/hear him make a futher ass out of himself.

  14. "that unemployment benefits and their continuation, is the MOST stimulative thing that can be done to the economy, creating the most jobs in the private sector, PERIOD."
    OK folks, here we have the offspring of Nancy Pelosi.
    How F'en stupid is this?
    Guess who pays 50% of unemployment benefits, Bruce?
    The continuation of unemployment insurance they have to pay in to, the less likely they will not hire.

  15. That's just fuc**** ignorant Mark, but I don't expect anything from right wing ideologues.

  16. Bruce So Wrong So Left So-So!

    I bet on your Blog your just the best thing since "Pelosi" but here your just bruce.....

  17. Anon,
    You know i hear that funny little remark about me all the time and its certainly untrue. I certainly don't sound like Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow or Keith Olberman because i don't get any of my information from them. and you can add in the UAW, because as i have told the UAW people, their mag is short on details.

    I haven't consistently listened to or read any particular authors from either side more than once and the only books i've finished in the past 6 months are "Hell hounds on his trail" By Hampton Sides about James earl Ray and "Paul of Dune" by Frank Herberts son. I've stayed away from op-eds and column pieces by either side too.

    I do like to go to the Blaze and see what i'm being accused of now.

  18. Al, go back and read the underlying themes of Chris's work...

    Food Shortages
    Young liberal riots
    Sanger and eugneics

    the whole 9 yards is Beck theories and posts. Its so obvious. Seen this for years at work. Right winger comes in and starts talking about this and that and its almost always a repeat of what Rush said word for word. The dumbest part was he used the same references as the show hosts. Hilary's fat ankles a David Neuman blast about Clinton.

  19. Joe did you ever think maybe the reason why you sound just like Keith Olbermann, because you think just like they do? And maybe Beck and others think like we conservatives do. It's so silly that you would complain about me sounding like Beck when you sound just like all the others on the left.I don't agree with Beck all the time just like you don't agree with and the UAW all the time.

  20. Joe isn't making free speech illegal against the US Constitution? Who's free speech would you limit Joe?

  21. Beck does a great job of uncovering you liberals. Anything I can do to help I'll do. Too bad you liberals don't like it. I've said it many times in the past, if you want to post something please do. It's all about the comments and the dialogue on this blog. If you can't see that then your blind. If you liberals want to post something go ahead. I've always given you free speech here. I post what is in the news. People Google what is on the news and find this blog. They can also read your comments and leave some as well. Joe good luck finding my buttons. It'll take more then a couple liberals to push them.

  22. "That's just fuc**** ignorant Mark, but I don't expect anything from right wing ideologues."

    Bruce, run a smaller business and then get back with me.

  23. chris, well lets make this a serious conversation huh?

    I was just being silly and you should be able to tell that.

    As for sounding like Olberman, i don't even think like he does. And Beck doesn't think like you do, he thinks for you conservatives. a difference.

    And if you actually knew what the UAW thought you'd know i don't think like they do. We disagree on a lot and i take them to task for it all the time. And if you ask, no i did not sit through the Ed Schultz discussion before the UAW at the conference. I was working on some personal constituency stuff about the VA budget for my meeting with my congressional office (i'd say man Rogers but we got his office staff.)later that day.

  24. All joking aside, i'd like to see the Congress increase funding for the VA's Domiciliary Care for Homeless Veterans (DCHV) Program. Its a program that helps over 5,000 homeless veterans get a 2nd chance to get through the mental and physical problems that contribute to their homelessness, such as drugs, alcohol and PTSD.

    Even in a recession and with a huge deficit this program is a must. To intentionally misquote George Washington I say

    "A nation should judge its government on how it treats it veterans."

    "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation." George Washington

  25. Joe I do agree with you that Veterans should be taken care of. Dont beleive we've ever had a War/Confilict that did not effect ALL veterans, some MUCH more than others. All citizens that have served know their asses could have been on the line too at any given time.

    There are programs that should and must be Funded for all but in most cases there has to start being OVERSITE and I dont mean like the Mortgage Mess but real Occountabilty regarding all SPENDING. Just as there are many areas that can be and must be cut there are some that without a doubt must be kept.

  26. So Joe you want to have a "serious conversation" and then in the next breath you say,"Beck doesn't think like you do, he thinks for you conservatives. a difference.". Is that having a "serious conversation" Joe? Is that a nice way of saying we are brainless sheep? Give me a break. I do know what the UAW thinks and says through their magazine and from when I worked for Ford. I also have listened to Ed Schultz and Olbermann and you seem to always make the same points as they do. How is that? Do you think like them,ie liberal,find their talking points on some blog or web site that you seem to always find when you are trying to make their point or are they following your lead and thoughts? See Joe you show your true colors with statemnet like that. You prove how you think that most people are dumb and that you know better. It seems to be what most liberals think. I think that all of you are smart and know how to run your own life best. See I'm a libertarian like Beck and Stossel. I've always been that way. It's nice to finally have that libertarian vioce on TV. Can you see the difference or would you like to keep acting like your better?

  27. Joe do you really think that having the government 'take care of' the VA's Domiciliary Care for Homeless Veterans (DCHV) Program will fix the problem? I agree that we need to take much better care of our mentally ill vets. Maybe Congress could figure out a way to privatize the vets care that way they will get good care instead of the government care they curently get? See the government is already in charge of taking care of our vets health care and look where that has gone,to hell. Do you have a solution other then the typical throw money at it and run method? Look at garbage pick up before it was privatized. Our vets deserve the best and they can't get that from the government. The government will only make more buracracy, not care.

  28. Joe, I have another question for you. If our government treats our soldiers so bad then why do we have so many soldiers? Your misquote doesn't answer that fact.


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