Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sarah Palin On Obama’s State Of The Union Speech


She sure does keep the liberal media busy. The problem is the liberals rarely comment on what she is say, but instead choose to just make fun of her and go after her personally.


  1. they don't report her accurately, but not heaving seen the whole clip, I can't say if she had anythingworthwhile to contribute. The clip showed mostly critisism, did she ever answer Greta with real ideas? not a critisism, just can't say with that clip.
    I'm liking Rand paul and Paul Ryan with tangible numbers on cuts they want to make. so many politicians don't want to be specific.

  2. Yes she did. I also like Rand and Ryan. It is a trick bag once you open it up. People will cry when all is said and done but we must get specific like you said.

  3. If you had found the entire interview you would have heard some good idea's, even though repeated, will and do work.

    Businesses are bring in more and more revenues as of late. Problem will be seeing if the effort by the House to defund most of the threatening financial regulations put in place by the 111th on business will shake loose those investment money they hold to spark hiring for those who are unemployed.


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