Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Republican Peter King Brings Forth Gun Legislation

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Rep. Peter King, a Republican from New York, is planning to introduce legislation that would make it illegal to bring a gun within 1,000 feet of a government official, according to a person familiar with the congressman's intentions. Will removing guns within 1,000 feet of a government office going to stop criminals from killing? Gosh I hope it works. I see no way that a criminal will get past that law and kill another government employee. One thing though, does that mean that people with guns can't walk or drive by a government office if they have a CCW? It kind of sounds to me like this new legislation wasn't thought out too well. It almost seems like a token rather then legislation that will do something. When will we start thinking with our heads instead of our hearts? We will never ever take away guns from the criminals by taking guns away from the citizens. Chicago tried it and crime went through the roof.  I lived in Japan where guns are illegal and have been for a very long time before I got their in the 90's. The police didn't even have guns. But the Yakuza-Japanese mafia-all had guns. I'd never seen such a thing in my life and I pray I never do. Guns,just like pipe bombs are not our enemy no matter how much they say they are. And crazy violence already is illegal and we haven't found a cure for that one yet. When you look at the full picture of 80 million gun owners in America fishing boats are more dangerous then guns. If we don't start taking an honest look at the problem we can never find a solution. And if there is no solution to insanity then so be it. Is there a way we can debate this as a nation without it getting heated on both sides?


  1. With the Terrible Murders,Injuries and Attempt Assasination of a Congress person it seems to me at this time there was ONLY one person with a GUN at the scene and that would be the MURDERER! I hate what ifs but wonder if any lifes would have been saved had GOOD guy with GUN been in attendence. The only thing we know for sure is Bad guy had gun Good guys did not. Legislation protects WHO from WHOM? I certainly beleive Legislation protects BAD guy from the GOOD guys. Just my opinion!

  2. Al, The good guy would have drawn with confidence, aimed with resolution and fire with accuracy killing Loughner.

    This may not have prevented the congresswoman from being injured but certainly all the other wounded and dead.

  3. Well said AL. Christopher I think you are right on that. Because no one had a gun or any weapon to protect themselves with and yet they used their bodies to shut this murdering pothead psycho down. I wonder if his unending use of marijuana might have had anything to do with his 'condition' more so then anything else? I also wonder why no one is going after pot? I'm sure the left will give up their decriminalization of marijuana efforts now. Yeh, right. Guns and speech control is more their thing. It's a crying shame. Nothing they are doing is making any sense to me. Can any explain it to me?

  4. I heard on the radio today that his friends called him a left-wing pothead. Has anyone else heard that?

  5. "The Constitution shall never be construed... to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." Sam Adams
    Of course criminals & wackos will ALWAYS violate ANY law & do harm to others. The rest of us are mentioned in the 1st paragraph by Sam Adams.

  6. Cp,

    Lucky for us the Armed citizen there did not open fire. He would have shot the wrong person. Read the story of Joe Zamudio making the right choice and not using his weapon. Talk about lucky for the pro-gun movement.

    Imagine him shooting someone who had just taken the gun from the shooter? You think the anti's are bad now.

    and i love this...

    Chris said...
    I also wonder why no one is going after pot?

    Because POT doesn't kill people, guns and bullets do! (cars, knives, bats, hammers, swords and other weapons too). lol.

  7. Joe the man handled himself and the resposibility of carrying a weapon quite well. Where your should'v,could'v might'v come from I dont know. Just as easily since were playing this out just Maybe he'd drawn fired and saved a couple lifes. We will never know seems he used excellent judgement in a very stressful situation.
    Guns ,Cars,Hammers,Knifes, do in wrong hands KILL but the only thing they have in common with DEATH is a HUMAN operates them. Never saw a parked car,a knife in a drawer a gun locked up,a hammer in the garage or a sword stored where ever kill anybody or thing UNLESS operated by HUMAN!

  8. Chris, your right there is more loss of life with boats, cars and other factors. but 6 year olds don't pick up fishing boats and point them at other 6 year olds.

    The fact that the Gun lobby,like unions, is as insular as any other organization is, like unions, pretty much stops serious change from happening. To prevent any and all restrictions by Federal law they have fought almost every reasonable demand along with the unreasonable demands.

    Take the Remmington 700 trigger issue. A serious design flaw that makes the gun much more likely to go off than others, but theres little recourse because the government doesn't regulate guns like it does cars. Get 200 complaints of faulty manufacturing and the government starts looking into design issues. Get that same amount with guns and nothing. But the gun lobby will protect Remington because if it gives in the threat of what comes next is their main worry.

    The union does the same sort of thing. It doesn't police itself enough either.

    I'm not after increased regulation, but common sense. You can't tell you ex-wife that your 10 year old should have guns in a rack above his bed. That leads to him shooting his mother, because he's not mature enough to grasp the concept.


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