Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well Said Sarah Palin


America's Enduring Strength

By Sarah Palin

Like millions of Americans I learned of the tragic events in Arizona on Saturday, and my heart broke for the innocent victims. No words can fill the hole left by the death of an innocent, but we do mourn for the victims’ families as we express our sympathy.
I agree with the sentiments shared yesterday at the beautiful Catholic mass held in honor of the victims. The mass will hopefully help begin a healing process for the families touched by this tragedy and for our country.
Our exceptional nation, so vibrant with ideas and the passionate exchange and debate of ideas, is a light to the rest of the world. Congresswoman Giffords and her constituents were exercising their right to exchange ideas that day, to celebrate our Republic’s core values and peacefully assemble to petition our government. It’s inexcusable and incomprehensible why a single evil man took the lives of peaceful citizens that day.
There is a bittersweet irony that the strength of the American spirit shines brightest in times of tragedy. We saw that in Arizona. We saw the tenacity of those clinging to life, the compassion of those who kept the victims alive, and the heroism of those who overpowered a deranged gunman.
Like many, I’ve spent the past few days reflecting on what happened and praying for guidance. After this shocking tragedy, I listened at first puzzled, then with concern, and now with sadness, to the irresponsible statements from people attempting to apportion blame for this terrible event.
Palin Accuses Media of 'Blood Libel' in Giffords Shooting Aftermath
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) on Wednesday accused the media of "blood libel" by looking to assign blame for the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).
Palin offered a pointed defense of herself and other political leaders who used sometimes heated rhetoric on the 2010 campaign trail — rhetoric some Democrats say created an environment that fueled the assassination attempt against Giffords.


  1. it was average. Certainly not "well said". And the stupidity of using the "Blood Libel" term was egregious. Should have used "partisan finger pointing" or something like that. Despite Allan Dershowitz's defense of her the term isn't used regularly enough in our society to use it as a defense of ones self against partisan attacks. Especially when the intended target of the original attack was Jewish.

    And i am holding off on the "Why does she hate Jews" blast that would have come 2 months ago. She doesn't hate Jews, she is just too overly fond of herself for her own good.

    I'm not impressed with people who play the victim. Didn't like Clinton when he did it, nor Bush, and that is not changing with Sarah Megalomanic-lin.

  2. Dont know if Palin is playing the victim but LEFT in their own inept way sure do make her the victim. She might have faded into past had not for them just hammerin her. Now she aint going any where. If people do not like themselves those are the sad ones. Life to short to not like anyone especially yoursel!

  3. I agree about the misuse of the term "blood libel" as being overkill. Joe you said..."she is just too overly fond of herself for her own good." How do you know that? Do you have any proof of that or is that just a feeling you have?

  4. I agree AL. I think a large part of her charm for most Americans,other then her looks,is the fact that the left-wing HATE her with all the fiber of their being. She gets under their skin like no one else,other then them. No one on the left can see past their hate of her to hear what she is saying without twisting it to mean something totaly wrong. But that seems to be what most liberals do now. Oops, I just played the victom. hee hee hee.

  5. Chris, one can never really have any proof of what another is thinking unless the person tells you directly. You can make WAGS, or wild ass guesses. My feelings are my feelings, there are no "FACTS" just evidence i would point to. I could be wrong, but its my feelings on the matter. That being said, the very next post you do what you called me out for.

    Chris the fact that the left-wing HATE her with all the fiber of their being.

    And you compound it by attempting to suggest you know what a large group of varying individuals thinks.

    If i can't know what she feels, but only epxress what i think she means, then how can you know what the Left wing feel?

  6. Besides, i was too hard on Sarah. Its not like she said the liberals are trying to use the ovens on her and the rest of the Tea party.



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